Friday, 29 March 2013

Friday Die Day (sort of!)

Hello friends
Slight deviation from the typical Friday Die Day today because as promised I'm going 
to talk about the new Spellbinders™ Artisan X-plorer™ Machine.
It is a multi-purpose, high pressure machine that cuts, embosses and presses.
Upon opening the box you will firstly see the plates and instruction booklet.
It features the same idea of colour coded plates that you use in your Grand Calibur®
- these plates are just slimmer measuring 8½ x 12¼".
The handle is already in place and you will also see a lever at the front to secure it firmly down.
The machine's approximate dimensions:
W x H x Depth: 10¾ x 7¾ x 4½”
Handle is 4½” (top to bottom) and 2” in width.
It weighs about 5 pounds so very portable.

The machine has a stability base to keep it in place during use.
The side panels are clear so you can see the cogs working..appeals to the men in our lives!
Basically, this nifty machine is a compact roller press that is perfect for cutting, embossing and pressing using a variety of materials, including paper, metals, fabrics, plastics and more.
Because it is smaller than your Grand Calibur it has more pressure.
Here I've lined up dies on the base plate, you have plenty of room to multi-cut.
The matching bezels are lined up alongside.
I've used the largest die template to cut a piece of cotton fabric.
You run it through the machine with your usual cutting sandwich.
I've chosen to place the fabric inside a matching bezel.
So we know we can use it with many of our usual die templates, you can also use this 
machine with your embossing folders that measure up to 4¼” wide. 

What else can we do?
How about Texture Plates?? These are made of metal and measure just over 3" square.
Using some of the new metal sheets, this one is copper you can achieve some superb results.
You would use your regular embossing sandwich.
The result.
This will be fantastic for projects such as jewellery, home décor, embellishments, cards, layouts, 
fabric arts and mixed media!
You can also use these texture plates on the metal blanks that are available.
Here is a You Tube video that Kim from Spellbinders has put together.

I've just selected a few of the new Media Mixage items from my studio/shop
to show you...products in packaging always look so more exciting!  

And these beauties deserve a picture of their own...!
I do hope that has clarified quite a few questions.  As always please email if you 
would like to know anything Spellbinders.

Other news:
I think I've mentioned before that I'm having a new website built (yes, a zillion times!)
There is quite a lot of preparation and it is certainly keeping me busy tip tapping the keyboard.
 I'm hoping you will forgive me if I skip a blog post now and again.
But please continue to stop by and check each day (don't abandon me!)
I will post as much as I can - there will be some special posts coming up including photos of the launch 'do'
and I've discovered some new giveaways.
As always...please feel free to email with any comments, questions - I will always reply.

Finally...oh such a long blog post!
Wishing you a wonderful Easter - do whatever makes you happy and if that means
crafting and eating chocolate you certainly have my approval!
Take care friends.


Lacelady said...

Can't warm to the new machine - seems like a desperate idea to get more money from us. I am sure that our Grand caliburs could do the same job. If not with our existing plates, they could have just let us buy conversion plates. I am not going down this route with another machine.

Rose in Chester said...

I must admit, I'm with Lacelady. Also, these bezels are working out very expensive and unless one is into selling jewellery, just too dear for a simple hobby like cardmaking. Don't want to create jewellery.
Are you all set for the BIG DAY tomorrow? Good luck, I hope the sun will be shining and loads of people will be buying.
Best wishes, Rose

Elaine said...

Looks nice, hope you have a great day today cant wait to see pictures of the open day. Have a wonderful easter xx

Chris said...

Hi Christine,
A very informative blog today, the machine looks great, but as the other ladies, it would be another big investment, as I already have the GC and cuttlebug, I wouldn't get this one sneaked by the husband LOL. Happy Easter, good excuse to eat lots of Choccies.
Chris X

baconbits said...

Morning Christine,
Are you all set for tomorrow,i hope the weather improves and at least gets above zero for you - but the warm welcome and atmosphere inside will keep everyone nice and cosy.
I do feel like the other ladies, with pennies tight and many household budgets pushed to the limits this just feels like Spellbinders just want more money. I love my GC and i donot want to make jewllery so for me this machine is a no.
Amanda x

Craftin Suzie (Susan Flynn) said...

Hi Christine thanks for the explanation about the new machine although I am not clear on what the difference is between that and the GC. I have a CB and Big Shot Pro but my Pro is broken (not used that much) so I am thinking about a GC if my husband can't fix my Pro! Have a great weekend good luck with the launch xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine. Interesting blog today. Seems the same as the Grand Calibur only slimmer. Not that my GC is in working condition of course. I've sent C+C 3 e-mails now and still not had a reply. GRRR.

As if we would abandon you?

Have a great Easter, Christine and everyone. There is a solemn procession in our village square this afternoon which from experience is very moving. Then it's home for chocolate. Yum.

Hope tomorrow is the big success you deserve.

Val in Spain xxx

Bea said...

Good luck with your new website Christine and have a chocolaty easter

Carole Z said...

Oh Christine I am so excited about this new machine and its capabilities! Of course we won't abandon you, I've been here a long time and I don't plan on going anywhere, yours is the first blog I go to whatever time of day I start blog hopping! Have a great Good Friday everyone Carole Z XX

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine, Long blogg today,will give the new machine some thought.
Looking forward to your new website,you always seem to be doing something new,so I will still be looking everyday.
Have a great Easter everyone. Take care. x.

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Although the new machine looks interesting I don't think for my needs it would add anything to the job that the G/C does. Thanks for the run down.
Hope your open day goes well.
Have a good Easter everyone.

nattyboots said...


Thank you for your time showing us this new Machine Christine ,
I had the Big Shot off my Hubby for a present, then i saw the G C and thought i wish i had that one [ it seems so ungrateful i know ] now i have seen this little beauty and i wish i could win the Lottery ,if i do i will certainly treat myself ,for a start it looks a very light weight and compact and i dont think it would take up too much room ,[ thats a bonus in my small crafting area ]

Im looking forward to your new Website you are just one busy Lady
Do try to get some ME time over the Easter Hols ,Chill out in a comfy chair with a Chocolate Egg full of buttons , Ahhh BLISS

Have a great Easter Christine

Elaine H X

Jean Z said...

Hi Christine, I also think if you don't want to make jewellery it will not be of any use, the companys are just getting greedy it's bad enough having to keep buying different plates for the GC machine.Hope you have a great day today and have a lovely easter love Jean Zxx

Janice said...

Morning Christine

What an informative post this is today....thank you! Your photos and descriptions are excellent.
It all looks very interesting for those that are more crafty than me!

Sounds like the new website is keeping you very busy. There's no chance of me abandoning you....I'll continue to check in every morning to see if you have posted, but understand completely if you're absent for a while :-)

Have a lovely, chocolate, eggy day! It's a bright sunny one here at the mo, so hope you have the same. Wishing you lots of fun tomorrow too.
Janice x

Ita said...

Hi Christine Thank you for the information and photos of the the new machine, as other ladys have said you would want to be selling cards or jewellery ,to buy this machine, .I think Spellbinders are getting greedy ,much an all that I love the product they are flogging the Dies to death on C.C.for the last few months,bundles that are a terrible price and I do not think people have the money,O.K. rant over
Hope all goes well with the new web site,and I will not disert you,try and have a rest over Easter and all the best for the opening of your studio

Cornish Emma said...

Morning Christine, thanks for the info. Hope you have a lovely easter. Emma

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Christine, Firstly I must apologise for not commenting yesterday, I didn't have any time to switch the laptop on yesterday, this week has been just so hectic with Church, and it isn't over yet, am there again this afternoon, then tomorrow morning for cleaning (brasses, yuck ha ha) then for 2 services on Sunday, when the Church will be amazingly beautiful and full of flowers, lovely.
I am loving the info on the new Artisan machine, it looks really dinky, at the moment I own 2 x Grand Caliburs, 1 x Cuttlebug, 1 x TH Vagabond, and 1 x Ebosser, but all the same I would love this one ha ha. I am loving all the Media Mixage, and those bezels are 'to die for', I loved how you showcased them previously. Your hatbox card yesterday was, as always, gorgeous, and the papers beautiful.
Have a lovely Easter, and wish I could have been there for your 'Big Day', I just know that everything will go really well for you, will be thinking of you.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Sue Yorkshire said...

Morning Christine

Seems an interesting machine but are the plates smaller than the GC? I have a wizard that would probably do the same thing as I bought the plates to crush bottle tops and I have a cuttlebug and my calibur so don't think I need more machines... would rather spend my money on the dies on my evergrowing wish list lol
Hope tomorrow goes well for you and you manage to get some me time over the holiday

I will still check everyday to see you have posted but no worries if you don't get time you are one busy lady
Sue xxx

hazel young said...

Thanks for the rundown on the new machine Christine. Hoe the shop launch goes well and you have a great Easter xx hazel

Janice said...

Christine, oh dear it seems that the general census is that the new machine is not needed. I too have a grand calibre and a cuttlebug. I also have the junior plates for the grand calibre so I think i'm covered for machines. But if you only had a grand calibre then this new machine is ideal. For the ladies that are dismissing the bezels as jewellery items only I would say use them as you would charms on your cards and scrapbooking pages. Yes they are quite expensive for the size, but if you use them on special projects then they are worth it. Also remember that once you have bought the small dies they can be re-used like any die. Some of the small shapes look like they could be quite handy in their own right. .... I'll shut up now and wish you all a very happy easter.... enjoy the choccies. Janice xx

Nikki Payne said...

Ahhhhh! I have just posted about my new machine , it arrived yesterday so thankyou for the quick delivery. I have to say I do agree with the other ladies, Do we really need another machine and surely the grand calibur does the same job? My hubby said this yesterday when he saw me opening my new little present to myself :) And I asked myself this very question too, I have purchased mine because I am hoping that it is going to take my crafting to another level, I would like to create more of my own individual Embellishments and use more different types of materials ie: thin metals and chipwood. This is why I have purchased the new machine so I really hope that it is going to meet with my expectations, so I will just have to have a play and see :)
I hope you have a wonderful Easter and wish I could make it tomorrow, but I am helping my daughter to move:(

Happy Crafting, Nikki x

Carolyn H. said...

Wonderful tutorial Christine - thank you.
Enjoy your Easter Weekend, esp. tomorrows official studio/shop launch.
Eggstra special crafty best wishes, Carolyn x
PS We will not abandon you but look forward to the new 'YOU'on line. !!!

Janice said...

Wow Patricia.....what a selection of crafting machines you have in your craft room! I wouldn't know which one to use first! Lol
Janice x

Anonymous said...

First off Christine have a lovely Easter weekend and a succesful open day tomorrow. I don't think this new machine is needed as my GC can cope just as well. Abandon you NEVER.

Anonymous said...

First off Christine have a lovely Easter weekend and a succesful open day tomorrow. I don't think this new machine is needed as my GC can cope just as well. Abandon you NEVER.
Val c xx

Sandra said...

Hi Val, I have had problems before with items I purchased from C&C,both from provocraft actually, C&C only asked meto post back at my expense and then they would look at repairing! I then contacted the manufacturer who sent a courier and immediately sent out a replacement! So if I were you I would contact the manufacturer, you are much more likely to get a response and result! I hope you get it sorted soon , it must be very frustrating being without it!
Sandra x

Sandra said...

Good evening Christine,
I am so glad the sun was shining for your special day today, I would have given anything to be there with you celebrate the realisation of your dream! I shall raise a glass to you from here in sunny Oxfordshire. I know your business will be a huge success, you are such a kind,warm and wonderful person and also a creative genius!
Thank you for explaining the Artisan X plorer so clearly, it looks fabulous and with all those new and exciting things to go with it are very tempting too!
Personally I couldn't abondon you, you inspire me , I look forward to checking in with you each day , you won't be getting rid of me that easily.
Hope the Easter Bunny has plenty of chocolate button eggs ready to deliver to you on Sunday.
Huge hugs,
Sandra xx

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