Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Roses For You!

Hello friends
I'm back today to share another ODW (One Die Wonder) project with you -
this time using Rose Creations.
I purchased the little wooden box in Hobbycraft - as you can see it is plain and boring!
These boxes come in different shapes and are very reasonably priced, around £1.99

And here it is after a makeover with Rose Creations! 
Firstly I painted the box lightly with some regular white paint, watered down. 
Once dry I used Distress Ink on the box edges and also by stencilling through
the dies, I placed some dies slightly off the edge and built up a combination of colours and 
blending.  The lid was then stamped with a script stamp (Textures).
The flowers were created with the dies but by cutting vellum.  The leaves cut from green felt. 
I created a video a while back using Rose Creations and shimmer mist - 
in the video I use paper but the technique is the same.
To finish my box I tied some hessian braid/ribbon around it and finished with an extra flower.
It was fun to do and makes a great gift.

Take care friends - I will be back with more posts soon.


Lacelady said...

No Hobbycraft here Christine, but I'll definitely look online for a similar box. I love what you did to this one.

Chris said...

Beautiful box Christine, and thanks for showing the tutorial again. I may have a go at this box it looks stunning. Hope you are enjoying your trip.
Chris X

Rosie said...

Lovely box. looking forward to more ODW posts.

Janice said...

Gorgeous box are so clever! 😃
Another great ODW, thank you.
Hope you're having a fabulous, crafting time!
Janice x

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine,
Lovely box,it would make a super present,love the colour.
I hope you are having a great time,enjoy yourself and take care. x.

nattyboots said...

Hi Christine,hope you are enjoying your time away and finding lots of new crafty items .

Your box is so clever , i love how you have turned a plain box into a lovely creation it will make a beautiful present .

Take Care Elaine X

baconbits said...

Morning Christine
A fantastic idea - this box looks fantastic. Will be popping along to HC to purchase and have a go.
Liking these ODW posts.
Amanda x

Sue Yorkshire said...

Christine this is beautiful. Hope you are having a great time

Sue xx

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Christine, Gorgeous, gorgeous box, loving the script stamping, and the flower is gorgeous, thank you for the reminder.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

AnneRD said...

A lovely project idea. Hope you are enjoying your visit. Anne x

darcydaydream said...

Thats lovely. I have those boxes and have been looking for a simple project like this. So thank you. Love ODW.
Christine in Darcy....xx

hazel young said...

Another stunning ODW. loving this feature, looking forward to seeing more xx hazel

lydia jordan said...

Hi Christine,
A lovely box, I love how you have changed it to something beautiful, enjoying the ODW projects.
Hope you are having a lovely time?

Jean Z said...

Beautiful box great idea love Jean Z xx

Maggie Phillips said...

Hi Christine,love the box ~ we have just had a Hobbycraft open near by, so guess where I'll be going later?!! Take care, Maggie xxx

Mrs B said...

Hi Christine. Lovely box. I must give it a go. I have a small box but wasn't sure how I wanted it to look. I do now, thank you! These ODW are great by the way.Hope you are all ok. Take care.

Cornish Emma said...

Morning Christine, gorgeous little box. Emma

LoraineC said...

Gorgeous box I'm off to hobbycraft, hope you are having a good time x

Pat S Witney said...

Hi Christine. A lovely box today. It's so surprising what you have done with a plain boring box. Hope you're enjoying your trip.


So beautiful! Inspirational!

Ita O'Byrne O'Keeffe said...

Hi Christine hope you are enjoying yourself in the U.S.I love the idea of the box,it would be great for many different gifts.
Thanks for the inspiration.

Mary by the Sea said...

Hi there Christine, what a brilliant idea.

Could be used as a special gift box.

Will be on the lookout for boxes from now on.

Hope you are enjoying your trip.

Take care, Mary xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine. Just shows how an ordinary box can become beautiful with the Christine touch.
Love Val x

Valerie said...

Love it, love it, love it. Just the sort of thing I MUST try. Hope you are having a great time and the family are coping. Love Valerie

Carole Z said...

Love your box Christine..I love decorating boxes and this one is gorgeous! Carole Z X

Craftin Suzie (Susan Flynn) said...

Wow Christine this is fabulous! I have some wooden bits and pieces that I keep thinking I should have a go at doing something with! Hope you are having a fab time with your DT in Arizona!! Susan x

Ann said...

Hi Christine

What a fabulous creation from a little plain wooden box. You are so talented. Hope your having a fabulous time with the design team in Arizona just what you need to recharge your batteries take good care Bless you

Rose in Chester said...

Hi Christine,
What a beautiful box - LOVE THE VELLUM FLOWER!! wELL, I love all about it, really...
Hope you're enjoying yourself.
Best wishes, Rose

Wendy L said...

Great idea, looks great, xxx

Maggie said...

You are just so inspiring. That's a fabulous box now compared to what it was and will make someone so happy. Hope you are having a lovely time.

Janice said...

A lovely idea Chris. I had rose creations die but I could not get on with it in that I wasn't happy with the rose once made up using assortment of layers. I wish spellbinders would bring out a guide on the different ways of using flower dies to create different effects....ask them for me whilst you are there in USA. Thanks Janice xx

Tilly Talksalot said...

Hi Christine,
What a stunning box, love this idea. Have a wonderful time in Arizona. Janette X

Mac Mable said...

Love these ODW posts that you are doing. Hope you are enjoying yourself away and look forward to seeing and hearing all about it on your return x

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