Friday, 11 December 2020

Friday Chat Day

 Hello friends

I hope this week's chatter finds you all well.


It has been a funny ol' week here in the Emberson household.
I had planned to show you a marzipanned Christmas Cake,
(thrilling eh?!) but I didn't get around to that so apologies.
It is a recipe free blog post this week,
the cake excitement can wait!

I can reveal what has caused this household restlessness.
For the last three months I've been going through a redundancy consultation
process with my city job.  It has involved assessments and a Zoom interview.
The last interview I had was 20+ years ago so I was anxious (understatement).
The results  were being relayed to us this week, I would finally 
find out whether my job was safe or not.

6pm Wednesday an email arrived - it said...
this may give you a clue.

A weight the size of a boulder has been lifted from my shoulders.
But with my good news there has been the sadness of some of my colleagues,
who are dear friends, that did not pass the assessments and will now be redundant.
I'm still trying to come to terms with that.

And also on the day of my job news this happened...

Mitchell's manager at work proved positive so a round of isolating has begun.  
Incredibly frustrating because we have done so much to keep safe,
with both my Mum and Elliott being vulnerable it was imperative.
Sadly not all people are careful.
For any of you who have had to take the test - 
let's just say, it's not pleasant.
We should have the results within a few days.

Charity Kits:

Thank you, as always, for your response to this month's kit.
There is just one, yes ONE kit left - if you missed it please click here.

I always get a bit nervous on kit day, will you like it etc?
And then I see the response and I beam, I probably look ridiculous 
with a big smile on my face whilst printing postage labels!


I've been doing quite a lot of crochet, you're not surprised are you? 
I cannot show you a certain project as it is a Christmas gift,
I'll be sure to take photos to share in January.
Before then, I can show you these...

It's NOT another blanket!
It is going to be a cushion made up of little squares,
with a snazzy border.
I intend for it to be in my Folksy shop but I'm beginning to fall 
in love with it already.
The colours are more vintage than in the picture, 
the light has been truly awful for photos recently.


Kirstie's Handmade Christmas
Channel 4/Channel 4 on Demand

My run up to Christmas wouldn't feel the same without Kirstie.
Each year, like many, I have a giggle when they say:
"simple, fun and affordable crafts which can be achieved in just 45 minutes."
Nonetheless it is always enjoyable, I glean some festive ideas and 
suddenly wish for items that I never knew existed.

In stark contrast to Kirstie - The Mandalorian - Disney+

We've got Disney+ on a free trial again.
 (I'm not sure what technical magic my boys weave!)

It has allowed me to watch this series, part of the Star Wars franchise.
A lone gunfighter makes his way through the outer reaches of the galaxy, 
far from the authority of the New Republic.
The fact is has a baby Yoda gives it a cuteness factor.

Now I could say I watch this stuff because I have sons but truthfully,
I've been a Star Wars fan since the first film which I saw with my Dad.

And that wraps up my week again.
This weekend, staying at home of course - I intend to wrap
Christmas gifts and marzipan that cake! 

Take care friends - keep safe.

9 comments: said...

Good Morning Christine.
Thank you for the lovely chat.
I am so glad your little job is safe.
Sorry to see you are isolating these are very scary times.
Take care stay safe and have fun Kitty.

CraftyCoffey said...

Great round up of your news. Glad to hear your job is safe but yes, sad fur those that are having to leave.
Sorry that you have to have a swab done and now isolate. Unfortunately not everyone is following the guidance and I think it will only get worse over (& after) Christmas.

Take Care


Anonymous said...

Great news regarding your position but, like you said, it's always sad that others aren't so fortunate. There are a lot of people ignoring the restrictions and all we can do is keep ourselves as safe as possible whilst trying to avoid those not taking the same precautions. No doubt we'll be back in a lockdown situation after Christmas. Like you, watched Kirsty and find it amazing that, despite crafting for several years, I cannot 'whip up a masterpiece's 45 mins (lol). Stay safe. WakeyL

hazel young said...

Good to hear your job is safe. I've been made redundant twice and it is a long winded and not a nice expereince. Hope everything is going to be ok with the Covid test, I know what you mean about people not adhering to rules. I only leave the house once a week to get essentials and I had to tell a guy yesterday who came in the queue behind me too close to stop moving closer when I moved away because he was too close. Then all the people without masks and having parties. Love your crochet project and look forward to the show and tell in the new year. I love to watch kirsty too, not watched any yet but recorded. Great news on Charity kit. Have a good week stay safe xx Hazel

JeanD said...

Morning Christine, I’m so pleased for you that your city job is safe. Such a worry. Charlotte is going to be going through the same process in January so it will be a nail biting time! I’ve made a Christmas Cake so planning on marzipanning it this week. I didn’t have any brandy to put in it when I made it but found some old Calvados in the cupboard, so used that and have been feeding it with Sherry so it should be quite boozy! Hope your COVID tests were ok. I don’t like the idea of the tests but better that than have the disease without knowing. Keep safe and take care. Jean

Littlelamb said...

It’s Friday again. I always look forward to your blog. Glad your job is safe. Love the little crochet squares. Look forward to seeing the finished cushion. Not good having to isolate hope the tests come back ok. No matter how we try to stay safe there is always someone who thinks they are invincible. I somehow missed the Kirstie Christmas shows. Will have to see if can watch on Catchup. Haven’t done any knitting or crochet this week. Been busy writing my Christmas cards. On Tuesday when I went to post some our postbox was overflowing. The postman said he has never seen it so full. Take care.

Margie said...

Hi Christine, glad to hear your job is safe. I've only been through one redundancy discussion when I actually wanted it - and got it! But I'm pleased its worked out the right way for you. Sorry you have to isolate too but this may only have to be for 10 days now instead of 14 which is better. I've been crocheting too - wrist warmers and a headband for my daughter in law so hope she likes them! Look after yourselves and your Mum. Margie xxx

karenlotty said...

Congratulations on your job being safe and exceptionally sad for those that are having to leave I expect most didn’t want to and will have a worrying time looking for other work Me? in the other hand would have loved to have been made redundant but only because I am so close to retirement!
I missed the kit again- where am I on the first Sundays of each month! I will be donating to Ko-fi at some point
I hope the testing goes OK and come back negative and you can stop isolating
I’ll be intrigued to see the crochet I am still doing amigurami animals and monsters I bought Kerry Lord’s Ocean book So I’m in the middle of crocheting jellyfish and starfish!
Take care xx

Di said...

Plying catch up Christine - so glad to read that your COVID tests came back negative. I love your Friday posts. Have just bought the lst of the kits - getting a head start on Christmas cards for 2021 perhaps?

Merry Christmas to you, your boys, the menagerie and your parents. Stay safe - and well done with the job outcome!

Much love, Di xx

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