Friday, 29 January 2021

Friday Chat Day

 Hello friends

How did we get to Friday already? 
Each day definitely feels similar but time is flying by.
That somehow feels fine right now, January isn't the nicest month 
and I think we are all craving for longer lighter days. are you all? Keeping well and occupied I hope.
Let's start the natter...


I've indulged in LOTS of crochet this week which will also be indicated by
the amount of telly I've watched.
As mentioned, I am doing two CAL's (Crochet Alongs) with the Attic 24
Meadow yarn colours - a striped blanket and a Harmony granny square blanket.
Do I need more blankets? - No!  But I love doing them.

The design of stripes is a colour story so soon more 
pale blues, greens and buttermilk will appear.
The beginnings of the squares.
I've progressed to round 3 since taking this photo so keeping up.

And my crochet companion to remind me to sew in the ends as I go!


Yes it has truly been a marathon sit-on-my-bum-and-watch-telly week.
I do actually get up off my bum on the hour every hour that I am crocheting
and spend 10-15 minutes doing something: quick flick of the duster, pop the 
washing in the machine, just so I don't seize up really! 

(In my defence - I clean Elliott's flat every Wednesday, deliver groceries
and work on Thursdays and Fridays so not 100% lazy - 
phew, feel better for saying that!)

So yes.. telly recommendations this week.

The Serpent - BBCiPlayer

It is based on the crimes of a serial killer Charles Sobhraj who murdered
young tourists between 1975-1976.
I'm late to the table with this one so you may have already seen it.
Wow - it is gripping, disturbing and thoroughly entertaining.

The Pembrokeshire Murders - ITV Hub

In three parts it charts the notorious coastal path murders in the 80's.
Luke Evans plays DS Steve Wilkins and apparently agreed to take the part
knowing full well it would be at a low salary compared to his film work but
because he felt passionate about the cases and his Welsh heritage.
If that's true - nice to hear.

Not all murder this week!

The Help - Amazon Prime or DVD

An aspiring author during the civil rights movement of the 1960s
decides to write a book detailing the African American maids' point of view
on the white families for which they work, and the hardships they
go through on a daily basis.

If you are able to access this film then I would say it is an absolute must
to watch - funny, heart wrenching, poignant. 

Charity Kits:

Delighted to share with you this week photos of Michele's kits made up to send out
to two special friends.

The colour changes are beautiful, I could not pick a favourite.

There are still a few remaining kits if you would like one...

Details can be found here.


A simple one this week.
With Mitchell at home 24/7 (he works in retail so currently not open),
I am glad to say he does the majority of the cooking.
This week for lunch he made speedy egg fried rice.

So easy, a packet of microwave long grain rice, 2 eggs, pack of steam veg,
little oil, salt, pepper and some soy sauce (optional).

In a frying pan fry the steam veg in a little oil, add the rice, mix and cook for 3 minutes.
Add the eggs - mix until scrambled, season and add soy sauce. 
Serve - yummy!


This weekend is Mitchell's birthday, like many trying to think of ways to celebrate
during lockdown.  Decided I would make a Charcuterie Board -
something new to me but I've been googling and ordered interesting
items in this week's food shop.

I am also planning to make one for my parents to deliver and they 
can join us via Facetime to celebrate.
I shall let you know how that goes next week with photos.

Until then here's the boy, I mean man! 

Have a lovely weekend.
Take special care and please stop by next Friday
for a fresh batch of natterings.


hazel young said...

So envious of all your crotcheting Christine, my hands arn't good so i am unable to do more than a flower and that takes time. Bella is so cute, glad she is keeping you inline lol. i will have to watch the sepant i did watch a tiny bit of it but gave up. I have watched Pembrookshire muders, It was very good. I have watched Finding Alice, The Bay and Marcella all very good although I thought Marcella was not as good as series 1 and 2. Happy Birthday Mitchell, hope you have a great day. Have a great week stay face xx Hazel

Jackie Durrant said...

Good morning Christine, the crochet colours are just what is needed at present, they look lovely. I thought the Pembrokeshire Murders was extremely well done and well worth a watch. Mitchell's recipe sounds nice and I think I will give that a go as I have some microwave rice in the cupboard and frozen mixed veg. I will play! Happy birthday wishes to Mitchell and I hope he enjoys his charcuterie platter xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine, sending Birthday wishes to Mitchell, I'm sure he'll love Charcuterie Board, as will your parents. Love that he treats you to a 'working lunch'. Stay safe. WakeyL

Margie said...

Loving the look of your striped blanket Christine and meant to tell you that Mum loved the one I bought from you last year. She said to thank you. I gave up on The Serpent as I found it too disturbing but watched The Pembrokeshire Murders and will give The Help a go. Mitchell's stir fry looks yummy and so quick and easy and the charcuterie board sounds brilliant too. I've been crocheting wrist warmers and headbands lately, nice and easy but might try something more challenging if this lockdown goes on much longer. Have a good week. xx said...

Hello Christine.
Thank you for the great chat.
Happy Birthday to Mitchell.
Take care stay safe and have fun Kitty.

Littlelamb said...

Love the striped blanket Christine. I finished knitting my shawl this week and it’s lovely and warm on the shoulders on a cold evening. Hope. Mitchell enjoys his birthday. I had one this week but it was a very quiet day. We only seem to have lost on a Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday so no post on my birthday. Enjoy your meal with your parents joining in. I watched the Pembrokeshire Murders and thought it was very good. Have a good weekend and stay safe and take care.

karenlotty said...

Happy Birthday Mitchell
I am crocheting like crazy too I love your blanket and at the moment I am doing boobies for our Health Visiting team to help teach new mums how to breast feed etc in between doing amigurami animals
The Help is a brilliant film and I’ve also read the book The other two shows you mentioned aren’t really my cup of tea
I am enjoying “It’s a Sin” I’d just started working for the NHS and remember how much it was discussed
Take care x

CraftyCoffey said...

Great catch up on your news. The crochet looks great & the birthday idea is interesting.
Thank you for sharing the pictures of my recent makes-the purple one has been sent already & my friend loved it.


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