Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Home from Durham

Hello friends

A later blog post today as got home quite late last night and fell into bed
feeling tired but happy.  Also had a rather excitable Bella on my hands!

 I had a brilliant time at the Crafty Nook in Durham.
Susan Platten is the owner of this craft oasis situated in Durham Indoor Market.
It may look a little shop but believe me lots and lots is crammed inside.
That's Susan in the front of the photo with a plate of sandwiches - she had 
provided lunch for everyone who came along to the demo, I couldn't quite manage
a ham and pease pudding sandwich - I'm just too much of a Southerner!
 I managed to snap a shot of the market, it is busy and bursting with stalls.
I miss markets like this, my own town market is un-visited and fallen into decline.
 And as I was leaving Durham the sun shone beautifully.
It is a wonderful place and I hope to visit again later this year and fit it some sight seeing time.
Thanks to all the lovely ladies that came along to the demo and especially to 
my blog followers - (Linda, your card and treats for Bella are truly lovely).
My next tour stop should be Chester, but keep checking as more venues are coming in.

Take care friends.


Wendy L said...

Looks amazing, I love places like that, xxx

Jacquie said...

Hi Christine,

Wow looks a brilliant market and what a lovely stall to have. Glad you had a fab time, poor Bella obviously missed you bless her.

Love & hugs

Jacquie j xxx

Linda said...

Hi christine
Than you for yesterday. It was great to meet you and have a chat.
Loved the new dies you showed us, my order has gone off today.
Sorry you could not manage the ham and pease pudding sandwich, a local delicacy, trust me it does taste good, rather that than jellied eals which some in the south enjoy.
Do come again as Robson Green so rightly says we are the forgotten kingdom.

nattyboots said...

Looks like a big hit Christine ,so pleased it went well for you.
Take Care
Elaine H X

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Sounds like you had a great day, I love indoor markets, not many towns have them now.
Hope you get a rest today.

ros hodgkins said...

Hi Christine, what a great job you have, and I love the idea of local deli's, but that sandwich is not for me either. I hope you are staying over in Chester, it's a great place full of little windy streets and well worth taking the tour bus. Feeling quite homesick for some of the places we have lived. X Ros

Anonymous said...

Christine thankyou so much for yesterday, its was really nice to meet you in the flesh after following so long on the blog. I was pleased to hear that Elliott is doing so well after such a long road, he is such a brave and corageous person. I hope you manage to get him crafting im sure he could bring some inspiration to the table lol. Much fun had yesterday and another autograph to my collection of inspirational crafty friends Thanks again Hugs from Karen Dale of Durham x

Lesley Thomas said...

Welcome back home Christine! I miss English markets too, not anything like those, here in the west of Ireland. Yours looked good because it was inside too, which would have made it much warmer!

Sandra said...

Good morning Christine,
Well Durham looked lovely, what a darling little craft stall,
We too had a busy market that has dwindled down to a few naff stalls! I would love to shop daily in a market like they have in some towns and every town and village in France and other European countries, to go and be able to pick up and smell the huge selection of goods on offer!
We do have a covered market in oxford, Paul and I discovered it last year, but it's all really expensive independent shops that are horrendously over priced!
Clearly for the tourists not the locals!
I am so pleased you had a good time Christine, it's so lovely when your work is your passion!
Have a nice relaxing day my lovely,
Huge hugs
Sandra xxxxx

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Christine, Fabulous piccies, that market stall looks like an 'Aladdin's cave', I would love to visit there !!!
Lots of love from Patricia xx

hazel young said...

Lovely photo's Christine glad you had a fab time and the sun shone for you. xx hazel

Pat S Witney said...

Hi Christine
What a lovely place to be able to work in. I just love markets like this but they seem to be in a decline Some seaside towns have them and Exmouth has a really good one, but no craft places I'm afraid. We really are short of crafty places in Oxfordshire. We only have Hobbycraft in Oxford and The Range in Swindon. However, they're not my idea of craft shops. There's a good one in Lyndhurst that I visit when we go down to my brother in laws, but that's it. We have one in Wantage but she's not into dies I'm afraid. Up North seems to be a crafty heaven as far as I can see.

utilitygirl said...

Glad you had a good time Christine and are safely home. I'm sure Bella was very pleased to see you. Durham is a lovely place as you say. My dad's family were from there - but it is a long drive. Our market, like your local one, has shrunk and moved and isn't the same. I think they cant compete the the £1 shops and supermarkets these days - which is sad.

marg said...

Hello Christine
Glad you had a good trip and safely back home
Take care
Love Marg

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine,
I am really pleased you had a good time and that you are home safe.
The market looks great I would love to visit.
Have a good day. Take care. x,

Stamping Bubbles said...

Hi Christine
Glad to hear you had a great time in Durham. If you are able to get back a trip around the cathedral is a must. The views from the tower are fabulous.
Hope you are now having a rest!
Take care

SusanP, Kent said...

Glad your trip was a success. Lovely pictures - a really beautiful one of the Cathedral.

Janice said...

Pleased to hear you had a good time Christine, thank you for sharing your photos.
Janice x

Kitty Davies said...

Hi Christine.
The Market looks Brilliant. Glad you had a good time Take care Kitty.

Mrs B said...

Hi Christine. Thanks for the photos. Durham indoor market looks great, and to have such a good craft stall would be my idea of heaven. I think I would have passed on the ham and pease pudding sandwich too!
I am so glad that you are enjoying your tour : ) Take care x

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