Friday, 8 January 2021

Friday Chat Day

 Hello friends

Welcome to another FCD, are we only one week into the New Year?
Hasn't a lot happened.
I tentatively tap into the BBC News website each morning pretty 
much holding my breath. 
But, let's hold onto positives and what we can control,
for example, our hobbies...


I can now share with you a cushion that I made, it was a gift for a friend
and now it has been delivered, here it is.
Silver grey yarn, crochet as a long length to wrap around and join.

This is the reverse but I think I prefer this side with the opening for the cushion pad
and the little buttons.
The pattern is from Knitting Network, I struggled with how it was written and then
suddenly it clicked, funny how that happens sometimes - brain clearly not in gear.

And I've still got Christmas bits to share with you...
this was a cake pop box I ordered for Christmas Eve for me and the boys.
(I like to think sometimes they are only aged 10!)
We loved it, made perfectly by my friend Melanie who has her own cake
business - her Facebook page is here

And Mitchell bought me a cute card 
(only arrived this week due to our poor posties being overloaded).

No recipe this week as we are still eating lots of leftovers.
But Elliott made cookies, his first venture into baking in his own flat.

The recipe is the cookie one I featured some time ago,
Very proud he's using my blog for recipes.😀


Here in the Emberson VT we have got Disney+ channel for a limited time
so I've been cramming all the Marvel films.
Not everyone's cup of tea and watching three in a row makes your eyes
feel like saucers.  Nonetheless you cannot help but be impressed 
by the amazing special effects.

And switching down a gear completely I caught up with Channel 5's
Christmas special of All Creatures Great and Small.

It's a show that definitely leaves you wanting more,
so charming and idyllic.
I am wishing they would repeat the original 1978 series now.
If you haven't seen the 2020 series, it is available to watch on 
Channel 5's catch up service - My5.


The Christmas tree is down and the front room inevitably looks bare.
I actually don't mind as at this time of year as I get the urge to clean, tidy and organise -
do you? Hoping you might as I've chosen to share a tip with you.

In fact, I've just started a new Instagram account called 
The Organised VT - link here where I will be uploading ideas that 
are thrifty and fun, well as fun as these things can be!

Starting with - I do love a jar! 

If I decant things into nice jars - I use them - simple as.
It appears if I leave things in bags they get relegated to the back
of a cupboard and totally forgotten.
And thankfully I've discovered jars are pretty cheap,
this style is available from Asda - £2 - order online (George)
 or with your groceries.

And as much as it would look lovely full of sweets, it's January 
so I've chosen Soda Crystals!

So yes, Soda Crystals - what an underrated star you are.
Anyone else just associate these with a Great Aunt/Granny? 
I used to but now I appreciate their wisdom.  
Here is what these granules of magic can do:

    Cleaning and deodorising the washing machine.
    Removing burnt on residue in pots and pans.
    Helping to keep sinks and drains fresh and blockage free.
    Grease removal in household cleaning and laundry.
    Removing moss and algae from paths and patios.
    Cleaning toilets as an alternative to common cleaners that are harmful to aquatic life.
    Cleaning silver jewellery and much more.

I add a heaped spoon to every wash now, it softens the water
(we live in a very hard water area).
And at about £1 a bag I think that's a bargain.

Charity Kits:

Happy to report these will be available on Sunday and here's a little sneak peek.

As mentioned, something a little different this month,
blog post will go up at 7am Sunday.
 I've made quite a lot this month so hoping there is enough for everyone.

And that is it for this week.
I always read your comments and I did smile last week
when Christi was saying about her little trees, didn't quite survive the lawn mower! 

Keep safe in this mad mad world and please stop by on Sunday.

Much love.


CraftyCoffey said...

Great to hear all your news. The crochet cushion cover is gorgeous. The cookies Elliot made look delicious. Looking forward to seeing what the kit is this month.


Carolyn Chilton said...

I love your cushion cover, feel envious, never could master crochet . Well done to Elliott . I am also a big fan of soda crystals always use them whenever I do a wash. These weeks seem to go by very quickly don’t they? Look forward to Sunday and the charity day kit . Stay safe xxx

JeanD said...

I too love your cushion. I’m feeling inspired!, I also like labelling jars etc, but the other side is that I can’t stand price labels/bar codes on anything really, so spend ages peeling them off and get frustrated when they don’t come off easily! Kevin thinks I’m nuts! Looking forward to seeing no your charity kit on Sunday. Take care x

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine, what a great gift you've made. It's beautiful. In the first lockdown getting hold of soda crystals was a nightmare so I have to admit I did stock up on them when they became available in the summer as I've used them for years, for just about all the things you mention in your list, especially washing. The Christmas box treats look really yummy. We're on the last of our Panettone then it's back to being good (hopefully). Well done Elliott on the first bake and what a beautiful thoughtful gift from Mitchell of Bella. A Christmas card from my Sister still has not arrived, nor has her card and gift to one of her grandchildren for a birthday on the 1st January (1st January is very popular as we have 2 people born this day!). WakeyL

Jackie Durrant said...

Hi Christine just love your cushion, looks as though it should be in one of those expensive stores. I'm a great lover of soda crystals as well and use them quite regularly. Perhaps its a age thing? All the baking looks very inviting and I'm nearly finished with the Christmas goodies so nearly time to be good again - how boring!! Have a nice weekend xx

Unknown said...

Hello Christine...... I found you in a book based on your life story.... and it is so very good to know you are real and the trials and tribulations of life still continue....your words each week are a little window into different worlds.... and you share your passions eloquently and with a kind just to say Thankyou!! JO

christi said...

thanks for mentioning last weeks comment from me. i read it to my dh. we got a second laugh from it. have a great week. the threat of snow is here. i'm from New York, originally but have been transplanted to North Carolina for many years. the weathermen have been calling for snow, which gets everyone into a milk bread and eggs flurry at the store. someone asked me and i said, nope, it doesn't smell like snow and they laughed. you can't smell snow. i said where i'm from you can. as they say here , i'm a yankee. that means i was born (and raised) north of the mason/dixon line. another euphemism that is hard to explain. but so true.

Kim Hupke said...

Wow!!! Your cushion is absolutely gorgeous, I’m quite smitten by it!!
I LOVE using my grandmother’s jars to store things, and I’ve noticed my daughter does too!! Every morning when a make that first cup of coffee, I smile as a scoop the granulars out of a special jar ❤️
Elliott’s cookies inspire me to make some special cookies for the grands, they will be here soon.
Big hugs to you and your parents across the big pond sent with the very best wishes for a good old fashioned new year ahead 💜

karenlotty said...

I love the cushion and I like it both ways around
Well done Elliott on the baking My OH now cooks banana bread and tiffin most weeks!
Looking forward to seeing charity kit on Sunday if I remember!
Take care x said...

Morning Christine.
So sorry I am a day late I really do not know what happened to Friday.
Thank you for all your lovely news and projects.
Take care stay safe and have fun Kitty.

Littlelamb said...

Having a job commentating these days so keep forgetting to do it. Love the cushion you made and both sides look lovely. Well done Elliott on your cookie making. My son is enjoying his bread maker and made me a very nice Panetonne last week. I am hoping for another one this week. Done a bit of crocheting this week but fingers keep locking together and it’s painful. Most annoying. Hope everyone has a good week.

hazel young said...

Love the cushion button side too Christine what a beautiful gift. Love the cake pops and card as well as Elliott's biscuits. Love soda crystals too a good all rounder and a great price. Have a great week stay safe xx Hazel

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