Thursday, 31 January 2013

It's a Sign!

Hello friends
Progress photos (I can guarantee tomorrow it is craft because it is FDD!)
So this is another use for Grand Caliburs... they are presently weighting down the new exterior shop sign!
Since taking on these premises I have had to learn so many new things...from business accounts,
tills, card readers and the fact that people charge a lot of money for things...including shop signs.
So with the help of my local wood yard and my lovely Dad - I am making my own. 
Right now this is two layers of wood being adhered together to create the sign that measures 12' long.
Lots of weatherproofing and painting to go.  A local company has created the lettering -
(they actually do most of their work for boats so I know it will be weatherproof!) 
 And a further sign was put up inside the studio/shop.
This is just like the one I had in my previous studio but much BIGGER! 
Again - I asked Mitchell to do this job.
Measuring up....
 If these pictures have audio you would hear me say..."are you sure that is straight?"  !!
 Finished and that face says ..."It is perfect Mum, stop making a fuss!"
By the way, he is not super tall - standing on a table!
Back in London today, I do find it difficult walking away from the studio/shop when
I'm itching to do so much...but, as they say, a change is as good as a rest!

Thank you for your comments yesterday and big thanks to Janice for the link to the 
Kindle books - I'm all signed up!
Take care friends.


jucrook said...

Hi Christine. Thank you for another great update. What an interesting use for your gaggle of grand caliburs. I love that your shop is a real family affair. Have a lovely day, even if it is a London work day. Ju

Wilma Brown said...

Hi Christine,nice to see Mitchell lend ing his expertise to decorating. Your shop/studio is really taking shpe, bet its hard to leave it and go to work. Look forward to FDD.

Wilma x x x

baconbits said...

Hi Christine
Its nearly finished - yippee
Looking forward to FDD
Have a good day in the big smoke.
Amanda x

Elizabeth said...

Hi Christine, just read yesterday and todays posts together. It was my 60th birthday yesterday so didn't get chance to go online. Oh I would have been in tears too with your lovely "for no reason" present from the boys. How lovely of them to do that.
Everything seems to be coming together now with your studio, how wonderful. Thanks for showing us the pics. By the way, I didn't actually say at the time, but I agree that painting the cabinets was the way to go.
Have a lovely day in London, back to work myself today having had yesterday off.
Elizabeth x

Cornish Emma said...

Morning Christine, good for you and your dad for making your shop sign, its a shop of creative juices so why not. Emma

Lin W said...

Looking good

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Its funny what we use our things for, I use a stick and you would be surprised what I can with it.
The studio is looking good, I should think you appreciate the support from your family.
Looking forward to die day, I wonder if you could feature Marvelous Squares sometime.

hazel said...

Morning Christine. I can't wait to see your new shop sign when it finished, i can imagine how excited you are as i am excited just looking at your photos. I use my grand calibur as a weight too lol comes in very handy xx

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine.
A real sign day yesterday,Mitchell has done another great job,I can't wait to see the shop sign up,it is real craft in progress.
Looking forward to FDD. Take care. x

Supernan Sue said...

Hi Christine, now that's what I call being creative everyday, using your caliburs as weights haha!!
All is looking good, well done to Mitchell the sign looks good
Have a good day
Sue x

Cazann49 said...

Hi Christine, I love your updates and photos of the studio..It's looking good..:) If you have a spare moment (I know it must be very rare!) pls could you put on the photo again of the book ends that you did with the butterflies etc, cos I've hunted through your blogs and can't find it. I should have taken a photo of it for inspiration when it was on your blog last year, but forgot. The reason I ask is I'm having a custom made bedroom and bathroom for my disabilities so it is going to be a blank canvass, and I would love to make some similar to the "altered book ends"you made. thanks ..xxxx

Jenny L said...

Hi Christine,
Mitchell has done superb job as usual.
You have a very creative family, so no wonder you have such a wonderful talent. Your Dad sounds a very handy person to know. lol.
I too would hate to have to go to work when I was itching to get it all finished.
Have a wonderful working day.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Janice said...

Hi Christine

Looks as though you had another productive day in your studio yesterday! It's really coming on now, I imagine you have a lovely feeling inside everytime you walk through the door :-))
Mitchell makes it look so easy....Looking forward to seeing your new sign too.
Have a good day
Janice x

PS - I'm pleased you signed up for the Kindle email, you get some great books on there.

Anonymous said...

Morning Christine -Love your updates on shop/studio. Mitchell is growing into a handsome young man, has your creativity rubbed off on him? Well done for using your own creativity, making the shop sign with the help of your dad and of course the
'gaggle' of calibers. Is the wall sign all your own work too?
Val C xx

Sue B said...

Do you know Christine would be worth a visit to the new shop/studio even if not attending a class, I think it is going to look really fabulous, bright & airy when finished. Good on you for having a go at the sign yourself (with your dad's help of course) the more you save the more you can spend on crafty things. I know you keep apologising about not putting craft things on your blog but personally I find it really interesting seeing the transformation taking place of the new studio.

Ita said...

Hi Christine love the photos and up date on your shop, and the saying on the wall how exciting,and great that you have the boys and your Dad to help
who is going to officialy open the shop and cut the ribbon ??????? you could run a little comptition on the blog" Guess Who"

Unknown said...

It's looking wonderful!!!

Kim Hupke

Elaine said...

Cant wait to see the finished sign. Loving the indoor lettering your son did a great job ! Have a good couple of days in london. You will soon be back to the shop as time is flying at the moment !

Teresa said...

I was wondering what all those machines were holding down... I can't wait to see the new sign up and you are so lucky to have such a wonderful son to help you with the shop! Still so excited for you and wish I could come for a class.... :)

Carole Z said...

Hi Christine, love your photos and update! I just had a nice delivery on return from pre-ordered Spellbinders Giftabilities book arrived..flicking through this lovely book, it opened on a page showing your beautiful pendant! Fabulous! Carole Z X

Carolyn H said...

Just another good reason why one should own a Grand Calidur!!!
Well done Mitchell,another job to cross off Mum's list.
I can understand why it must be hard for you to leave the studio for work in London, it really is beginning to look like the place where you want to be.
Looking forward to FDD tomorrow. C B W Carolyn x

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Christine, My, you have a family who can 'turn their hands to anything', my hat goes off to you all and well done Mitchell.
lots of love from Patricia xx

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