Thursday, 26 March 2015

The Bomb and Sunflower!

Hello friends

I'm pleased to say no risk of the WW2 bomb in London today,
instead they brought it just a few miles from my home and detonated it!
We heard the 'boom' and was shocked just how loud it was.
I read somewhere that there is still many bombs under the streets of London
and fine if left undisturbed...!

Okay..back to craft!
Today's project is a gift box, it's a recycled box that I covered and decorated.
It features Create A Sunflower and the label shapes are Labels Thirty Eight.
Some time back I featured Create A Sunflower as Friday Die Day and there 
is a full tutorial here.

There is a new range of Create A Flower dies, just in time for Spring, they include:

and Peony

These are all available on the website (just click on the flower name) at a bargain price 
and previous Create A Flower dies are reduced too.
I will be doing tutorials on the new flowers soon, possibly videos if I enlist the 
help of Elliott (but he is rather engrossed in his new computer!)

And talking of Spring and flowers, yesterday when walking Bella I discovered so many 
bees buzzing about.  I'm so pleased Spring is here.

Also, yesterday's post showed Bella napping and I received a few enquiries
regarding my flowery bedding - it comes from Ikea and is called Rosali.

Take care friends and stop by tomorrow for Friday Die Day.


Mrs B said...

Hi Christine. Glad that the bomb was safely detonated but I think it makes us all stop and think of all that our families and friends went through back in the wars!
I love your package and Sunflower, and I will be looking at the Hydrangea dies as I think they are beautiful.
Thank you for the bedding advice, another thing I will be looking at, it is so pretty.
Have a good day, with more signs of spring : ) Take care. x

Kitty Davies said...

Morning All.
Thank you, glad everyone is safe. The flowers are lovely, cannot wait for the videos especially the Carnation. take care Kitty.

Stamping Bubbles said...

Good morning Christine
Glad to here everything is safe for your work. It really i scary when you think how many of these bombs there are waiting to be discovered.
Lovely box today. I have the sunflower die and it really does make a statement on any project.
Enjoy your day

Janice said...

Morning Christine
Lovely box today, you really are good at up-cycling! The flower looks almost real.
Enjoy your day.
Janice x

Linda said...

Hi christine
Love the box,I love sunflowers. Ithink this box would make anyone happy just to look at it never mind the contents.
Glad the bomb was dealt with OK,in my part of the country the trawlers often bring one up in their nets,we had a large one only a few weeks ago which was exploded by the army on the beach.
Have a good day in the city
Love Linda in a very wet South Shields

hazel young said...

Lovely box Christine, glad the bomb was sorted. Love the new flower dies don't think you can got wtong ever with flowers. xx hazel

Sandra said...

Good Morning Christine,
Phew ! Glad the bomb was detonated safely, I can understand why they don't do it in a populated area but you would think that transporting it would be a logistical nightmare in itself!
Oh Christine your Sunflower box us just beautiful, that is a gift that keeps on giving, as you would keep that packaging forever!
I hope your London work day whizzes by!
Looking forward to FDD as always, I wonder what surprises you have instore for us tomorrow!

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine,
Really pleased the bomb has been dealt with,I hope you get to your City job OK.
Your sunflower box is really pretty,and the flower dies are too.
Looking forward to FDD. Take care. x.

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine,
Really pleased the bomb has been dealt with,I hope you get to your City job OK.
Your sunflower box is really pretty,and the flower dies are too.
Looking forward to FDD. Take care. x.

Jaydee said...

Hi, it frightened the life out of me when it was detonated. Our doors shook and we couldn't think what it was. Looked outside and everything. X thanks for the order.

Jean Z said...

Hi Christine, I love the box and the sunflower is beautiful. I have quite a few of these flowers and love them . love Jean Z xx

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
A great box, these flowers are lovely.

ros hodgkins said...

Hi, I really like your distressed box, and the sunflower looks great on top. X Ros

marg said...

Hello Christine
Glad the bomb was dealt with safely, its so old now it must be unpredictable.
I really like the Sunflower its such
a warming colour!
Enjoy your day
Take care
Love Marg

Pat S Witney said...

Hi Christine
I'm glad that the bomb was detonated safely. But fancy taking it all the way down to where you live. I'm sure there are wide open spaces I'm between London and Gravesend. Love todays box and the flowers that adorn the top.

nattyboots said...

Beautiful box and such a gorgeous Sunflower,Glad the bomb was dealt with.
Elaine H X

utilitygirl said...

Pleased to hear the bomb has been dealt with safely Christine
Love today's gift box. Must look at the tutorial and give it a try as I have the poppy which I must have a god at.
Thanks for the inspiration.

SusanP, Kent said...

I heard 'they' had detonated the b**b at Cliffe on SE News and the irony did not escape me!
Your wrapping is delightful. Love the new flower dies. Peony is my favourite, but so many petals to assemble - I'm not sure if I'm up for that.

Jacquie said...

Gorgeous box Christine. Love the Sunflower.

My you think you have escaped all the who ha then they bring it near you to detonate it lol! That must have been dreadful.

Love all the new flowers

Love & hugs

Jacquie J xxx

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Christine, I absolutely love the hydrangea dies, those teeny tiny lavender flowers are 'darling', I'm loving your altered box and the sunflower is gorgeous.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Craftychris said...

I am glad all was safe! Fab box today, I love the sunflower xxx

Carole Z said...

This is gorgeous Christine...I don't use this die enough! Glad the bomb was dealt with safely, hugs Carole Z X

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