Friday, 27 September 2013

It's a Bird!

Hello friends

Yes it is the coffee/tea cup - we haven't seen that for a while! 
A round up of news today so pop the kettle on.

Firstly, special thanks to Hazel who has voted for me in the 2013 Craft Awards
I blushed when I read that! 
In case you are not familiar with the Craft Awards, it is a chance for you
to vote for your favourites.  You can select your favourite products, blogs and more.
It is in the form of a really easy survey, some names are stipulated or you can 
tick the 'other' box and type in your choice. 
Spellbinders®  is mentioned so if you feel inclined to tick that box.... :)
All the details are here.

On one of our many hospital visits this week we were at King's College Hospital so we 
called into the Ronald McDonald House in Camberwell.
Some time back I mentioned about Elliott progressing to a bird on the tree of life
and this was our first opportunity to visit, drop in a cheque and select a bird.
Here's the boy himself with his carved bird.
A close up.
And a smiley face although very tired eyes, he's not getting much sleep bless him!
We are now on our way to having Elliott's name on the tree trunk!
Tons of thanks to you all who have donated and purchased kits -
the kits are ongoing and there will always be spares available.
I will just mention there has been a slight 'teapot delay'!
I had to order some extra teapot charms and they did not send enough but 
they are rushing them through especially fast now.  
So, if you are awaiting a September Add-On Kit I promise it will be on 
its way to you within a day or two.

Now how about Christmas...yes when the sun is shining I'm still thinking of Christmas!
This is one of the cards featured in 'Make Christmas Cards' magazine.
It is rather geometrical and a little different to my usual style but so simple to produce.
The white background is created with Graduated Dots, Classic Heart and 
Create A Flake dies.  The rest is achieved with the papers that come
from the magazine and just a little bit of green dotted ribbon.

Today we are heading off to The Royal Marsden to see if Elliott's 
relaxation techniques will help, fingers crossed.  I'm thinking we will 
be stopping at McDonalds again!  I've progressed to eating their salads - not bad!

Take care friends - have a wonderful weekend.


Domino said...

Morning, good luck with the relaxation techniques. I hope it's Autogenics because it is an amazing technique. If it isn't, I would recommend trying to find out if you can get a course, I had mine through my Doctor and it's brilliant.

All the best

Domino said...

Morning, good luck with the relaxation techniques. I hope it's Autogenics because it is an amazing technique. If it isn't, I would recommend trying to find out if you can get a course, I had mine through my Doctor and it's brilliant.

All the best

Domino said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Christine, it's lovely to see Elliott's smiling face again (even though he does look tired!). He will soon have his name on the tree trunk, I'm sure. Hope all goes well at the hospital today and the relaxation techniques well for you both.
Love your card as always,it is beautiful and will be used for inspiration when I start my Christmas cards!
Take care,lots of positive vibes and BIG HUGS are coming your way,Maggie xxx

Wilma Brown said...

Hi Christine, so happy that Elliott has attained the bird stage and now hoping for the tree trunk which I am sure will not take long to reach. Good luck today and hope he is able to wear the mask and start his treatment. The card is so sweet and looks easy to do.

Wilma x x x

baconbits said...

Morning Christine,
Fingers crossed that the relaxation works. Great to see Elliot and the tree, my first a leaf, then a bird and next a trunk soon with all Embersonetteds behind you. He looks tired but its great to see him smiling.
Loving todays card.
Amanda x

hazel young said...

Morning Christine, you are very well deserving of the craft awards lets hope you will and then you will be blushing :). Lovely card today I love the colours. Hope you get on well at the hospital today. Well done on getting a bird on the tree, how much do you need to raise to get on the trunk?.Take care and enjoy mcdonalds xx hazel

Chris said...

A lovely post today Christine, and how fantastic to see Elliott smiling through all his troubles.
Love to you all.
Chris X

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine,
I hope everything goes well today and they can carry on with Elliott's treatment soon.
Elliott does look tired,but they are super photos,well done to get the bird.
Love your card,different and nice.
Take care. x.

Carole Z said...

Hi Christine...super encouraging post today and a lovely card! Guess what? A friend of the cousin here in USA that I gave my made recipe book to, also fundraises for a Ronald MacDonald House in San Diego! Hugs Carole Z xx

Mary by the Sea said...

Good morning Christine, so glad to see Elliotts smiling face even if he is looking a bit tired.

Good luck at the hospital today.

Looks like another sunny day so a walk along the sea wall beckons. Christmas card making takes a back seat again...

Take care, Mary, xx

Janice said...

Morning Christine
A lovely post today and it's so good to see Elliot's smiling face and his bird on the tree trunk already!
I didn't know about the Craft Awards, so will pop over there now 😉
Hope today's hospital visit is a successful one, will be thinking of you.
Janice x

AnneRD said...

Well done Elliott, like Hazel would like to know how much is needed to get your name on the tree trunk.
I don't know about Craft Awards Christine, I just think you need an award for being such a 'Supermum', don't know how you manage to juggle so many things into you daily schedule. Best wishes and big hug. Anne x

Mrs B said...

Hi Christine. Lovely to see Elliot with the bird! He does look tired doesn't he , but still with that great smile. Good luck today Elliot, and Mum. Will be thinking of you all. Great card by the way, different but lovely. Take care.

Jane Willis said...

Elliott is so brave to be able to keep smiling - he must be feeling very proud of that bird.

Good luck in the Craft Awards


Lacelady said...

Lovely to see Elliott with his beautiful smile, even if he is short of sleep (I can emphasize with that problem). Congrats Elliott on getting your little bird on the tree!

Love the card Christine, now I'm wondering why people have dominoes next to their posts?

Lacelady said...

Oops, I just realised it was because the first three posts are from the same person!

Craftin Suzie (Susan Flynn) said...

Congratulations on the bird! Elliott looks very proud through the sleepy eyes! Hope things go well today - remember to breathe!! Fab card very modern! Susan x

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Christine, Brilliant piccies of the 'bird' and Elliott, although he does look really tired, bless him. 'Tree trunk' here we come !!
Hope everything goes well today, thoughts and prayers are with you all.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Good to Elliot can still smile, lets hope the relaxation sessions has helped. Please he's got his bird on the tree.
Love the card.

Mac Mable said...

Thanks for updating us and good luck today. Great about achieving the bird for the tree Elliot x Also would like to know what the amount you need for the tree trunk xx

Janice Wallace said...

Good picture with Elliot and his bird. Well done with raising all that money, and good luck today.
Like the card too, very fresh look.
Janice W

Anonymous said...

Good wishes today and always. Keep that lovely smile on Elliott - its magic. Will check out the awards shortly. Your card is so nice Christine. Christmas seems a good way off but as always comes by soon. Great Mum, cardmaker/craftsperson Christine
Phil D

Maddie, Nottingham said...

Hi Christine, hope everything goes well today for Elliott. Glad he has got his bird and lovely to see him smiling for a photo. Poor thing wish I could order him some sleep from your Amazon shop! Hope you all have a good weekend.

nattyboots said...

Hi Christine

Such lovely photo"s of Elliott he looks so proud and rightly so { but the poor lad does look so so tired }

I hope all goes well today with the relaxation my fingers are crossed .

A lovely card Christine so fresh looking

Take care
Elaine H X

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine. A lovely card today for us. So clean.
Elliott looks really happy holding his bird but he does look so tired. Hope everything goes well today.

I can't seem to be able to vote on the awards. I think I have to have an British address.

LOve Val x

Jean Z said...

Hi Christine, hope Elliott can now cope with the mask fingers crossed, love the card so clean looking all my love Jean Z xxx

Maggie said...

Good morning. Gosh what an achievement Elliott, soon be on that tree trunk. We're all rooting for you and praying as hard as I can for a successful day today. Lovely card as it's cheery and bright. Of course we're voting for you Christine. How could we not?? xxMargaretxx

Janice said...

Oops....just re-read my post, it should say it's good to see Elliot's name on the tree and on his way up to the tree trunk!!
Love your card too, very modern.
Janice x

Elizabeth said...

Hi Christine, thanks for your post today and all the info. Will vote for you in the craft awards that's for sure. What lovely pictures of Elliott too.
Hope the visit goes well today and you enjoy your "salad". Guess Elliott does not partake in the that...hehehe.
Elizabeth x

Sandra said...

Good afternoon Christine, I have everything crossed for a positive outcome from today's hospital visit! What a huge achievement for Elliott, he looks quite proud! Your card is as always brilliant. I haven't got round to the Christmas cards yet!! Will be thinking of you both today, love, Sandra x

loftylass said...

Hi Christine - I think you deserve to be nominated.... good luck.....
Lovely to see Elliott's smiling face and I hope all goes well today. Take care.

Rose in Chester said...

Hi Christine,
I hope you win it, you've certainly deserved it. More importantly, that all goes well with Elliott today. I don't know how he can still smile. He is really remarkable.
Your card is lovely and different, makes a change from the traditional cards.
Best wishes, Rose

Janice said...

Hope all goes well with treatment today. Congratulations to Elliott for getting to the bird stage. Love the card - which is unusual for you - no butterflies. Have a good weekend. Janice x

confusedabc said...

Hi Christine,
I am so glad that Elliott is still smiling, I think he is amazing;mindyou he has an amazing family to support him.Here is wishing him all the best wishes in the world and I do hope that his treatment goes well for him next time. Keep thinking positive Elliott, sending you lots of hugs.
Best wishes

Laura O said...

well done on getting the bird .like the card too, simple but lovely.Laura O

LoraineC said...

Hoping all goes well today Elliot and the relaxation has helped!! Love the photo of you with all the leaves behind. Pretty contemporary Christmas card, have a good weekend x

Elaine said...

Im so glad Elliott got to get his name on the bird - fantastic. You have all worked so hard on kits which have been fabulous ! Hope all went well today Christine x

SusanP, Kent said...

So pleased to see Elliott's smiling face and showing off his bird! They both look very 'chirpy'.
(I can empathise with sleepy eyes right now). Hopefully he'll get good results from the relaxation methods.
Have a relaxing weekend, all of you.
Best Wishes,

Ann said...

Hi Christine

Delighted to see Elliott get his name on a bird on the tree at Ronald Mcdonald house.
Hope things went well for him yesterday.
Enjoy your weekend and take good care.
Luv n hugs Annxxx X

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