Tuesday, 31 March 2015


Hello friends

It must be time to show those Easter egg wraps again!
These are so easy to make and it really jazzes up a regular egg.
This one features Create A Daisy and the bunting is created with 3D Foam Pennants.
There is a full tutorial on how to make the Daisy flower here.

A piece of card isn't quite long enough but easy enough to put the join to the back
or hide with decorative paper.
It's a great way to really personalise an Easter egg.

Thank you for all the comments on Sunday Giveaway,
a winner will be announced before Easter so please check back.

I was AWOL yesterday as busy taking Elliott to hospital for his
MRI check, he needs these every six months.
We passed some of the waiting time playing cards - I won!
Elliott has battled with anxiety ever since he became ill and has coped really well,
but sadly yesterday he experienced some real panic attacks in the MRI so we've 
chosen to postpone it for a week or two.  
It's a hiccup but we will be back on track again soon, in between I pop
a cardboard box on his head each evening - yes... seriously!
This 'therapy' (recommended by a psychologist) worked brilliantly last time so we are going 
for it again - I'm tempted to decorate the box with a few Easter flowers and butterflies!

Take care friends - happy crafting!


Kitty Davies said...

Morning All
Good luck to Elliot I am amazed at how brave he is. Thank you for the Easter egg wrap. Don't forget to decorate the box with the real thing little choccy eggs. Take care all. Kitty.

Diane said...

The scans can be very scary, especially if you don't like small spaces. Elliot has coped so well with every thrown at him so far I am sure he will soon be able to face the next scan....everyone is entitled to a "wobble" every now and then!

Chris said...

Hi Christine,
Good Luck to Elliott for the next scan, I'm sure he will cope better next time, he is so brave.
The Easter Egg box is a great idea and looks so much better than the commercial boxes.
Chris xx

PharmacyMichele said...

Love the Easter egg wrapper, so pretty.

A pity Elliott couldn't face his scan but its just a minor setback in the scheme of things.


nattyboots said...

Elliott will bounce back for next time i am sure , as this young man will not be beaten .

A lovely egg wrap Christine , i am not doing any craft at the moment , we are thinking of moving and going back to look at a lovely flat again this morning.

Take Care
Elaine H X

Jean Z said...

Hi Christine, I can feel for Elliot I could not go into an MRI scan too claustrophobic. love the Easter egg cover. love Jean Z xx

Janice said...

Sorry to hear about Elliot's 'hiccup' yesterday, I'm sure he'll sail through the scan next time. He's always managed to overcome these blips before, and he'll do it again, I'm sure 👍
I remember loving this egg wrap Christine, when you posted it last year, it still looks good! Is your Easter tree decorated already?
Enjoy your day.
Janice x

val jones said...

Lovely Easter Egg box Christine.

Poor Elliott. Having had a lot of MRI scans I know the feeling of panic he goes through. I have to keep my eyes tightly shut and design cards in my head.yes honestly- otherwise I'd be off the table in a flash. He's such a brave young man and I'm sure he'll be fine next time.

Take care.
Love Val in Spain x

pinksparkle said...

I'm cheering for Elliott too! Shame bella can't go with him a little comfort in there. Love the egg wrapper, a great idea. Thanks.

marg said...

Hello Christine
Elliott has had so much to go through and everyone feels the same about the MRI scanner!
He is so brave most of the time, and he is allowed the wobbles now and then!
Just think it won't last long!
Take care Elliott!
Love the wrapper Christine
Love Marg

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine
Poor Elliot, he must be fed up with hospitals and treatment, I'm sure he will overcome the blip.
Lovely way to jazz up a plain egg.

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Christine, A fabulous cover for an Easter Egg, looks brilliant.
I 'feel' for Elliott, I would be exactly the same, your idea putting a box on his head sounds a great idea to get him into the 'mind set'. Let's hope it was just a 'hiccup' for him, we are all 'rooting' for you Elliott.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Linda said...

Hi christine,
Sorry to hear of Elliott's difficulty with the MRI,my husband has the same problem but was lucky to be able to go to a different hospital who had an open sided MRI machine which he could cope with.
Perhaps one is available in your area, ours is at the Newcastle clinic
Check out the website, you can see the machine and it is much better
Love the egg cover,so much nicer than the same old boxes in the supermarket.
Love and hugs to you all

Lynn Hardy said...

Aaaw, poor Elliot. Hope that the box works for him xxx

hazel young said...

Lovely Easter egg. sorry to hear about Elliott but im sure he will overcome it again and be back on track shortly xx hazel

sue jones said...

awww poor boy! My daughter had to be sedated when she had her scan and with myself and hubby in with her - thankfully she only had to have it once. I have sat with pupils at school when they have had a panic attack too - very scarey for them ((((Elliot)))) Hope the box helps x

ros hodgkins said...

Hi Christine, My heart goes out to Elliott, God Bless him. X Ros

Pat S Witney said...

Hi Christine
Panic attacks are very scary, so I feel for Elliot. Hopefully the cardboard box trick will remedy this. I'd like to see him wearing it decorated for Easter. I'm loving the Easter egg wrap.

utilitygirl said...

Love this Easter egg wrap, must give it a go.
Poor Elliot, so much to cope with at such a young age. I pray that all will be well next time he goes for his MRI scan; he has done so well up to now, I'm sure its just a blip

Mac Mable said...

Sorry to hear about Elliot...lets hope all goes well next time x Loving the Easter Egg cover idea x

Lesley Thomas said...

So sorry for Elliott and his attacks, it's very hard to overcome anything like that. I have a DGD with a needle phobia. She contracted Rheumatoid Arthritis, and now copes with injecting herself every week. My other DGD has social anxiety disorder, so she finds those kinds of things difficult too.

Teresa Doyle said...

Hi Christine. I love your Easter project. So cute. Who wouldn't want to receive that??? LOL
I hope Elliot doesn't feel too badly about not doing his test. He is NOT alone in his anxiety about an MRI. That is very common and most people react the same way! Good luck to him next time.

CraftyJo said...

I've never had an MRI scan so can't really comment but a friend of mine just did - she listened to music whilst in there but I don't suppose that's an option for Elliot (her scan concentrated on the hip). I'm sure he'll cope next time, he's very brave :)

karenlotty said...

Oh poor Elliot It must feel very scary and however many times we try to explain to them that they'll be fine it doesn't seem to wash especially when it comes from mum It reminds me of a time my son had to have an ultrasound Had already had lots but decided he wasn't going to play ball this particular time Back to the egg - brilliant idea to make it personalised

LyndA said...

I'm sure Elliot will be better able to cope next time. The threat of the cardboard box sounds truly very scary :-)

I'm wondering if you have heard of breath awareness meditation/relaxation?
I'm sure you will have but if not it may be worth a try. At least it would give Elliot something to do whilst in the scanner. You will be able to find details on the net and you can buy a disk to practice at home quite cheaply.
Hope this helps :-)

AnneRD said...

Hi Christine and Elliott. We are all allowed to have an 'off moment' and considering what you have endured this past year Elliott it's quite understandable that you want to postpone the scan. I am sure you will overcome the hiccup and all will be well on the next visit. I had to do a double take when looking at the photograph, you are looking so much like Mitchell.
Love the egg package Christine, must get my skates on as I have a few to decorate and time is passing so quickly. Take care, Anne x

Jacquie said...

Hi Christine, beautiful decorated egg box.

Sorry to hear Elliot decided not to go ahead with the MRI scan, it sounds like a good way to help with the box. It is quite claustrophobic in those machines but Elliot has coped so well in the past I am sure he will again. Good Luck Elliot, you can do it.

Love & Hugs

Jacquie J xxx

Jackie said...

Hi Christine
My heart goes out to Elliott
Coping with anxiety and panic attacks is very debilitating.

Stamping Bubbles said...

Hi Christine
Great Easter gift idea today.
Sorry to hear things didn't go as planned for Elliot yesterday. Those machines are very frightening and claustrophobic but I'm sure he will be able to overcome it as he has before. Never heard of the cardboard box therapy before but if it works who cares.
Elliot looks great in the photo by the way even if he did lose at cards.
Take care

SusanP, Kent said...

Another lovely wrap! They make even the most ordinary choccy treat extra special.
I'm sure Elliott will get through the scan next time. He doesn't look too sad about losing the card game - possibly the thought of a burger coming his way?

Janice Wallace said...

How rotten that Elliot had a panic attack, they are not easy to control. But he has managed with so much before, he'll get there.
Like the wrap for the egg.
Janice W

Carole Z said...

HI Christine, all the best to Elliott for his next scan, I'm sure he will be fine...I love it when you show this box, I made it the first time you showed it and it went down very well! Hugs Carole Z X

Anonymous said...

Poor Elliot lt must be horrible for him x

Craftychris said...

Gorgeous wrap! Sorry Elliott had trouble with his scan, bless him! I am sure he will be fine next time after his box practice! I have to say, I hate MRI scans. Last time I had one I kept my eyes closed the whole time and imagined I was on a huge outdoor stadium stage singing a real loud rock song -with an awesome band - I think I went for a Queen song - in my head I was giving it some! The scan was over in no time! xxx

Elaine said...

Such a wonderful brave young man. It must be very difficult for him, a lovely pic of Elliott he looks so grown up now !!

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