Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Cats, Cuppa and a Decagon Delight

Hello friends

Bit of a long blog post so grab a cuppa!

Yesterday the boys and I had a day out in London town. On the agenda
was tea and scones at Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium.
This is tucked away in Shoreditch so not quite the West End!
You get to spend time with lots of rescue cats (13 in total) in a tea room environment.
Not everyone's 'cup of tea' but because 
we are all potty about cats in my family this was an ideal treat for us.
Here's just a few photos of our cat antics!

Inside there are lots of climbing activities for the cats including pretend trees.

A rope bridge!

Lots of hideaway places if they fancy some peace and quiet.

Regular food and an abundance of treats.

There's also a 'catio' (a cat patio) area fenced off so they get some fresh air and
chatter at the pigeons!

I confess this one was my absolute favourite - meet Petra.

 The staff are knowledgeable and all the cats are in tip top condition,
being rescue cats they have all definitely fell on their furry feet!
If you would like more details of the Cat Emporium please check
out their Facebook page here.

Following our feline fun we took a trip to Spitalfields Market.

I had to photo these but was not tempted to buy them!

A detour on the way back to the train station to visit Forbidden Planet -
the most geeky shop ever.
All in all a special day and rare that I get to spend so much time with both my boys.

Today's crafty offering!  I'm revisiting Decagon View today.
For my card design I've used this die to emboss only.
I then die cut patterned paper (small designs works well)
and placed some of the fallout pieces over the top.

Blooms One to the centre and printed and die cut sentiment.

Decagon View is on the website pre-loved at a bargain price today!

Hope you made it to the end, thank you for stopping by and reading!
I'll be back tomorrow.

Take care friends.

5 comments: said...

Morning Christine and boys.
So glad you had a lovely day out.
Thank you the photos are lovely although i am not a cat person I like dogs.
The card is pretty too, Thank you.
Have fun Kitty.

hazel young said...

Lovely photos, not too sure about the coloured bagels though, dont look very apetizing although they are colourful. Gorgeous card Christine. Glad you had a lovely family day xx hazel

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Christine, What a positively fabulous day you all had !! I would have been in my element at the Cat Emporium, and how amazing were the colours in the bagels, although I think they would put me off eating them haha. Lovely piccies and a lovely CAS card.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

JeanD said...

Hi Christine, I'm so pleased you had such a wonderful day with your boys, you look really happy in the photos. Also I really like the card, very understated. Jean X

Laura O said...

looks like you all enjoyed the day out together ,Laura O

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