Thursday, 7 March 2013

Let's Talk about Media Mixage™... Part 1

Hello friends
Oh yes pop that kettle on!
I didn't mean to scare any of you yesterday and sound's all good fun!
I thought I would have a little chat to you about Spellbinders™ Media Mixage .
This is something new and I appreciate that a lot of crafters may feel wary of trying new things.
We all have a comfort zone and stepping out of it can sometimes be a real challenge.  

The words 'Mixed Media' - what does it means?  
If you add buttons, ribbons, twine or gems to your projects you are already a mixed media artist!
Mixed Media doesn't mean you have to create something grungy, throw paint
around the room or be an expert with inks and stamping.
There are of course many talented people who can do all that but
Mixed Media covers so much more.

The good news is that Spellbinders are inviting us to Explore Beyond.
My interpretation is that it means retain your style (cling onto your snuggle blanket) but
feel content to venture and experiment with new things.  
I want to introduce you these new things and be here to answer any questions you may have. all good?  Where shall we start...?   
You may have already seen some of the new products that have been launched and 
due to hit our shores this month.  Let me explain what some of these are.

What is a bezel? 
It is basically an empty metal shape.  They come in a variety of sizes, colours and shapes.
They have matching dies so that you can cut paper/fabrics and they will fit inside perfectly.
You can fill your bezel if you wish.  Some bezel filling ideas -
paper, felt, beads, glitter, small flowers, charms. 
Attach ribbon to the jump rings, twine or chain.  Make jewellery or tie around a card, gift, jar or bottle.
Here I have used two triangular bezels.  Using the matching dies I have cut paper to lay in the bottom,
added a rose shaped charm and then filled the bezels with resin (more details on resin to follow).

What is a blank?
It is a blank piece of shaped thin metal.  
They can be used on their own to adorn your projects or can be altered.  
Again, there are matching dies so you can die cut fabric or paper to place over the top, you can paint your
blanks, cover with glitter glue.  It is possible to 'texture' your blanks and this is something I 
will also follow up on.

And here are the dies that co-ordinate with bezels and blanks shown above.
Today I have only briefly touched upon some ideas but 
I will chat about more and explain ICE Resin® and texturing. 
I will be back soon with Part 2 - I do not want to overload you all in one blog post!
I will be stocking Media Mixage items soon and I promise to do step by step tutorials and classes.

My motto to everyone (and myself!) is that there are no rights or wrongs in craft -
if you are happy with the end result then it is perfect.

Other news...
I have put the finishing touches to my Mother's Day card for the class this Saturday.
Here is a little sneak peek ... I do have places left if you happen to be in Gravesend
on Saturday morning - it is 10am to 1pm - it is all very relaxed, we craft,
drink tea/coffee and eat homemade cake!

Finally today, I could not resist putting a photo up of Bella in the woods.
Mitchell took this photo of her yesterday.
So wonderful to see some sunshine at last.
It is Friday tomorrow...and yes...
it is an extra special Friday Die Day!
Take care.


baconbits said...

Morning Christine,
Thank you for breaking down Media Mixing - when put in simple terms it seems like a fun time can be had.
Its a shame that the sunshine has disappeared again Spring just seems to elude us.
Amanda x

Wilma Brown said...

Hi Christine, you explain things so well now I understand what was meant. No wonder your classes are so popular. Bella is adorable.

Wilma x x x

Carole Z said...

Hi Christine, I saw the bezels and ice resin being demo'd at Stitches and was totally mesmerised, I can't wait to have a go, especially as I love mixed media anyway...your explanation, as always, was brilliant! Love the photo of Bella and looking forward to FDD! Carole ZX

Craftin Suzie (Susan Flynn) said...

Morning Christine thanks for such a good explanation. I must admit when I saw the new releases it did leave me a bit cold but I look forward to some more guidance from you with interest! Bella looks just adorable! Hugs Susan x

Rose in Chester said...

GM Christine,
Can only echo the previous comments regarding mixed media explanation. You really do it so well and the stuff you've shown is beautiful - LOVE the butterfly card.
At this point in time I have no intention of branching out because of the investment needed and if I add any more machines and templates to my craft room I'll have to extend the bungalow!
But it is interesting to see what can be done with mixed media.
Bella looks very happy.

Rose in Chester said...

GM Christine,
Can only echo the previous comments regarding mixed media explanation. You really do it so well and the stuff you've shown is beautiful - LOVE the butterfly card.
At this point in time I have no intention of branching out because of the investment needed and if I add any more machines and templates to my craft room I'll have to extend the bungalow!
But it is interesting to see what can be done with mixed media.
Bella looks very happy.

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine, Thank you for such a great informative post today,I now understand a lot more and look forward to part 2 .
Your Mother's Day class on Saturday looks great,I wish I lived near you.
Bella looks lovely as usual. Take care. x.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine. Definitely a cup of coffee blog today.

Thankyou for explaining Mixed Media. Up to now its gone over my head and I did have visions of buckets of paint being sloshed around.

Bella looks sooo cute out in the woods.

Val in Spain xxx

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Christine, Oh, that wasn't as bad as expected !!! ha ha, so great that you are breaking it down for us, into language that we can understand. I really love your project, and those triangular blanks are gorgeous, can't wait for Part 2 now.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

nattyboots said...

OOo Christine im just so pleased im home now and will be able to follow, how exciting its all going to be , and with you to follow im sure i will end up with a something im pleased with .

Bella had a happy day .

Take Care
Elaine H X

hazel said...

Lovely photo of Bella and thanks for the run down on mixed media, will look forward to part two. xx hazel

Chris said...

AAAAHHH, Bella is such a cutie. Thanks for all the info so far, I love this type of embellishment, just hope its not too expensive.
Have a good day, Chris X

Cornish Emma said...

Morning Christine, Great rundown today and glad you took the time to do it, when i started mixed media it scared me, until i found i could do my own thing just mix my crafting and painting up. Spellbinders are really expanding with all these new products. Bella is adorable isn't she. Emma

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
A very informative post today, not done this type of crafting before but I think we should all come out of our comfort zones sometimes. Will be waiting for part two. Love the butterfly card.
Bella looks very happy.

Nikki Payne said...

What a good way of explaining:)
You really are so good with words....
Loved your video yesterday... something you will always treasure.
Have a lovely day!
Nikki x

Sue B said...

Well Christine this all gets more interesting by the day. Yes I agree we all seem to have our own comfort zone but for me personally I love to have a go at something new. This is the great thing about crafting you never need to be in a rut. Looking forward to part 2 & by the way that sneeky peek of your mother's day card looks beautiful.

Carolyn H said...

I'm now going to make another cup of coffee, the one I brought up with me has gone cold - I became engrossed in the Mixed Media !
I really liked what you did with the triangular bezels, hope you do a tutorial step by step on that at some point Christine.
I'm sure everyone will enjoy Saturdays workshop, thanks for sneak peak.
C B W Carolyn x

Carolyn H. said...

Oh, I forgot to mention Bella, she looks to be enjoying her walk in the woods, bless her. C x

Elizabeth said...

Hi Christine, ditto all the comments above. Brilliant. I think the only limitation here is the money with so many other things on the market we crafters NEED???
Looking forward to tomorrow FDD.
Bella, you are adorable and it looks to me as if she knows what is going on and is actually posing for the photo???
Elizabeth x

Ita said...

Hi Christine Thank you for explaining the this so well ,I am looking forward to more explinations ,the card for Mothers day will be fantastic I know

Anonymous said...

hi Christine

I am not sure about this mixed media but may come round by part 2. Love the pic of Bella. reminds me of my childhood pet Timmy who was a yorkshire terrier. Although a slightly overweight one...he had an aversion to excercise and other dogs when he ocassionally would go for a walk.

Irene Allen

Janice said...

Yes it was a lovely spring day the other day.... today miserable and just heard snow due again for next week.... never mind, will just have to stay indoors and craft.!!!! Not that I need any excuse. Looking forward to Friday die day!! Take care. Janice xx

Ros Hodgkins said...

So pleased that i found your blog you are a font of knowledge to me and whats more I feel as yhough I am being guided rather than running two steps behind everyone else. Looking forward to part two, Love the triangle.
Bella looks well in the woods.
Love Ros x

Janice said...

Hi Christine

It's a late one for me today. Thank you for the explanation, as yet I don't think it's for me but I love seeing what other types of crafting are available and you are so good with the written word and photos.

Lovely photo of Bella, Tuesday was such a glorious day weather-wise, unlike today!
Looking forward to tomorrow......FDD again!
Janice x

Clai01 said...

Brilliant Christine, can't wait for this! The triangles look to be my favourite must haves.

Craftychris said...

Thank you for explaining everything so clearly - these products are looking fabulous! A lovely photo of Bella too! xx

Belinda said...

Looking forward to more details of the resin!

Belinda x

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