Sunday, 31 March 2013

The Day After and Happy Easter

Hello friends
WOW WOW WOW...I had the most amazing day yesterday!
I received many supportive comments and emails for those who live far away.
Lots of people came to visit the studio/shop - I am so blessed to know so many 
kind wonderful people.
At 11am I put up the 'open' sign.
 I had intended to take many photos but I got carried away chatting that I kept forgetting!
I did capture my lovely friend Kate with her mum - making flowers from Spiral Blossoms. 
 It also felt like my of flowers and plants...
Alex arrived with flowers, this beautiful card and....
 treats for Bella!  
Sorry to those who I kept waiting at the till because I was...yet again chatting! 
I promise to get my sons trained up so they can help out 
(notice I did not mention that I would stop chatting!)
You all made it such a special day.

Now, I must wish you all a very Happy Easter Sunday.
I think this painting sums up the weather....perhaps we should all melt down our eggs and 
have hot chocolate!
Take care friends - you are all very special to me.


Mrs B said...

Hi Christine. So glad it all went well yesterday. I hope you can relax a little today. The picture of the rabbit is gorgeous isn't it. Take care.

Wendy L said...

Well Done,glad it all went well. xxx

Clai01 said...

Thanks for sharing your opening day Christine and Happy Easter x

melanie said...

Happy Easter .So nice to see you again thanks for the drink shame I didn`t make a flower .Have put my stash away .Melanie xx

Elaine said...

Happy easter to you and the family Christine. Looks like a fantastic day yesterday im so pleased it all went well. The only problem is i was so jealous ! My mission is to get to the shop and do a workshop this year . Have a fab day x

Rose in Chester said...

I kept thinking of you yesterday, with all the sunshine I thought it has got to be a good omen.
I am very pleased that you had a WOW day and know that there'll be many more to come.
A Happy Easter to you and yours (incl. the 4-legged variety)

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine, I am really pleased yesterday went well,you deserve it, I think everyone wishes that they could have been there.
It is so frosty this morning,but the the sun is out so maybe it will get a little warmer. Have a lovely day, Take care. x.

alex said...

Christine your academy is just stunning and you gave us such a warm welcome, I am so looking forward to coming to a class or three in the near future, thank you for making it such a lovely day, and I am still star struck from meeting the famous celebrity Bella :-)

Bea said...

Happy Easter Christine -it certainly sounds as though you had a great day. What lovely flowers you received.

baconbits said...

Happy Easter Christine,
Glad yesterday was such a success.
Enjoy your Easte eggs.
Amanda x

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine. Delighted everything went well for you yesterday. That's a beautiful card and the picture of the snowy rabbit says it all about your weather.

Have a wonderful, restful day with plenty of chocs. Happy Easter.

Val in Spain xxx

Janice said...

Happy Easter to you too Christine.

It sounds like you had a wonderful day yesterday, congratulations to you, you certainly deserve it!
The sun is shining here, but with a very hard frost!
Enjoy the rest of you're weekend, hope you're going to take things easy today.
Janice x

Chris said...

Hi Christine,
Happy Easter Sunday, so glad it went well yesterday, I bet it seems like a blur. Never mind sit back today and reflect while enjoying all that lovely chocolate.
Chris X

hazel young said...

Morning Christine glad you had such a fab day you should be very proud of yourself and your family for making this dream a reality. Now for the mobile crafting project in the camper van then you can visit us all. Happy Easter enjoy the Chocolate xx hazel

Sally said...

Hi Christine, it was a lovely day yesterday and so nice to meet fellow crafters, I have even met one who will be attending class on 5th May :-)

What was really lovely to see was all your Family there to support you, your sons, Mum, Dad and of course your lovely Bella, she loved the fuss and was so excited she didn't know who to go o Your Mum is such a lovely lady and she is so proud of you, as she should be.

Don't worry about the till, I ended up picking up extra items while waiting, I think it's a good selling ploy....LOL And I got to chat somemore to your Mum.
Enjoy the rest of the Easter Weekend
Sally xx

Sue Yorkshire said...

Morning Christine

I am so pleased that your open day went so well

We have a beautiful day here, blue skies and sunshine.. cant believe it, fingers crossed that that spring has finally sprung

Sue xx

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Very happy for you and your family, you have all worked so hard getting your shop ready. Really sorry that I was unable to attend, looks like you had a great day.
Happy Easter Sunday to you and everyone.

Jean Z said...

Hi Christine, so pleased you had a good day and very kind of the ladys that brought you flowers and things Happy Easter to everyone Jean Z xx

Carole Z said...

Hi Christine, I am so very pleased all went well yesterday, I was thinking of you and all the lovely people and crafty items in your shop - whilst we were visiting a boring outlet mall with not a crafty item in sight! Hope you get a rest today! Happy Easter everyone, sending a big hug, Carole Z XX

AnneRD said...

Hi Christine
I am so glad that all went well with the opening. Good luck with the venture and very best wishes. Anne (currently in OZ)

Cornish Emma said...

Morning Christine, so glad it went well yesterday, well worth all the hard work you've all put in getting it up and running. Happy Easter. Emma

Sue B said...

So pleased that you had a wonderful opening yesterday and although some of us could not attend, am sure we were all with you in our minds. Naughty you not taking more pictures but will let you off. All the very best for your future Christine, just know this is going to be a roaring success.

Nikki Payne said...

Soooooo jealous,but am so glad that it went well for you. The card and flowers that you were given are gorgeous.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your Easter.... even if you do have to do a little crafting and work on your new website, it is all going to be soooo worth it! I have my shopping list ready :)

Nikki x

Supernan Sue said...

Hi Christine
I am so pleased that you had such a lovely day yesterday, and everything went so well. I bet Bella loved her pressie.
Happy Easter and try to relax a bit now.
Sue x

Anonymous said...

So Glad you had a lovely day, I would have come along but I had a visit from my new grandson so you can imagine why I did not make it!I wish you great success and I will be sure to be along soon.
x Carole Noble

Maggieann said...

Hi Christine, Happy Easter to you and your family.So pleased your opening day went well and everyone had a fun time. I love the 'Easter' bunny picture ~ it must have influenced the weather because we have a beautiful, sunny spring day here. Relax and enjoy the chocolate!!

Barbara Fulton said...

Happy Easter Sunday to you and your family Christine, and not forgetting Bella. Sounds like yesterday was all you wanted it to be (and more). Just wish I didn't live so far away, I would have loved to have been there.
Take care and enjoy a restful day, with plenty of chocolate buttons ............

Sarah said...

Hi Christine

Well done you! Glad it went so well for you and looks like you had a lovely day. I only wish I lived nearer. Have a lovely Easter day with lots of chocolate. Lovely picture of the rabbit in the snow.

Sarah x

Anonymous said...

HAPPY EAsTER to you too Christine and all of yours! Well, what a lovely day you had, so much chatting I wonder if you had any time to eat any of those wonderful chocolates. Love your pic of the rabbit just about sums up this winter (and Spring)!
Val C xx

nattyboots said...

Hi Christine

Your Happiness was bouncing off my screen as i was reading about your opening, Im so pleased for you ,and im pleased Bella enjoyed it as well { what a team eh }

Enjoy your Easter Eggs

Elaine H X

loftylass said...

Lovely to see Christine - I knew it would be a success - you have all worked so hard for this and long may it continue. Enjoy the rest of your Easter.
Heather W

Ita said...

hi Christine so happy to know all went well,of course you were chatting that is very important,hope you can put your feet up today
Happy Easter to all

Janice said...

Glad the day was a success. The picture sums up our Easter weather... Never mind the weather let's concentrate on crafting !!!!

Janice xx

Elizabeth said...

Hi Christine, so pleased you had a wonderful day yesterday....chatting that is....hehehe. I didn't get chance to log on yesterday to wish you all the success you so rightly deserve with your Spellbinders academy - so I am doing it now.
Good idea about melting the easter eggs down with the weather we have been having.
Enjoy your day.
Elizabeth x

Buttons said...

So pleased it all went well Christine. Here's to many more days just the same (only warmer!!) Have a wonderful Easter, hugs Jenny x

Maddie, Nottingham said...

Hi Christine, Belated Happy Easter and it looks as though everything went very well for you and your new shop yesterday. How lovely it all looked. You have earned it and so it is now time to enjoy it. Well done you and would have loved to have joined in the fun with you all.

Peggy said...

Hi Christine. So pleased you had a great day.Everything looks fabulous, you must be so proud. Well done to you. I hope to visit one day to see it all IRL as they say!. Dee xx

Craftychris said...

Congratulations! I am so glad you had a lovely day yesterday, you deserve it! Happy Easter - your Easter picture is gorgeous xx

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