Saturday, 30 March 2013

'Do' Day!

Hello friends
Some photos of how the studio/shop ready is ready for the opening 'do' today.
My lovely Mum helped me tidy up, clean and set everything out.
Top priority is a glass of something bubbly and chocolates!
I've gone for 'pink drinks' - (that would be wine not milkshake!)
keeping with the Spellbinders pink theme. 
The tables are set as there is going to be the opportunity of making felt flower brooches.
Some of the new products on display.
The window is a little more Spring-like but even the daffodils are refusing to flower!
The new Artisan X-plorer  in the window.
A very mixed response to yesterday's post regarding the new Artisan X-plorer.
I appreciate it may not suit everyone - very dependent upon your crafting needs.
I'm always happy to share with you details of new products so you can make decisions -
a sort of virtual 'try before you buy'.
Janice made a very valid point - remember the dies that match the blanks and bezels
are beautiful dies on their own, proportions are ideal for card making
and there is those butterflies - who cannot love butterflies! :)
Other news:
Today I would like to introduce you to John Lockwood - his blog is here.
John has created some truly beautiful cards using Spellbinders and he has also written
some particularly nice words about me...head swelling moment!
And...John lives in Spain - he gets that rare thing called sunshine!! I am SO jealous.
Thank you John for getting in touch. far I've only eaten three Cadbury Buttons eggs (in 2 days!) ...that's good for me!
Special Easter greetings dear friends.


John Lockwood said...

Morning Christine, I just wanted to wish you luck for today, hopefully I'll get to attend a class in the summer when in the U.K. I hope it all goes well, Thanx for the link!

John x
P.S. you are right its quite sunny here at the mo....

Rose in Chester said...

GM Christine, I'd love to be there with you today, everything looks so lovely (especially the choccies). And you made me feel positively SAINTLY - have refused the temptation for chocolate so far (but probably will succumb by Sunday, latest Monday)
Go for it, girl.

Buttons said...

Wishing you all the very best for a wonderful 'do' day Christine. You've worked so hard and deserve to reap the rewards of your labours. Sounds like you are burning off so much energy chocolate is a need not a want! Hugs, Jenny x

melanie said...

I hope to try and get there if this snow stop in my part of kent
if not good luck Melanie

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine.Your studio looks so inviting and i'm sure it will be a wonderful day.

Just read Johns blog and also Wendy next door. It's good to know other people out here in Spain are crafting and following your blog.

Val in Spain xxx

Chris said...

Hi Christine,
Hope you have a super day today, the presentation looks lovely, especially the choccies.
Have Fun
Chris X

Lacelady said...

Have a great day Christine, you and your family have worked so hard to get to this day.

Elaine said...

Have a fantastic day christine, the photos look great ! The visitors are in for a real treat im so jealous. Have lots of fun xx

Elaine said...

Have a fantastic day christine, the photos look great ! The visitors are in for a real treat im so jealous. Have lots of fun xx

Janice said...

Good morning Christine

Everything looks set and very inviting for your 'do' day! The chocolates look yum!
Hope you have a fantastic day and receive lots of visitors.
Have fun!
Janice x

Yvonne said...

Wishing you lots and lots of succes and fun today!
Congrats on your opening day!!!
If I lived more closeby I would have certainly dropped by!

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine, Good luck for today I am sure it will be great ,you work so hard to get everything perfect.
I have just looked at John's blogg,his card is lovely and you deserve all the comments he has given you, you never let us down. Take care and have a lovely day. x.

Mrs B said...

Hi Christine. Best of luck for today and the future. Wish I lived closer so that I could join you. Enjoy yourself. Take care.

Maggieann said...

Wow!The studio looks great Christine, wish I could pop along to join in the fun.Have a super day, hope the sun shines for you :) xx

foxyg said...

Your shop looks lovely Christine. Wish I lived nearer.
I always look at John's blog, 'cos I know him, and he makes some lovely cards. His next door neighbour Wendy is my sister.

Craftin Suzie (Susan Flynn) said...

Good luck today Christine the chocolates look particularly yummy! Susan x

Carole Z said...

Hi Christine, your studio looks wonderful..wish I could be there, but I will be in spirit! Have a great day, Carole Z XX

Barbara Fulton said...

Hi Christine
Wishing you a very successful day today and a wonderful Easter. Just wish I lived closer so that I could pop in and enjoy the day with you.

Oksana said...

Hi Christine! Wishing you a wonderful day, the shop looks fantastic! Enjoy!xx

Nikki Payne said...

Wow! the chocolates look yummy, but even more yummy.... are those BEZELS I see there?
Your studio/shop looks gorgeous and I look forward to my next class (just need to sort out when I'm going to be free)
I hope you have a fabulous day and wish I could be there!

Have a wonderful Easter weekend
Nikki x

baconbits said...

Morning Christine,
GOod luck today i am sure it will be a huge success. Will raise a glass for you later.
Amanda x

Carolyn Bell said...

Good luck for today, your shop looks amazing I am sooooo jealous that I'm too far away to visit! Love Carolyn x

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
I hope you have a wonderful day everything looks just great.
Wish I could be there, but I have family coming.
We have snow flurries a the moment hope it clears soon.

Sue Yorkshire said...

Morning Christine. You and your mum have been busy. Everything looks wonderful, wish I could call in

Popping across to Johns blog now


Sue Yorkshire said...

Morning Christine. You and your mum have been busy. Everything looks wonderful, wish I could call in

Popping across to Johns blog now


Sandra said...

The sun is shining for you, it's going to be a fabulous day, enjoy it, I would love to see that big proud smile on your face today, everything looks very inviting!
Have the best day ever !
Huge happy hugs,
Sandra xx

Jean Z said...

Hi Christine, hope everything goes well for you your presentation looks very nice, don't eat too much chocs love Jean Z xx

Cornish Emma said...

Morning Christine, good luck for todays opening do'. Gorgeous sunshine today and my first tulip is flowering amongst all my daffodils. Emma

Sally said...

Hi Christine,

I will be in Gravesend later today, I will have hubby with so might not be able to play but at least I can show him that I don't have every die that exists...LOL.

Just so you know, I will check your blog everyday, even if I know you might not have blogged.

I have to say, I have no idea how you find the time to blog everyday with all that you do, you have your London Job, shop/studio, your online shop, TV appearances , Spellbinders designer, and a family home to run with teenage children. Do you ever sleep?

See you later
Sally x

nattyboots said...

Hi Christine
Im sure all will go well today,just enjoy

Ive just read Johns blog ,and will go back to read more later

Have a great day and save a choccy for me please .

Take Care
Elaine H X

alex said...

Good luck for today, my friend, you deserve it all your hard work has paid off, I hope to see you later x

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your day today Christine you deserve it. Those chocs look delish! (but don't you be eating too many)!! Remember the figure. You and your Mum have made a lovely job with the display.
Val C xx

Carolyn H. said...

Oh Christine, you great big teaseer showing us the special chocolates on offer for the 'do'.
Wishing you every success with the opening today, will beeze over to Johns blog now - cant be teased any longer. C B W Carolyn x

hazel young said...

Morning Christine best of luck for today hope you get lots of people attending those chocolates look too good to eat. John's blog looks great. Have a great day today and a good Easter xx hazel

barbiepinkfairy said...

Have a fantastic day. Wish I lived closer and could call in to say Hi and see all your hard work for real. Enjoy love alison

Ita said...

Hi Christine enjoy your day and relax,everything looks fantastic,can you beam me some chocs., and some bubbley lol
Wishing you many years of crafting and lots of joy,John has a great blog and all he said about you are true.
Big Smiles

Anonymous said...

Good wishes for everything today and always - Happy Easter to you and your family

loftylass said...

Hi Christine - best of luck and good wishes for today - I would definitely be there..... everything looks so tempting!!!!
Happy Easter
Heather W

Janice said...

Hi Christine, glad I was able to join you today at the official launch of your shop. I am sure that you will be a great success. Have a good relaxing rest of the Easter weekend. Janice xx

purplepengi said...

Hi Christine
The shop is looking lovely and I especially like the chocolates lol! I have to say too that my eyes went straight to the swirl on your display, I just love swirls (probably as much as you love butterflies. I am sure the shop launch will go brilliantly today. Save some wine and chocs to have when you can relax.

Wendy L said...

Hi Christine, I,m Wendy and live next door to John Lockwood. You shop looks great, best of luck. xxx

Toni said...

Hello Christine, I'm really hoping and am very sure that you have had an absolutely fabulous day. Your studio looks amazing and is a credit to all the hard work that you and your family and helpers have put in. You deserve to be successful and I really do hope I can visit in person sometime this year. Just waiting to see what dates your classes are going to be held so I can plan my trip/overnight visit to Gravesend.
I've also had a look at John and Wendy's blogs today. Lovely projects on both and how nice to be living abroad and crafting at the same time.
Good luck.
Toni xx

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Christine, What lovely piccies today, I hope your grand opening went really well, those choccies look so yummy.
Good Luck to John, his words are lovely.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

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