Friday, 1 January 2021

Friday Chat Day

Hello friends - Happy New Year!

I hope you all had an enjoyable Christmas and was able to see 
in the New Year safely.
I know everything has been so very different this year.
We planned our Christmas around lots of Facetime calls with my parents,
which certainly helped but not the same as celebrating with them in person.
Also confused Bella a great deal. 


With everything going on in the big wide world right now,
do you have those evenings when you just cannot settle?
At 9pm one evening I decided I fancied cinnamon buns.
At around midnight they were ready.
I highly recommend these but perhaps start them earlier in the day...

This is a bread machine recipe, if you do not have a bread machine
it is the same dough recipe - knead by hand and prove.

Dough: 225ml milk, 500g white bread flour, ½ tsp salt,
50g sugar, 50g softened butter, 7g yeast.

Filling: 50g sugar, 2tbsp cinnamon, 50g melted butter.

Icing – icing sugar, add warm water until runny glaze consistency.

Add the dough ingredients into the bread machine as per your machine specifications, 
set to dough. Once done, remove and place on floured surface, 
roll out to rectangle 30cm x 20cm.
Mix sugar and cinnamon together in a separate bowl.
Brush melted butter over rolled out dough, sprinkle the sugar and cinnamon. 
Roll the dough up along the long side and press ends to seal.

Cut into 12 equal slices – definitely use a sharp knife.
Lay slices into a buttered baking tin, brush with remaining butter.
Cover with cling film and leave in warm place for 1 hour.

Bake in preheated oven 200C for 20 minutes.
Glaze with icing. 

These freeze perfectly (without icing), 
defrost fully and pop them in microwave for 15 seconds prior to eating.
Dangerously yummy!

Printable is available here and recipe also added to blog tab.

Keeping with food...
our Christmas cake was hastily iced hence the dodgy corners.
I chose to call it 'shocked penguins in a snow storm'!
I am pleased to report the sub-standard icing did not detract from the 
actual cake, wow it has a lot of sherry in it and if I may say so, it is delicious.


It isn't a blanket - shock!
I finished this cushion just before Christmas and had plans to pop it in
my Folksy shop, it didn't make it because I kept looking at it and thinking
I really like you.
I am making another one which is definitely going in the shop, it is...honest!

One side is random placing of squares, the other is a more shaded version.
Not quite how I planned the squares, they were all placed out on the dining table
and Lily cat decided to do a spectacular jump and whoosh half of them onto the floor.
With me swearing and Mitchell laughing they were then placed in this order.


It's all a bit sad in the garden at this time of year, not much colour and trees bare 
it but I espied my Winter Beauty Clematis - huge buds, I do hope they flower ok,
I've become quite attached to my plants.

And it appears Winter doesn't stop me buying plants, I bought this little
Christmas tree online. I must admit the picture was of a fuller tree!
It should grow about 30cm by next Christmas...we shall see.


Ghosts - BBCiPlayer

A young couple who are desperately trying to save up for their first home are 
shocked to learn that they are to inherit a grand country house from a distant relative. 
They then discover that the house is also home to the ghosts of its previous inhabitants. 

I think I may have recommended this series before, I was delighted to see the
Christmas special. It is a comedy but also quite moving, possibly one of my most
favourite things I've watched over Christmas.

Bridgerton - Netflix

During the Regency era in England, eight close-knit siblings of the 
powerful Bridgerton family attempt to find love.

If you have Netflix you cannot have failed to see this pop up,
Jane Austen it isn't! 
Nonetheless enjoyable and whilst I was looking at the fabulous dresses,
beautiful homes, flowers - I couldn't fail to notice that the hair stylist
must have been very scissor happy with fringes! 

Charity Kits:

This Sunday is Charity Kit Day BUT I'm afraid I need to delay it by one week.
Just for this month due to my plan being thwarted by Royal Mail.
I have ordered something a little different for the kits this month
but they still haven't arrived.

So...Charity Kit Day this month will be 10 January.
(It will be back to first Sunday in the month for the rest of the year).
 I am sorry about that but hoping you like what I have planned,
so worth the little wait.

And that wraps up this week's post.
Again, may I wish you the happiest possible New Year,
let's be grateful we are all crafty people, it certainly helps.

Take care, stay safe and be kind to yourself - yes, that means 
chocolate for breakfast!

10 comments: said...

Good morning Christine.
I wish you and your family a very healthy happy and prosperous 2021.
Thank you for the lovely chat, you sure do keep busy.
Lovely crochet and buns, the light nights wll soon be with us then you can get backin your garden.
Take care stay safe and have fun Kitty.
Oh I am sure the charity kit will be worth waiting for.

hazel young said...

Happy New Year Christine, glad to hear you had a nice Christmas. Love the cushion and buns. Your clematis looks wonderful, I'm itching to get in the garden too. Oo charity kit on my birthday what a treat, looking forward to its release. Have a good week stay safe and thank you for enertaining us this past year with your weekly chats xx Hazel

jdunkley said...

Happy new year to you and your family Christine. Thank you for your blogs, they are very welcome.
Heres to a better 2021, it could hardly get worse - although my granddaughter being born was the exception there. We had our daughters wedding postponed twice and two holidays postponed BUT we are all still here and for that I am eternally grateful. 🙂

CraftyCoffey said...

Very happy New Year to you & your family.

Great photos & update on what you’ve been doing.


Tina Ashton said...

Happy New Year lovely! Love Reading your Friday posts. I'm awaiting my Christmas Gift from Paul (a breadmaker) so once it finally arrives I'll have a go at your recipe. Love cinnamon buns! Liking the Christmas Tree idea, I now want to buy one! It will cheer me up as I can't face taking mine down this year. There's just not enough hope around just yet, so I might just let it sparkle a while longer. Loving your beautiful cushion! It's truly gorgeous, as was your Christmas Cake. You've become a domestic goddess and I feel quite envious! Haha! Love it really. Happy New Year to all of you. Xxxx

Jackie Durrant said...

Hi Christine and a happy new year to you and all the family. Hopefully it won't be too long until such time as you can all be together again. I had a smile at your Christmas cake as back in the day when I made them that was how they all were iced with the same decorations coming out of mum's box year after year!! Whilst your Christmas tree in a pot looks so lost at the moment by next year there may be room for a bauble or two so it will be interesting to see its progress. I actually went out and did some tidying in the garden on Wednesday and it was quite pleasant but it has definitely been a bit chillier since. Here's to better times to come xx

Anonymous said...

Happy 2021 Christine and family. Having a bread maker sounds dangerous (lol) for the waist. The buns and cake both looked delicious. Regardless of whether your kit has something missing I think delaying it's release is the right decision as the postal system still has not caught up. Looking forward to the weekly chat in 2021. WakeyL

Littlelamb said...

I wasn’t sure if you were having a post today so was very pleased to see it in my Inbox. Your Cinnamon buns look lovely. My son had a breadmaker for Christmas. He usually buys me a Panetonne for Christmas but this year he made me one and very nice it was too. Hopefully he will make me another one. Today he is trying Pizza dough. I had FaceTime with family on Christmas Day but as you say it’s not the same. My granddaughter said she wanted to hug me and I wanted to hug her but as in Tier 4 not allowed. It’s a long time since we have been able to do that. The crochet cushion looks very nice. Have been doing a bit of crochet this week but then fingers start hurting so not got a lot done. Most annoying when you want to get on with it. Christmas dies and stamps sorted yesterday ready to put away for a while. With the lockdown starting in March I started them then so not sure I want to start making Christmas cards again just yet. Did make too many so have a head start for Christmas 2021.

Hope everyone will have a healthy 2021.

christi said...

i love chatting with you each week. i don't know if you read these posts but one of your natters made me smile back a few decades. it was the one about the Christmas tree. my mother ordered us some trees when we bought our first house. i was excited to see what they were. well i said it was a few decades ago. so ... i was expecting a sizeable box for 3 trees. what we got was a small thin box whit 3 sticks. one had the glimmer of a root base, just a glimmer. so i popped them in a pot as instructed. we waited 2 years and only one of the sticks grew. it got big enough to plant in the ground and we did. my husband forgot it was there and ran over it with the lawn mower. oh , well, i guess we didn't need another obstacle in the ground for him to navigate around! anyways just thought i'ld share that with you. love the chats each week! happy 2020

christi said...

ok, that was suppose to say happy 2021! those fingers with a twitch!

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