Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Winner on a Wednesday!

Hello friends

I read all your comments yesterday and I feel overwhelmed and blessed 
by the support from everyone.  I placed my head on the pillow last night and 
smiled knowing so many care - thank you.  

When I'm feeling a little low Bella gets lots of walks - I joke
that she used to have long legs!   It is true that exercise is good for you
although you would never find me in a gym - a country park or woodland, I'm your girl!
We went on a little walking adventure yesterday, 
the weather was cooler and it felt wonderful.
 Bella checking that I'm still there!
She slept for hours once home!

Now to some winning news....everyone who has ordered a Recipe/Notebook kit 
will have a received a lucky number inside.  
The time has come for you to check your number!
(Those who have just ordered may need to wait just a day or two for Mr Postman,
they have all been dispatched).
One lucky person will receive these dies - Lace Hearts and Vines of Passion.
Thought it would be nice to go with a love heart theme.
The winning number is .......


If you have lucky number 28 please get in touch.
Drop me an email
and I will send your prize out to you.
I've nearly finished organising this month's add-on kit for the 
Recipe/Notebook - please stop by for news on that soon and details of the 
fantastic giveaway with that kit.

Take care friends - you are the best!


Elizabeth said...

Morning Christine, there is nothing better than spending time in nature to clear your mind. It is so peaceful being in the countryside. Little Bella looks so cute. I bet she was tired when she got back, bless her.
Congratulations to the luck winner.
Take care
Elizabeth x

Valerie said...

Good Morning Christine, What a super prize, well done to the winner. Sadly not me, but I might need/want the Lace Heart dies. Do you stock them? So pleased that our messages make you feel good and smile. Poor Bella her legs will get smaller with too many long walks. Love Valerie

Chris said...

Hi Christine,
Hope you are feeling better in yourself today, looks like you and Bella really enjoyed your walk yesterday. It's surprising the stamina small dogs have. Well done to the winner of the dies.
Love Chris X

Mrs B said...

Hi Christine. Glad that you took comfort from the comments yesterday. I tried the gym once,(under strong protest I might add) never again....loud music, stuffy atmosphere, crowded....need I go on!!! Getting out into the peace and quiet of the country for a walk is the best excercise, both mentally and physically isn't it, and Bella gets to enjoy it too! Even city dwellers have parks to walk in...and it's free. No contest. Congrats to the winner. Looking forward to this months recipe addition. Take care

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine. Glad today you're feeling happier in yourself.
I walk miles with my little dog and it does help to ease stress.
Congrats to number 28.

Love Val x

Lacelady said...

I hope you don't feel low today Christine. Congrats to the winner with no. 28 ticket, those dies are beautiful.

hazel young said...

Morning Christine glad you slept well and enjoyed your walk. I love walks too. xx hazel

baconbits said...

Morning Christine
Glad you had a great walk, clears the mind and lets you think more clearly - also aids a good nights sleep.
Amanda x

Ann said...

Morning Christine

So pleased to read our comments helped wish we all lived nearer to you to give you warm hugs instead of cyber ones.
Your walk looks lovely and little Bella enjoys them no wonder she slept for hours Bless her.
Congratulations to the lucky winner those dies look gorgeous.

Take good care Luv and hugs Annxxx X

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Looks like Bella enjoyed her walk. So pleased that you are able to take comfort and strength from our your blog friends words.

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Looks like Bella enjoyed her walk. So pleased that you are able to take comfort and strength from our your blog friends words.

Wendy L said...

Well done 28. Your walk area looks so beuatiful and peaceful, just perfect. I used to do the same, xxx

nattyboots said...

Hi Christine

So pleased you got some comfort from your crafty friends yesterday ,we are all here for you .

Your country walk looks nice so quiet and tranquil ,thats how we want to be sometimes just to reflect on things .

Well done to Number 28 such a great prize

Take Care
Elaine H X

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine,
Bella really looks like she enjoys her walks,it does you good too.
Congratulations No 28 such a great prize.
I hope you have a good day, Take care, x.

Rita said...

Congratulations to Number 28. You lucky thing. Walking can be so good for the soul Christine and gives you time to get your thoughts to-gether. Have a good Day. Hugs Rita xxx

Pat S Witney said...

Hi Christine

Love walking it really blows away the cobwebs. Bella looks like she's enjoying the walk.

Janice said...

Morning Christine, I am glad to hear that you are feeling better than yesterday. I was quite concerned for you as normally you are so up beat and optimistic. Glad that Bella is enjoying her extra walks. Rolo would go every time without fail, he loves going out. Haven't let him outside as yet today as there is a fox sleeping in the garden -behind the bushes. Don't know if it is ill or just brave. Will have to call RSPCA if he doesn't go soon. Keep positive. Janice xx

Rose in Chester said...

Hi Christine,
You can't beat nature for healing powers! A gym is just so sad (even though I go for my half-hour circuits 3x/week), I would much rather go for a walk instead but in the countryside. You are so lucky to have a LION guarding your person (I'm sure Bella would be)
Congrats to the winner.
Best wishes, Rose

Cornish Emma said...

Morning Christine, I do think pets are very therapeutic, and walks with a dog more so as you get out and away for a little while, and im sure Bella doesn't mind extra time with you. Sending a massive big hug! Emma

Maddie, Nottingham said...

Good morning Christine, Bella is such a lovely friend for you and the family, I'm sure she helps with your thoughts. Good Luck to the winner of the prize it looks so lovely. Must put them on my list for the future. Have a lovely day.

Maggie Phillips said...

Hi Christine,so pleased to hear that you and Bella enjoyed your long walk yesterday~there's nothing better for the soul than time spent in the peace and quiet of the countryside.Lots more walks are in order, I think!Congratulations to the owner of ticket 28, what a super prize.
Take care Christine,I'm sending love and positive vibes to you all.Maggie xxx

Laura O said...

nice spot for a walk ,enjoy.congrats
to the lucky winner.Laura O

Jean Z said...

Hi Christine, so pleased all the messages helped you, and it's always good to walk in the country makes you feel good. all my love Jean Z xxxx

Janice said...

Hi Christine
Congratulations to the winning ticket holder.....what a fabulous prize! I think we're all envious.
So pleased you had a good walk with Bella, the countryside looks wonderful and I agree, much better than a gym membership! Hoping you feel a little better today.
Take care.
Janice x

Carole Z said...

Hi Christine and congrats to the lucky winner! I am so pleased all the messages yesterday were some comfort and that you and Bella had a lovely walk. I don't drive, so I walk a lot, including to work and it's true how much you can clear your head that way, hugs, Carole Z X

loftylass said...

Hi Christine - I too love walking in the countryside (although my walks are shorter now and like Bella I need a little rest afterwards!). I'm sure you both had fun.
Congrats to the winner.
Take care.
Heather W

Planetsusie said...

Well done to ticket holder no 28!!! Thank you so much for the little pics of Bella - she is sooo sweet, I love the way they turn round every so often to see you are still with them. My cats used to do that on their way to their food bowls! lol. Must admit that was a super prize!!

Big hugs to you all.

Sue Pxxx

confusedabc said...

Hi Christine,
I don't leave coments very often ( simply because I am only just getting used to sending them) but I must send thi sone.
You are a brilliant mom, with two really caring lads, and although luck hasn't been very kind to any of you lately, I am sure you have enough strength for yourself and your two lovely boys.
It isn't easy when awful things come to try us, but I know that that everything will be just fine. Keep thinking positive Christine and just being the mom you are and I am sure that all of you will be rewarded.
Take care, all of you and I send my very best wishes to, Mitchell, Elliot and of course your lovely self.

Elaine said...

Congrats to number 28 what lovely dies. Looks like a wonderful place to walk with bella xx

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