Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Little Treats

Hello friends
I have luggage!  It arrived very late last night, who needs sleep when jet lagged!!
Despite the late hour I wanted to open up my cases and see all my craft treats.

Talking of treats, before I went away I put together a little something for
each member of the Design Team.  Time was tight so I chose a 
simple design - Cath Kidston pocket mirrors mounted onto cream cardstock.
I printed out the wording and added my favourite little flowers from Homespun.  
The mirrors stayed perfectly in place throughout the flight and Arizona heat by using 
Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L - 3D Dodz 
 Each mirror was placed in an envelope that I embossed with Garden Lattice,
because it is a large folder I could run through two envelopes at a time - speeded things up!
I then layered Labels Four on each one.
 Before I packed them Bella gave her approval! I created 15 in all!
Thank you for enquiring about the boys - they are doing well.
While I was away I spoke to them each day so I was fully updated with everything 
that was going on.  Elliott is back at King's today to hear the results of the latest MRI,
we are very familiar with the hospital restaurant, they do a very good bacon sarnie!

The raffle for the Charity Event is now closed. I posted out the last of the prizes
yesterday so if you are awaiting a prize I promise it is on its way.
There was just a couple of unclaimed prizes and I'm
donating those to a local group that teaches craft to children with disabilities.

Now that my suitcase is here I am adding the final items I purchased to the Mystery Box prize
and I will be announcing a winner very soon - exciting!!
Take care friends.


Chris said...

Gosh Christine, whenever do you sleep. So glad you have your suitcase back with all your goodies, (and your dirty washing)LOL. What a lovely idea your gifts to the DT ladies, I bet they were chuffed. Good luck today at Kings with Elliott, I hope it is good news.
Chris X

AnneRD said...

A lovely gift idea for the other members of the design team. I am sure they were well recieved. Now you know the boys are fine if you have a break you must give yourself some more 'me time'. Trust all goes well today. Anne x

Janice said...

Hi Christine, so pleased to hear you have your suitcase back with you....what a relief!
I love your gift to your DT friends, I'm sure they were delighted with it, especially it being a gift from London!
Hope all goes well for Elliot today at Kings, will be thinking of you all. Take care.
Janice x

Elizabeth said...

Hi Christine, that's good to hear you have now received your lost luggage. What a lovely gift you made for everyone I expect they loved them. You are so kind.
Glad to hear the boys were OK too. Hope the visit to Kings today goes well - and enjoy your bacon sarnie.
Enjoy your day.
Elizabeth x

baconbits said...

Morning Christine
WOW do you run on Duracell batteries you just never stop. Love the mirrors bet the design team loved them.
Glad you luggage arrived - what a relief.
Hope all goes well today.
Amanda x

Elaine said...

Phew glad you got your case !! Love the little treats you put together, i bet they were thrilled with them, very lovely ! Hope all goes well with the results today will be keeping my fingers crossed for you. My charity day is Monday fingers crossed It goes well to help Elliott get his name on a bird xx

Mrs B said...

Hi Christine. So glad for you that your luggage has arrived safely. What a simple, but thoughtful gift you made for the design team...beautiful. Will be thinking of Elliot today, fingers crossed it is good news. (Enjoy the bacon butties:)lol. Take care.

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine, Really pleased you have got your luggage.
Your gifts look lovely,I am sure everyone was really pleased.
I hope you get good news at kings today. Take care. x.

Craftin Suzie (Susan Flynn) said...

So pleased you got your luggage back Christine! I could have picked it up for you, I am in Las Vegas two weeks tomorrow - yippee! Hope all goes well at Kings - fingers crossed! Susan xx

Sue Yorkshire said...

Morning Christine

What a lovely gift you made for the DT team, I bet all the ladies loved them

Glad you got your luggage back and all your goodies where intact.

Good luck at Kings today

Sue xxx

Wendy L said...

So glad the luggage turned up. Good luck at the hospital today with Elliott. Your little gifts were so sweet I bet they all loved them, xxx

hazel young said...

Oh wow, this was well worth the wait. Stunning creation Christine love it and I bet the all the recipients did too. glad your case arrive safe and sound. Good luck at the hospital today xx hazel

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Christine, So glad you are now re-united with your luggage, 'Lovely Linda' one of my facebook friends had the same problem as you with her luggage.
What a beautiful idea to make the mementos for all your DT colleagues, they look amazing too, bet they were gratefully received.
So glad that everyone OK, good luck today at Kings. Huge hugs.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Valerie said...

You are such a thoughtful person, Christine. Even when faced with all that was going on you thought of others. Hope the results are good. Valerie xXx

Jean Z said...

Hi Christine, Glad your suitcases are back intact, the gift for your friends is lovely i am sure they loved them . Hope all is well with Elliott's scan and I hope you all are well love Jean Z xx

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Bet you were relieved to get your luggage back. Love the gift idea that you made I should think they were well received by the other DT members.
Really hoping the Elliot gets good results today.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine. So glad you've been reunited with your suitcase.
Wonderful gift for the design team. I bet they were very happy to get them.
Good luck today at Kings.
Love Val x

nattyboots said...

Hi Christine
So glad your Cases arrived safe and sound,you are so thoughtful and kind to think of making a little something for the design team,i bet they were delighted.

I will be thinking about Elliott today and hope all is well .

Take Care
Elaine H x

Layerlass67 said...

Welcome back Christine! Glad you have been reunited with your luggage. I'm sure the people at Spellbinders were delighted with their gifts. Hope all goes well at Kings today. I bet the boys are glad to have you back. Take care. GemmaC xx

Maggie Phillips said...

Hi Christine, really pleased to hear that you and your luggage are reunited! I love the design team gifts you made, I bet the recipients were thrilled with them.Hoping all goes well at Kings today ~ enjoy your bacon sarnies!
Take care, love from Maggie xxx

Cornish Emma said...

Morning Christine, glad the luggage arrived. Gorgeous little gifts you made for the design team. Good luck for the mri results today. Emma

Anonymous said...

Morning Christine, nice to have you back 'live'. So glad you had a good time as I am sure you needed the break!! You really are so inventive, I loved your design team gifts,(wish I had a quarter of your flair) Hope all goes well at Kings for Elliot.
Carole N x

Pat S Witney said...

Hi Christine

What a lovely gift idea for all the design team. Glad you have your suitcases back, what a relief.
Good luck at King's today hope the news is good, or at least better then the last time.

Lacelady said...

What a good idea for a little gift - ideal! Good to hear the boys are both doing OK, hope Elliott's results today are also good.

Great you were finally reunited with your bag though. I thought they weren't allowed to fly with a bag that doesn't have a person to go with it?

Sara Hart said...

Hope all goes well today at Kings! I am sure all the design team loved their gift, I know I would.Take care and thanks for your blog time X

Sara Hart said...

Hope all goes well today at Kings! I am sure all the design team loved their gift, I know I would.Take care and thanks for your blog time X

Lynn Hardy said...

What lovely gifts - you are kind! Good luck to Elliot for his test results today.

Maddie, Nottingham said...

Hi Christine,

Lovely news about your luggage. Lovely Mirror cards, you are so thoughful. They are lovely mirrors and haven't seen them around and about? Hope all goes well for Elliot today.

Maggie said...

Well. I love the idea of the mirror onto the card look. Didn't that work well? So good to have the embossed envelope too. Such an inspiring post as you seem to have more energy than most and still time to see to the boys. Don't forget to sleep. xxMargaretxx

Janice said...

Christine, what a thoughtful person you are in making a little gift for the design team. I bet they love the red bus design, typically British!!. Glad to hear boys are ok and hopefully Elliot's results will be positive. Now get on with all that washing that you have unpacked from your suitcase!!!! xx
Janice xx

Ita O'Byrne O'Keeffe said...

Hi christine great news that your luggage has arrived.I love the gifts you made,how thoughtful of you .Good lick with the hospital visit today

Mac Mable said...

What great gifts you made for the they loved them! Hope all goes well today at KIngs? x

SusanP, Kent said...

Glad you're home safely after what sounds like a wonderful trip. Thank goodness your luggage is ok too. Losing that would have been awful. Your mirror gift was a brilliant idea I hope everyone was pleased. I would never have thought of embossing the envelopes!

ros hodgkins said...

Hi Christine, so pleased that you and your luggage have be reunited, and that the boys have been ok while you were away. I am so pleased you had a couple of days with friends before getting down to business. Hope all went well today at Kings,
X Ros

Wilma Brown said...

Lovely gifts for the design team and glad to hear you have your luggage. Won't be long before Arizona is a distant memory.

Wilma x x x

Mary by the Sea said...

Hi there Christine, so glad your luggage turned up.

What a beautiful gift to make for everyone. You are so vey talented.

Hope its all good news at the hospital.

Take care, Mary x

LoraineC said...

What pretty mirrors, so glad your luggage has arrived and hope all went well today x

Supernan Sue said...

Hi Christine
I am so pleased you have your suitcase now and everything is in tact. I love the little gifts you took to Arizona for the Design team, I bet they were well loved.
Glad everything is OK with you and hope the results of Elliots MRI are good
Sue x

Rach83 said...

Hi Christine,

Glad to see you made it back safe and sound, albeit without your luggage but thank goodness it has now turned up.

Your gifts for the DT are so thoughtful and very appropriate too. I'm sure they loved them. Can't wait to see some more photos and all the yummy things you can share with us. I'm sure there will be a few under wraps for now too though!

I received my winning raffle stamps today so if you only posted them yesterday the mailman must be on commission! They are beautiful - thank you so much and I'm hoping to get them inked up soon.

I hope Elliot had good news today after his MRI. He is always in our thoughts.

Rachel x

CraftyJo said...

The joys of travelling eh!! I've lost count of the number of times my luggage has arrived days after me - we used to live in California and therefore travelled back and forth quite a lot. Not a lot of fun having no clothes for a few days with a baby and toddler along with you I can tell ya ;)

Those mirrors were lovely, I bet they were really well received.

Mickie said...

Such lovely gifts for all the team and glad you received your luggage. Have had mine lost a couple of times but always ended up at home. Prayers up for your troubles and hope all turns out well.

Craftychris said...

What wonderful gifts you have made! I bet they loved them. I am glad you have received your luggage. xx

Carole Z said...

Sorry I'm so late visiting this post, had a busy work day and a workshop last night..what a great idea for a gift..I still have gifts to make for my US family I'll be visiting soon, thanks for the inspiration! Carole Z X

Carole Z said...

forgot to say...glad you got your cases back! Carole Z X

Pi Casso said...

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