Friday, 18 January 2013

Is it Friday???

Hello friends
Is it Friday??? Oh yes it is and you are here looking for Friday Die Day!
Confession time: a slight hiccup with FDD this week in that I got completely
involved with the studio/shop and totally ran out of time!
Tons of apologies and I truly intend to be back on the crafty track next week.
By way of compensation I have butterflies to share with you!
I got a little carried away with cutting/embossing Wonderful Wings!
Oh look...the colours match these....
I'm about to start creating the shop window.  I have the vision in my head but trying to track
everything down is proving a challenge.  
On my 'window list' is some items of furniture - but it always seems to be that when I 
want to purchase an item on eBay it is 'collection only' and 200 miles away!  
I will get there and I will keep you posted on progress!

Thank you for all the brilliant comments yesterday -
excellent - we all like the new logo - I'm very pleased.

I'm back tomorrow with something new....
Take care friends, have a lovely weekend and get those mittens and hats out - brhhhh!


jucrook said...

First up this morning - hoorah! Love the colours of the birdcages ( and the butterflies). Chilly here in Bucks but no white stuff yet. Have a good weekend shame it's cold and we all have to stay in and craft. Ju

baconbits said...

So glad that you are enjoying putting together your studio - sometimes there really is not enough time to do everything.
Have a safe day today - hot chocolate and croisants i think - hoping for a snow day so that i can get down and craft.
Amanda x

Susan Flynn said...

Love the colours Christine and those bird cages are gorgeous! Good luck with your furniture hunt x

Carole Z said...

I really love these bird cages, your window is going to be so enticing to passers by and they will all be coming in..I can see it now! Have a good weekend, the snow has finally hit us in the southwest...yuck! Carole Z X

scottish crafter said...

What a busy lady, love your birdcages and butterflies. Your shop/studio is going to be a real eyectcger. Looking forward to seeing it finished. Good luck with your serching.

Wilma x.

Elizabeth said...

Morning Christine, what pretty bird cages and butterflies. I am not surprised time is running away with you.
Have a nice day, whatever the weather is like for you.
Elizabeth x

Janice said...

Hi Christine
No need for an apology about've been so busy lately with your studio, that's more than enough for us :-))

Your butterflies are perfect colour matches to the birdcages, looking forward to see where they'll be living!

Your window is going to look fabulous, good luck with the furniture hunt.

Hard frost here this morning, expecting snow about lunchtime if the weathermen have got it right.
Have a good day.
Janice x

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine. Is it Friday already? The weeks are flying back. Talking of flying I'm in the Uk (North Wales actually) next Friday. Please get rid of the snow by then!.

Love the bright colours of the bird cages.

Val in Spain xxx

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
No apologies necessary, you have had so much to think about over the past few weeks I'm surprised you even know what day it is.
Love the colours of your birdcages and butterflies. Looking forward to seeing the finished window.
Have a good day.

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Christine, We all know that there are never enough hours in the day, but I honestly don't know how you manage to cram everything you do into your time ha ha.
Loving your wonderful wings butterflies, lovely colours, and they match the antique birdcages, yay, absolutely lovely.
It started snowing here yesterday and it is still snowing now, brrrrrr, my cats haven't budged outside since ha ha, I think they vowed, when we adopted them from the RSPCA 2 years ago, that they never intended to be cold again ha ha.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine.
You have been so busy I am not surprised you have not got around to FDD.
The butterflies and bird cages look great I can't wait to see everything finished. Take care. x.

hazel said...

Morning Christine love the butterflies and bird cages. Where did you get the bird cages from xx hazel

Elaine said...

Good morning christine, i really do love those birdcages such fab colours cant wait to see what you do with those and the butterflies. Have a good weekend and hope theres not too much snow for the first workshop. Hope you and those lucky ladies have fun.

Sue Yorkshire said...

Morning Christine

Love your logo. The butterflies and cages look so lovely. What furniture are you looking for?? Can you not paint or cover it to match your colour scheme?

HOpe you find what you are looking for

Sue xxx

Cornish Emma said...

Morning Christine, glad everything is coming today, love the colours of the cages and butterflies. I hope you find the furniture your looking for. No snow here just had torrential rain all night again!! Emma

Anonymous said...

Morning Christine, Hope it's not too long before you find the furniture you are looking for. The colours of the butterflies look lovely and a true match for the cages. No snow up here in Cumbria at the moment.
Val C xx

Lacelady said...

Such a simple idea with the butterflies, and they work really well.

AnneRD said...

Hi Christine,
Love the birdcages and butterflies. I would be tempted to hang the butterflies inside the cages with invisible thread, leaving the doors ajar to show that they still have their freedom.
Suggestions for Die of the Week: the diamond shapes and also the blossom four.
Good luck with the furniture hunt and keep warm, Anne

Ita said...

hi christine no problem with the friday die,you are so busy at the moment,love the butterflys colour and the birdcadges are to die for

Carolyn H said...

Hi Christine It's sooooo white here and very chilly too. My border collie, Lewie, is the only one enjoying it! He makes me laugh how hw tosses it about.
Didnt get chance to blog yesterday but I must say I'm with you on the logo, great, looking forward to seeing it on your crafty goddies very soon.
Also, the butterflies made up for the dissapointment of no FDD today.
Hope your able to get to the dtudio tomorrow, they forcast more of the white fluffy stuff and its moving your way! C B W Carolyn x

Planetsusie said...

Hi Christine - to be honest the way you are showing us how your shop is progressing more than makes up for the lack of FDD! I love the birdcages and the matching butterflies. Absolutely lovely.

Hope your idea comes together for you.

Big hugs Sue Pxxx

Craftychris said...

Love the butterflies and the birdcages - gorgeous! xx

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