Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Cherish Your Friends Day!

Hello friends
Today I'm sharing a card that you may have seen previously but I felt 
it was rather fitting for today's post.
I wanted to say a few (or not so few!) words about the last six months.

Illness invaded my little family like a bulldozer, it dug deep and turned all our lives upside down.
You never imagine it could happen, how you will react or feel.  
I'm surprised and amazed by all our reactions.  
Elliott is so brave, for a child that used to panic and fret over small things, 
he is dealing with his illness with maturity, strength and outstanding courage.
Mitchell has taken on the role of 'man of the house' and is becoming very practical.  
Myself - I have to be busy. I have thrown myself into projects and fundraising.
I lock out negativity, I say our home is a "tumour free zone"!

I would be lying if I said it were that easy - any parent will understand.
Your child is precious, you want to take away the pain, 
you would trade places with them in a heartbeat.
There are days that I cry and I panic that I will never stop - I tell myself to 
keep breathing and that I have to be strong.
How do I do this? 
I look to my friends, I write a blog post and all you wonderful people leave comments.
I receive messages through Facebook, emails and more.  People I have never
met take time out of their lives to make contact and I think that is incredible.

My fellow Design Team members who live zillions of miles away keep in 
touch - time zones and distance never factors in their kindness and concern.

Close to home I am thankful to those friends who I grab a coffee with, meet for lunch,
those that send messages just to see how things are going.
But a word about friends...sadly it takes something like this to prove who your friends
really are - a long friendship does not always equal a loyal friendship.
I never knew that until now, a revelation that shook me to my core.

Today I want to shout to you all - appreciate your friends! 
I've decided to make it "Cherish Your Friends Day".
I certainly cherish you all - without you my tears would never stop.
I am beyond grateful.


Chris Gualazzi said...

Christine, I am thinking of you and your family. Stay strong! Sending lots of love and hugs to you!! You are so right about friends and knowing who the real ones are.

Maggie Phillips said...

Hi Christine,Sending special thoughts and big hugs to you all.My wise old Nan used to say that 'it's only when things get really bad that you discover who your true friends are', and I've always felt that this is the case.You're post today has touched my heart~stay positive.
Much love and (((BIG HUGS))) to you all. Maggie xxx

mim said...

Hi Christine,

I Can't begin to imagine what you are going through. I have four boys and they are so precious to me.

I wish I could wave a magic wand for you.

Love Margaret x

k said...

Morning Christine
This is the first time Ihave sent a Message. My thoughts are with you all very best wishes to you all Kitty

Lacelady said...

Awe, Christine, I was so sorry to read that some of your 'friends' have let you down. No one needs that kind of 'friend'.

Keep your chin up, you have done so well this year, and I'm praying that everything will come good in the end. (((((hugs))))))))) to all your family!

Cinders61 said...

My friends were a rock in my time of need not so long ago. I understand and agree wholeheartedly with your post. You and your family have great inner strength though. Never forget that. Much love to you all. Gillian xx

Valerie said...

Hi Christine, your words are so true. But illness is a hard thing to talk about, especially if the big C may involved, a tumour to a lot of people is just that. Some people just do not know how to relate to it. Try not to give up on them, they may surprise you. If not, the rest of your new friends are here. I hope that if I had had your past year I would face it as you have done, straight in the eye with such a positive attitude. But as you say until you are put in that position who knows how we will react. Love and prayers Valerie

Little crafter said...

What a heartfelt blog Christine I admire you and your family you have been dealt such bad hands but as a family you have pulled together stayed strong and making the most of such bad times ! I wish you and your boys all the very best and stay strong xx Maria xx

baconbits said...

Morning Team Emberson

When times are tough you find out who you can rely on and sometimes you all find some superb inner strength this seems to be the case here.
A very touching post today that really makes one think.
Sending huge hugs to you all.
Amanda x

Carolyn Bell said...

Dear Christine, you and your family are rarely out of my thoughts and prayers. What you say about knowing who your friends are is absolutely true. Your strength will carry you all through this, much love Carolyn x

Wendy L said...

That is a truly heartfelt post Christine. Anyone that has been through this sh***y illness knows how you feel. People used to ask me how I coped but you do, you have to, you have bad times but we do in ordinary life too.
Onward and upward. Hugs


Jackie said...

Morning Christine
You and your family are never far from my thoughts. Stay strong.
Love Jackie

Jackie said...

Morning Christine
You and your family are never far from my thoughts. Stay strong.
Love Jackie

Chris said...

Christine, you are a very special lady with a very special family. Our true friends' love and support is unconditional and it shows through in so many different ways. You sure do find out peoples true colours when you are in need. Elliott is amazing the way he is dealing with his illness and Mitchell for staying strong for you too.
Lots of love to all of your family.
Chris X

Maid of Kent said...

So sorry your friends were lacking in support when you needed them most. You have shown great dignity with a touch of humour. Love and prayers to you and yours. Ann

Sue Yorkshire said...

Dear Christine just to say that you are in my thoughts

True friends are a great treasure when we need them and I know that I cherish my friends as like you at my lowest point think I would have started to cry and never stop

Just hoping that sunshine is on the horizon for you and Elliott

Big hugs

Sue xxx

Maid of Kent said...

So sorry your friends were lacking in support when you needed them most. You have shown great dignity with a touch of humour. Love and prayers to you and yours. Ann

Ann said...

Hi Christine

The sentiments "Friends are the ones who pick us up when our wings have forgotten how to fly" and "Friends are the ones who come in when the world has gone out of the door" come to mind.
Your heartfelt words today have really touched me.
You and your lovely boys have had a very hard time Elliott has been such a brave Lad and Mitchell has been so supportive through all this.
You all have worked so hard for the Charity to try and help others in such circumstances Christine I really do admire you Bless you all and we your "Blog Friends" will always be here for you and appreciate all your hard work.
You are all in my thoughts and prayers take good care.

Luv and BIG Hugs to you all
Annxxx Xfor little Bella

Jennie -The Artistic Stamper said...

Christine, you are often in my thoughts and I cannot even begin to imagine how hard it is for you. You always have a smile on your face when I see you :) "Friends" often walk the other side of the road when they see you coming.. and I know how true that is, especially when you need them most. But new friendships are forged through trauma and troubles, and those are the ones that will see you through. Big hugs to you and your boys

Lynda said...

The saying 'don't judge a person until you've walked a mile in their shoes' springs to mind'

hazel young said...

Such beautiful word Christine, that come straight from the heart. I know what you mean about friends from personal experience. Massive hugs and admiration for you and your family stay strong and you will come out the other side. xx hazel

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Christine, I read your heartfelt words this morning, and had to walk away before I could comment, I was so upset. Your words hit right to my heart. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, and I hope you get some comfort from all our thoughts.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

marg said...

Good Morning Christine!
What a wonderful message today!
Tearful but true!
Mitchell is a good lad for taking over when he must be crying inside too!
Life is not kind to everyone, I wish it would leave you alone for a while though.
Take care all of you
Love Marg

Astrid Maclean said...

This is such a moving post Christine and you are so right!! I am sorry that you seem to have been let down by someone close to you, but am glad that so many others make up for it. Your positivity has certainly been an inspiration to me and I often think of you, even if I don't always manage to comment here.
Your card is beautiful like always!

Anonymous said...

Thinking and praying for you all. You are an inspiration in so many ways - happy, positive, creative are the words that spring to mind. Keep well. Good wishes

Phil D

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Your words have me feeling very emotional this morning. I can't begin to imagine what the last few months have been like for you and the boys, and yes, it's very true that that you only find out who your true friends are when you really need them.
Elliot is never far from my thoughts, he is an amazing young man, his attitude must help you to keep strong.
My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Pat S Witney said...

Hi Christine

Such a moving blog today. It's true that friends sometimes let you down in times of need. You need strong friends around you in times of great need. At least your family have kept strong. Elliot and Mitchell have had a great teacher in yourself in how to keep strong. Hopefully things will get better. Thankfully Elliot keeping strong always helps. Love and hugs to you all. At least we don't have to travel very far for Cancer treatment unlike yourself. We have a great unit at the Churchill Hospital in Oxford.

Lovely Linda said...

Awww Christine - how amazing you are and such an inspiration! I was honoured to meet you at the SB Retreat and wondered at the time how hard it was for you to leave your boys knowing all involved. You are living every parents nightmare, but doing it with such strength and peace. I am so sorry you have been let down by dear friends - sadly this happens at the hardest of times - it is said that some friends are for a lifetime, some are for seasons and others for a reason - it is not always easy for the heart to discern at the time. You are surrounded by people who love you dearly, whether in real life or through the internet! God bless you Christine - you and your boys are in my prayers! Thank you for being so real my friend! Sending HUGE {{{hugs}}}

val jones said...

Thank you Christine. Very tearful but oh so true.

Love Val x

Yvonne said...

Christine....just wanted to say that I think of you and your family a lot.
You must be so proud of both your brave sons.
If you need me, I do hope you let me know....although a sea in between....i'm only a couple of hrs away!
Big big hug to you....

Beryl Frost said...

Hi Christine your words are so true. We tend to take our friends for granted. I'm glad you take strength from our comments. You are never alone if you have a friend. Take care Beryl xx

Mrs B said...

Hi Christine. Tissues were needed to read your blog but Thank You for your beautiful and very emotional words today. So sorry to hear that some "friends" have let you down, remember it is their loss, you have many, many more true friends, both personal and online. We may never meet but you and your wonderful sons are never far from my thoughts. My very best wishes to you all. Be proud of all that you all have coped with so far this year. Stay strong and positive. Lovely card by the way. Take care.

Cornish Emma said...

Just put the tissues away! I think of you, Elliott and Mitchell every day and if I could do more I would. Those of us who have been thru dreadful illnesses either ourselves or members of our families do know how difficult and impossible it seems at times. And how important family and friends become. True friends stick by you no matter how hard life gets, that is the joy of true friendship. I know that you will find the inner strength to get thru this but it is also good to cry and talk about it. Sending a massive love powered hug just for you. Emma

nattyboots said...

Aww pet you are so so lovely

I have sat for over half an hour thinking of what i can say knowing that at the end of the day there is nothing that can ease the pain you feel at this time , you are a caring dedicated loving Mum with a wonderful family who support you ,Elliott is a strong brave young Man who is coping , and Mitchell is staying strong for you .
You are all in my thoughts and prayers ,stay strong and have a good cry when you want to ,sending you all big huge Hugs
God bless you all

Elaine H X

loftylass said...

Oh Christine you tug at my heartstrings.... You and your family are so brave. Stay strong. We are all thinking of you...
Love and hugs to all.
Heather W

Ella's Design said...

Wow! Such a touching post, Christine! I cannot even begin to imagine what you have been through this last 6 months, but as a family, you have managed to stay positive and gain strength from each other! You are all truly inspirational - Elliott's bravery is amazing, Mitchell's maturity and willigness to help in any way is so commendable and your ability to run a home, business, blog, charity events and more, whilst all this is going on is utterly mind blowing! I wish you all the very best for the future and hope that there is sunshine on the horizon! Sending hugs to you all, Lisa x

Jean Z said...

Hi Christine, I am sending you all my love and hope things turn out well, you have to keep positive for your boys, life can be very hard and it's better to keep busy. When my Husband was ill no one came to see him I coped mostly alone for five years, he sadly passed away in January so I started looking at blogs and making cards which I love and now every morning I look forward to reading your blog and back to my card making All my love, thoughts and prayer are with you love Jean Z xx

Janice said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Laura O said...

thanks Christine for such lovely comments this morning,Wishing you and your family all the best and lots of hugs.You are a strong family and hopefully will stay that way,good luck.Laura O

LyndA said...

Never doubt that you are doing brilliantly despite being let down by those you thought you could look to. We can see from here how well you are doing.
It is a very hard road. Stay strong and focussed but cry and scream when you need to. Hold onto your sense of humour too. There is still happiness in silly little things. :)
Sending love and hugs xx

Janice said...

Morning Christne
Your post today is very moving and has brought me to tears. I also know what you mean about friends, as I have discovered the same since my husband was diagnosed with cancer. It's come as a shock to me too, to find who my true friends really are, although I too have made new friendships along the way.
You are an amazingly, strong family who seem to be dealing with Elliot's situation so very bravely. I can't imagine how you all really feel, but rest assured, we are all with you along your journey.
Thank you for making today a special day for friends, it means a lot.
Sending you a big hug and lots of love
Janice x

Carol J said...

Hugs and much love,
Carol xxx

Elizabeth said...

Hi Christine, I think a lot of tissues will be used reading your post today...I know I did and reading the previous posts most other people did to.
What beautiful words you have written Christine...everything you said is so true. Where would we be without our true friends...
You are an amazing lady with an amazing family and you are surrounded with love and friendship from us all.
Hugs, Elizabeth x

Maggie said...

Hello Christine. That was a brave blog to post. It is true that without friends the emotions can take over and bring you down, but with friends and someone to share the pain it gets just that little bit easier. If we can help with that then ten minutes out of my day to drop you a line is worth it. With all these good thoughts and prayers surrounding your family how could you be anything but strong so keep it going and remember we may not be near but we are definitely here! xxMargaretxx

Mac Mable said...

Yes it's true we've never met but I look forward to popping by your daily blog for inspiration..not only on the craft front x You and your little family and Bella touched me because of your strength and positivity. Great to hear that you so appreciate all your fiends but just remember you are giving loads back in your inspiration and courage. I don't usually write in this manner on blogs but felt the need to today after reading your beautiful message x Keep positive x Beverley x

Cazann49 said...

Hi Christine, I cried buckets when I read your post today, because every word about friends is so true. Even though we have never met in person, and I don't comment every day because of my own illness (but I always look at your posts), I just want to say that i'm sure your sons are really really proud of you the way you have looked after them, and they seem such wonderful boys. Elliot is so brave, sometimes I see his pic on here and can see the pain he must be in, yet he is always smiling, and also Mitchell, how he has risen to the occasion and helps you in whatever way he can. You are all blessed within your family, because each one makes a positive contribution to it. Lots of Love and massive (((((HUGS))))) sent to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Janice said...

Christine- what a heartfelt and moving blog. I am proud and pleased to be able to be a part of all your families lives. The honesty and bravery that you have all shown makes me feel humble and grateful that my life has not had to endure the things that you all have had to. You are a strong, united family. I am glad we help by adding comments to your blog. If there is anything I can do please let me. xx Janice xx

Tina McDonald said...

Oh Chrissy!! I feel so blessed to have you in my life! I admire your strength and positive attitude. I also appreciate your honesty thru all of this. I can't even imagine how difficult this all must be! I am so glad that you have fabulous friends close to have tea and give real hugs when you need them! Cyber hugs are great, but they are just not quite the same! ((HUGS)) my friend!! (Said in by best British accent,,, which as you know, is NOT very good! ;)

Rose in Chester said...

Well Christine, you had me in tears reading your blog. You and the boys (and I dare say your mum and dad) are absolutely amazing. I like to think that God doesn't give us a load that is too heavy for us to carry but sometimes he sure tries us!
I am glad that collectively all us cyber friends give you all comfort and strength, but you are right - the biggest comfort is to get a REAL hug from a friend or someone in the family.
You, Elliott and Mitchell are in my prayers and will continue to be.
Lots of loving hugs (even if virtual)

inkypinkycraft said...

Thisis an incredibly moving post and I admire your courage, strength and you should be so very proud xx

jackie sanders said...

Hi Chistine - I feel I have come to know you and your family over the past six months. You are all never far from my thoughts at this difficult time. You must be so proud of both your boys. Elliot for his bravery and Mitchell for being such a tower of strength to you. Take care Christine and I hope you are managing to have some time for yourself. xx
Love from Jackie Sanders

CardsofJoy said...

Christine, so moving, may you find the strength you need to continue on this journey. I would be round like a shot to give you a hug if it weren't so far from Lancashire to Kent!!
I pray that your blog today will have helped you somewhat, so honest, real, full of love for your boys and baring your heart.
We feel it in some small way.
Be blessed, special lady, you are inspiring in your craft but more inspiring in your strength of character.
My prayer is that you will all come out of this stronger and not diminished in any way.
With love and prayers, Joy xxx

Littlelamb said...

Hi Christine. Just to tell you that you are all in my thoughts and prayers everyday.

Janice Wallace said...

Christine, I have been reading your blog for some time, and been touched by the difficulties your family is facing. I, lie many, have also seen the differences in friends when you need them, often the most help comes from somewhere you least expect. You, and your family, inspire and touch so many.
Love and hugs,
Janice W

Carole Z said...

Hi Christine, you know I've followed your blog for a long time and I have found it so hard to imagine what you must be going through all year and to read that you have been let down by people or a person you thought would be supportive, made me so sad. I wish I could just pop round and give you a big hug, you lovely person. Thinking of you all, CaroleZ X

Teresa said...

Always praying for all of you each and everyday until this is better... You know I am always here for you :)
Hugs, and hugs and hugs and more hugs... for days!

Vickie said...

Dear Christine: You and your family are an inspiration to us all. God is with you.

LoraineC said...

I am lost for words, and your words have brought tears to my eyes! There will be a light at the end of the tunnel even if you can't see it yet and like many others I don't know you and your family but I think of you all every day and my prayers are with you all. Stay strong!! X

Gloria Stengel said...

Continuing to lift you all in prayer.

Maddie, Nottingham said...

Hello Christine, I have just read your wonderful words. I know exactly how you feel but somehow you seem to be able to put it into words much better than I ever could when I had to face illness with one of my children many years ago. You are such a lovely Mum and you have two lovely children (young men!). You must stay strong but we are all here for you and you only have to say to us that you are having a bad day or feel sad. We will understand and there isn't a day goes by where I don't wake up and think of you all and many others who have illness and sadness in their lives. You accept it a little more when people are elderly but when it affects your babies it is something quite different. Love to you all.

Rita said...

Christine, you are one brave lady. You have opened up your heart and that will see you through a host of things. None of us know what the future holds. I think of you and your lovely family often. Hugs Rita xxx

button said...

Hi there, read your blog every day and just want to say thinking of you and your lovely boys. x

AJ said...

I can't even imagine the frustrations of not being able to ease his pain Christine- You are amazing!

Craftychris said...

I wish we could do more for you! Your whole family is so brave and inspiring and its a pleasure to know you all! I always send positive vibes your way and your card is wonderful too! Take care and keep strong! xx

Anonymous said...

Take all the comments as giant hugs to all of you to keep you safe. Wendy

Claire H said...

My eyes are full of tears because your words are so true, long does not equal loyal. Have faith in the knowledge that we are all thinking of you and the boys, and you are always in our thoughts. Your updates are read everyday, and your blog is on my favourites list so I always know when you update! Have faith in yourself Christine, you are a fantastic Mum, have had to deal with much more than a lot of us could ever dream about, and yet you still manage to get out of bed every morning and carry on! Remember that you will never be given more than you are able to deal with!!

Always thinking of you, and sending lots of love and light
Claire xx

Christine Harrop said...

You know Christine there are so many people with you in thought that it must be very crowded down there!! Your blog today was very moving, as others have said. You have raised two wonderful young men and and my thoughts and prayers are with you all!! Christine xx

Anonymous said...

I would echo many of the comments above and hope that our collective hugs help to at least ease some of what you are all going through. JuliaTx

Tilly Talksalot said...

What a beautiful post Christine. Sometimes losing friends makes way for new ones who will enrich your life and add to those who really care for you. Sending hugs and positive thoughts to you and the boys. Janette x

Anonymous said...

You are an amazing lady Christine, you have dealt with everything so well and your family are most important but friends are needed too, you can tell them things you cant tell family so I hope you have some good ones still,I know the empty feeling when they turn away!
Pam S

Vanessa said...

Thinking of you all, you are all being so brave and you are an inspiration.

SusanP, Kent said...

I was deeply moved by your words and saddened to think that any long-standing friend has compounded your distress.
No-one can know how they would cope with a serious illness in their family. In truth, this is not an event that most of us even consider until it 'bulldozes' into our lives. Your 'little' family has incredible courage and I stand in awe.
With much love,

AnneRD said...

Christine, your message today is so thought provoking. Am thinking of you and the boys, just wish I didn't live so far away so that I could give you a real hug. Anne x

Carolyn H said...

Hallo Dear Christine, Special thoughts and wishes to you and your family, especially your brave young Son. May you continue to draw strength from the many friends and the special family you have whilst going through these tough times. Carolyn H. x

Anonymous said...

Dear Christine
You are an amazing person and so are your precious boys Elliott and Mitchell. It takes great courage to do what you all are doing and living your lives as normally as you can. You all are in our thoughts and prayers.
Caroline MacH

Candida said...

Oh, Christine... I sneaked out from work for a bit and read your post with a tender-loving-care heart. Don't you forget that things run both ways... your amazing courageous family also inspire me to be a better person each and every day. I wish you all never-ending love. :)

Lynn Hardy said...

Aaaw - I just read your post and want to send you a huge hug! I know that we all wish that we could make it better for you all, but all we can do is send you our love and pray that Elliot will get better in time. Thinking of you x

SUE said...

Hi Christine,

What an emotional rollercoaster you are on right now, your post left me in tears, I know what you mean about friends and their loyalty, just when you need them they are no-where to be seen, you are the most wonderful loving mother I know, your son's are a credit to you, Elliott is going through the most awful time but stays smiling and positive, after meeting him and chatting to him, he really touched my heart, I want to reach out and hug you all, you are always in my thoughts, I know it is difficult for you and you need an outlet, you do amazing work, we are all here for you and your beautiful family, stay strong,

Love and hugs Sue xx

Sarah said...

Hi Christine

Just read this blog post from yesterday. Your words are so, so true and have brought tears to my eyes. You are such a caring lady and are doing amazingly well with all of this pressure and I just know that you and the boys will pull through this hardship.

Thinking of you.

Best Wishes

Sarah x

Sarah said...

Hi Christine

Just read this blog post from yesterday. Your words are so, so true and have brought tears to my eyes. You are such a caring lady and are doing amazingly well with all of this pressure and I just know that you and the boys will pull through this hardship.

Thinking of you.

Best Wishes

Sarah x

Carol said...

Hi Christine, How brave of you to write about this "bulldozer" that has entered your family life. I am pleased you have found that keeping busy is your way through it all. You are showing your boys that life is what we make of it and it is not all plain sailing, giving up is not the answer, a true reminder to us all. Friends should always be there for you but sometimes some people never truly were, they were just passing through! Good wishes to you and your family and I look forward to more posts with your positive energy coming through, but if you fancy bleating off with some negativity that's ok too!

Hazel said...

Christine, I have just read your post and how true your words are about friends that You thought would be there for you at this time are not. I found this out like you the hard way, friends that I travelled hundreds of miles to be with them when they needed me let me down last year when I needed them. From it all like you I gained friends from blog land who sent me prayers, well wishes and hugs.
All I can say Christine is to stay strong and think positive, my son like yours was very ill at the age of 17 his kidneys started to fail, he will be 40 soon has had two transplants leads an active life and is married with two beautiful little girls, something 23 years ago we never thought might happen. Chin up and look ahead.
Keep busy it helps the mind.

Hazel ((((( hugs)))))

Elaine said...

My heart goes out to you all. Sending a big hug to you xxx

darcydaydream said...

Your words really touched my heart today and are so true. True friends are precious and family even more so. Stay strong. send love and best wishes....xx
Christine in Darcy

LisaK said...

I'm very late catching up with your blog posts but just wanted to say that this one brought a tear to my eye. I admire you Christine for the way you have dealt with what's happened to your family. I'm not so sure I could be as strong. Elliott is a little star. Big hugs to you all xxx

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