Friday, 18 December 2020

Friday Chat Day

 Hello friends

Happy Friday!
Hope you are all well and you've had a good week so far.


Something a little different - I made a pin cushion, 
it could easily be confused with a foot stool for a small animal!
I used a hook that was too big and the wrong yarn
but I still like it and I'm unlikely to lose it.
The pattern is lovely, very easy to follow and available here

Also - not a blanket (shock!) is the beginnings of a cushion cover.
I am determined to try to use up some of my yarn leftovers.
When you are a papercrafter you have scraps,
when you are crocheter you have leftovers - cannot escape it.
I'm at the stage of sewing all the little squares together -
going to be a total of 36 each side.
Let's just say the crochet part is a lot more fun.

And this is Lily who you probably don't see very often, she's quite timid but
loves yarn.  She makes crocheting challenging.


Cheating this week and sharing Christmas Cake progress.
And here it is - the Christmas Cake is finally marzipanned. 
Don't look too closely - it is thinner in places and my joins are a little off.
I went with the knowledge: 'no-one sees this under the icing!'
Also there were some very delicious offcuts.
I will certainly not be entering Bake Off.

I will be embarking on icing at the weekend - a simple snow scene is calling me.

This week was Christmas duvet week, yes I've made that a thing and 
I have festive/winter design covers - the boys refuse them now sadly.
Each time I change the covers I have a pristine bed for about ten minutes -
 then this happens...

She knows she should not be there but she is equally safe in the knowledge
that I will not move her - totally soft.

That face! 


 Dickensian - BBC iPlayer

 Very happy to see this available on BBC iPlayer.
Fictional characters from famous Charles Dickens novels come 
to life when their paths cross each other in 19th century London.
A Dickens 'mash up' if you like!
Worth watching if only for Pauline Collins playing Mrs Gamp - very funny.

The Prom - Netflix

Down-on-their-luck Broadway stars shake up a small Indiana town 
as they rally behind a teen who wants to go to the prom with her girlfriend.
Starring James Corden, Nicole Kidman and Meryl Streep.
It's a musical, it's cheesy, funny and comes with an important message.

Other news:

I am pleased to report that our Covid tests came back as negative, phew.
We are still being very cautious - here in Kent we are in tier 3.
Like many we are celebrating Christmas very differently this year.  
As a family we have chosen not to be together.
I am meeting my sister next week in a park to do a swap
over of gifts (the drop and run as we are calling it)
and having spoken to our parents we feel all eating
together over Christmas is far too risky.
It is so hard for everyone but ultimately it is the safest decision.
Here's to new normal next year.

Thank you to those who have sent wonderful handmade cards,
all on display and looking gorgeous.
I confess I did not make cards this year, I did a lot of clicking
on Etsy and supported small businesses.

And talking of Christmas ... this time next week is Christmas Day!

I will not be doing a chat day next week, instead I will be back the following
week - New Year's Day with a double dose of chatter.

It remains for me to say: 
I wish you all the best Christmas possible and please be safe.

Thank you so much for stopping by each week and reading my ramblings 
and natterings - it means a lot.

Much love,

10 comments: said...

Morning Christine.
Thank you a lovely chat.
Like you I didn't send cards Poor old postie still has a big backlog.
Bella is so comfy.
Have a wonderful Christmas and very best wishes to your family.
Take care stay safe and have fun Kitty.

hazel young said...

Love the pin cushion and the cushion is coming along well too. Bella looks so cute. So pleased your tests were negative. My brother is a bus driver and unfortunately has contracted covid but he is ok. Have a good meet and drop with your sister and a happy and merry Christmas. Take care stay safe. Thank you for your blog and chat this year, I do look forward to your Friday chat's, crochet progress and recipes. I would also like to thank for for continued support of smaller charities with your charity kits. Enjoy your Christmas xx Hazel

mim said...

Hi Christine, we are not meeting up with our lads this year either so it will be a very different Christmas. I hope you have a lovely time and all my best wishes for the new year xx

jdunkley said...

Happy Christmas Christine, boys and all of your family. For the first time in our 50 years together we are alone this year. I feel it is too risky as the 'children' (34-42!) have to go out for work. We will have Christmas in the summer 🙂🤞 A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to us all. I look forward to reading you blog in two weeks time 🎅🤶

Anonymous said...

Wishing you and your family (including pets) a happy Christmas. WakeyL

Jackie Durrant said...

Hi Christine, cheery news about your tests which is good and your crochet will keep you busy over Christmas. Thank you for taking the time every week to keep us entertained. Wishing you and all the family a peaceful Christmas and my very best wishes for a happier and brighter 2021 when we can all look forward to a summer Christmas dinner together in the garden xx

Littlelamb said...

Pleased that yours tests were negative. Love the crochet you are doing. Mine is at a standstill at the moment as have been concentrating on Christmas cards. All written and in post now. Hopefully I haven’t forgotten anyone. Hope you all have a lovely Christmas. I have decided I am going to stay on my own. It will be safer that way I think. I will get back to my crochet then and watch TV if there is anything interesting. On. Take care and stay safe.

Anne said...

Hi Christine
Thank you so much for Friday Chat, It’s one of my highlights of the week and this year it has been most welcome ��
Lovely to follow your progress in so many fields and you are truly an inspiration to try something new.
Wishing you and your family ( and Bella plus cats) a very Happy Christmas and look forward to catching up again in the New Year.
Stay Safe
Anne McCahill ☘️

Margie said...

Thanks for all the chat, viewing recommendations, crochet and baking hints and news over the year. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas although a quieter one than usual and hope 2021 is a much better year for all of us xxx

Tina Ashton said...

Lovely to read your news as always. Great crochet again lovely! I didn't get my act together on a Christmas cake this year, too much to think about with the wedding. However I managed to do all my cards as handmade this year, which is a first! Plus I spent time doing nice gift packaging. It will be a different festive season this year for sure, like you we won't be visiting our parents, too risky. A quiet Christmas for sure, but hoping we all stay well. Just joined you in tier 3, boo! Love the duvet cover, and Bella on it of course! Happy Christmas lovely lady. Best wishes too for a much better 2021. Xxxx

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