Wednesday, 30 January 2013

To Paint or Not To Paint....

Hello friends
Well that was the question yesterday and...
I decided to paint...a terribly rough undercoat first - I promise they will look better than this!
I'm going to go with cream to match the chair and just to keep everything light 
and with some shabby chic..ness!
Yesterday was one of those days when time seemed to be on fast forward, 
but a very essential sign was put up.....all mod-cons at the studio/shop now!
 Also - I have something else to share with you.  
Since my eldest son learned to drive he often takes his younger brother shopping at Lakeside.  
They headed off there together on Monday evening leaving Bella and I to eat our dinner alone 
and snuggle on the sofa...(not a hardship really!) 
When they returned they announced 'gifts for everyone'.  Bella got a chewy bone, a rawhide shoe and
a squeaky furry thing that looks like a squirrel without a head! 
I received........this......!!!!
 and this very lovely cover too!!
As you can imagine I was very touched - they had thought to buy such a special gift that took
nearly all their money and for no occasion.  Apparently when I asked (in between tears because 
I was a tad emotional) they said 'because we love you' - queue more tears! 
I don't mind admitting having teenage boys is very hard work, there are days when I 
want to pull my hair out (and want to pull their hair out too!) days when I worry that 
their values are wrong, they are not working hard enough, 
that I will never see their bedroom carpets again...all that stuff...
but this week I'm forgetting all that and smiling each time I pick up my new Kindle.

Back to craft very soon dear friends...(got to stop to stop shopping!!)
Take care.


Wilma Brown said...

Oh Christine, what wonderful boys, bet the tears were streaming and lots of hugs were given and Bella received a pressie too. How thoughtful. Love your painting, everything will look lovely in the end.

Wilma x x x

Susan Flynn said...

Its so heart warming Christine through all the tough times when they do something like that. Having had one boy I know how gruesome the teenage years are, everyone says girls are harder but I never found that the case. However my son has turned out to be a real treasure, a remarkable dad and an extremely considerate human being!

I'm with you on the chair, I hate to paint wood but I think it was a bit too dark in its natural form and would have overpowered everything else xx

jucrook said...

Oh Christine how lovely. You have obviously done a good job with your boys. You'll enjoy your kindle - so many books, so little time. I'm loving the cupboards already, can't wait to see them in real life. Keep crafting. Ju
Perhaps they ought to say that at the end of each c&c show - like Strictly's "keep dancing"!!!

baconbits said...

Morning Chritine
How very thoughtful you must be so proud of them.
Amanda x

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Christine, How truly lovely of your two boys, and I adore the cover when I got my Kindle they had no covers like that one, so apt too. No wonder you were in floods of tears, so very thoughtful of them, I salute you Mitchell and Elliot.
Lots of love from Patricia xx
PS I keep saying 'stop shopping' to myself with craft stuff, it falls on deaf ears ha ha xx

Janice said...
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Janice said...

Morning Christine

Oh wow......what a wonderful surprise for you and how lovely of your sons. No surprise there were tears.

I love my Kindle and pop it in my bag wherever I go. Always handy to have on you if you have to wait around anywhere!
If you sign up to this newsletter you can download lots of free books.

Plus there are plenty to be had on Amazon :-))

That was a quick decision on the shelves, well done! It will all look super when finished.
Enjoy your day.
Janice x

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine.
What a lovely surprise a present for no reason you can't get better than that,you have 2 very thoughtful boys.
The cupboards are going to look great I can't wait to see everything finished. Take care x.

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
I felt quite emotional for you myself when I read what your boys have bought you, what a lovely surprise.
I'm with you on the cupboards I think the wood may have been too dark.
Have a good day.

Elaine said...

How lovely of your boys to get an amazing gift. Im sure those cupboards will look great. I really do love that chair just my cup of tea. Have fun x

Sally said...

Hi Christine

What lovely thoughtful boys, it's at times like these that you forget all the hard times they give you. Just goes to show what a great job you have done bringing up your sons.

Although I did like the shelves in the dark wood, painting them will make them match the colour scheme of the shop.

Have a good day x Sally

loftylass said...

How lovely for you.... boys do redeem themselves at times.... enjoy the good times I say having had THREE!! Looking forward to seeing the finished results of your 'paint job'.
Enjoy your Kindle.
Crafty hugs

Janice said...

Christine, What wonderful boys you have. I have 2 boys as well and they both tower over me, but I love it when I get a cuddle from them or they text me just to say love you. I'm just as emotional as you and well up at the drop of a hat.... in fact there are tears in my eyes now as I write this. As to the cabinets good decision. xx Janice xx

Toni said...

What lovely thoughtful boys you have Christine. I can well understand your tears especially as it was so unexpected. You'll enjoy your Kindle I'm sure as long as you allow yourself some time to use it. Your life is a tad busy at the moment so don't forget to take some 'me' time.
Love the painting project, it will all look absolutely FAB when it's finished, I'm sure.
Toni xx

Cornish Emma said...

Morning Christine, the best presents are when theres no occassion for them. My mum would say i was harder to deal with as a teenager than my brothers - and looking back i would agree!! Emma

hazel said...

Lovely post Christine you are so fortunate xx hazel

Sue Yorkshire said...

MOrning Christine

What a lovely pressie for no reason I would have cried too. Your boys are wonderful even if they drive to distraction some days lol

Think the unit will look much better in the cream to match the chair

Sue xxx

Supernan Sue said...

Wow!! Christine what a wonderful surprise, all the time you think they only care about themselves and they go and do something like that, how wonderful. Enjoy your kindle, I wouldn't be without mine
The cabinets are looking good, I think your idea of being cream is a good choice as the natural oak would darken things down, just waiting to see roses and butterflies on them haha!!
Take care
Sue xx

SusieB said...

Oh Christine, What a lovely thing for the boys to do! It just shows you how much they love and appreciate you. Well done on bringing up two smashing boys. You must tell them that all your followers are so proud of them!

Enjoy your day

Sue x

Ita said...

OH Christine what a fantastic suprise ,they are two very kind boys, and they love you so much,I think to get a gift for no occasion is always fantastic,well done boys,I hate to tell you the cloths on the floor does go on for years lol
The shelvs will look good I think,when painted,

AnneRD said...

Hi Christine
You have done a wonderful job bringing up such thoughtful boys, you should be so proud of them. Its often the unexpected things that bring the greatest pleasures.
You have made the right choice painting the shelves, they are going to look stunning.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine, Glad to hear you decided to paint the corner units to match the chair.
Teenagers, very unpradictable, but I like that kind, caring ,loving thoughtfulness ( for no particular reason)side to them. What a pair of grand lads you have.
Crafty best wishes, Carolyn x

Sue B said...

Well what a lovely surprise from your sons. So what if you can't see the carpets under their stuff they certainly have very loving thoughts about their mum. I know what I would rather see. Think those corner units are going to look great.

Carole Z said...

Christine, you have such wonderful, thoughtful boys, you must be so proud of them....and Ha! I knew you'd paint it, but I think you are right to, hugs Carole Z X

Anonymous said...

I agree with all that has been said before Christine you have 2 wonderful sons who think the world of their Mum. Well done for painting units white they will look stunning when complete.
Val C xx

Sandra said...

Oh Christine, I was in tears reading your post today.
The fact that your darling boys were so thoughtful is proof alone that you have done an amazing job of bringing them up! There are not many teenagers today that would do something so very thoughtful !
Your shop displays are coming along beautifully, developing a real shabby chic character!
Huge hugs
Sandra Riley xx

Cazann49 said...

Hi Christine, What wonderful thoughful boys you have. It brought a lump to my

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