Thursday, 22 August 2013


Hello friends
Have you been wondering where Mitchell is???
He has abandoned me - my one and only employee! 
 Okay so that's probably sounding way too dramatic!  
Truth is, my boy has chosen to return to college so I must not complain.
He has promised to help out in the studio/shop whenever I need him 
so if you visit/attend a class you may still see him.
He worked on my new website and it made him realise how much he really wanted
to a job within ICT so he made enquiries and was accepted at a local college.
Elliott, health permitting, is also going to start at the same college studying
Business so they will both be together for which I am grateful.

Another batch of kits went out yesterday so be on alert and stalk your postman!
If anyone is making/made their kit I would love to see photos please -
I like to show them here on my blog and display pictures in the shop.
This is just a section of my work table showing a few kit elements.
As mentioned, all the kits are different, I've coordinated papers, lace, ribbon and twine - 
as I place each one in an envelope I say to myself 
"Ooo that's a nice one, I should have used those papers!"

The bird on the Tree of Life is definitely within reach now - I am so grateful to you all
for purchasing and making donations.

I'm back at my London job for the next two days, I use that commute time
to make lots of crafty lists!  So much planned.....
Take care friends.


Chris said...

Hi Christine,
Although Mitchell has deserted you he has probably made a great decision, and I wish him all the best of luck. It's a shame I don't live nearer, I would love to come and help you out. The new kits look great.
Chris X

Mrs B said...

Hi Christine. Good luck with the college course Mitchell. At least he will still help you out when needed Christine. I hope Elliot gets to college soon. That would be a real step in the right direction for him. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Mitchell. Good to hear Elliott is thinking of going to college as well. JuliaTx

Maggie Phillips said...

Hello Christine, sorry to hear that you're loosing your one and only employee but as Chris said, Mitchell has made a wise decision. Good luck to both of the boys in their chosen courses.The new kits look super,can't wait for mine to arrive ~ the bird flies ever closer Elliott!
Take care, Maggie x

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Christine, Congratulations to Mitchell on getting a place at college, and, health permitting, Elliott will be joining him, absolutely brilliant.
So glad the 'birdie' is now within reach, the kits are looking lovely, can't wait for mine to arrive !!
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Valerie said...

Good morning Christine, It's a shame about losing Mitchell, but good news that he has managed to find his aim. Many young people only dream of what they would like to do, Mitchell has now taken a very positive step up the ladder. Good luck to both Mitchell and Elliot at college. Take care Valerie

Laura O said...

good luck to the boy's hope all goes well for them.Laura O

hazel young said...

Great news about the boys education Christine. Looking forward to see what everyone makes with the new kit. xx hazel

nattyboots said...

Hi Christine

Good luck to Mitchell at College and Elliott too.

Your kits look really nice and i am looking forward to seeing pics of them

Take Care
Elaine h x

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine,
Sorry to hear you are on your own,but I am sure your family will help when they can.
Good luck to Mitchell at College and I hope it will not be to long before Elliott joins him.
The kits are looking good ,looking forward to seeing some of the finished ones. Take care. x

Elaine said...

Morning Christine, glad the boys will have each other for college and I wish them the very best. Will email you ref a kit for me. Take care x

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Good luck to Mitchell, I'm sure he's made the right decision for him. Lets hope that Elliot is able to go as well.

Janice said...

Hi Christine
Well done to Mitchell! It sounds like he's made a good decision, but it will be good he'll be able to help you when he can, now he's had a taste of the 'crafting' life! It will be good that Elliot will be there too....something for him to look forward to.
Love the sneak peek of the kits....looking forward to receiving mine 😉
Have a good day at work, plan plenty on the coach!
Janice x

loftylass said...

Morning Christine - It looks like both you boys are setting their futures and both choices will ultimately help yours!! Good luck to you all. Looking forward to my kit arriving.
Heather W

Jean Z said...

Hi Christine, good luck to both boys I hope they do well, I am sure you will manage without Mitchell your a fighter love Jean Z xx

Cornish Emma said...

Morning Christine, well Mitchell's first career path lasted long didn't it!! lol. Im sure he will love college and do well. Glad to hear Elliott will be going to, something to help distract him. Emma

Anonymous said...

Good Luck to Mitchell in whatever he decides to do. Glad both boys will be in the same College, they can keep an eye on each other.
What a busy life you lead - makes me feel tired just thinking of all you manage to do each day.
Love Val x

Anonymous said...

You have two wonderful guys - wishing them success,joy and happiness in their student time and life. Your fund raising will be a marvellous success. As always good wishes

Phil D

Ita O'Byrne O'Keeffe said...

Hi Christine and boys best of luck to both of your wonderful boys ,great that they will be in the same College.

ros hodgkins said...

Hi Christine, I wish Mitchell all the best at College, and it will be great for Elliott to have his big brother around when he gets there.I am hopeful that my kit is at my holiday home waiting for me.
X Ros

Rose in Chester said...

Hi Christine,
and good luck to Mitchell, I'm sure he'll be very successful in IT and enjoy it. And it'll be great when Elliott is well enough to go to the same college (but I strongly suspect they'll have a different circle of friends).
Keep going...........
All the best, Rose

Wendy L said...

Well done to Mitchell and all of you, xxx

Maggie said...

Well that is exciting news. Mitchell will do so well as he's already proven what a talented lad he is and it won't be long before Elliott is there too. You must be proud. xxMargaretxx

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