Saturday, 6 April 2013

While the cat is away...

Hello friends
Another day of such wonderful comments and emails yesterday, you are all so supportive and 
it truly mean a great deal.
As mentioned, Elliott is drafting his own blog post - that will be coming along soon.
Talking of is he yesterday baking a cake for today's class!
I had to go up to my London job yesterday so I was running out of time.  
He offered to make a cake with the help of my Mum.
I will post a picture of the finished cake tomorrow and will let you know the taste verdict!
Also while I was at work someone had a bath...

 I wouldn't say she likes baths but she is well behaved in the bubbles.
This is in readiness for the special event of picking out a winner for yesterday's Ornate Squares!
That will be middle of next week.
Wishing you all a brilliant weekend - thank you for sharing your weekend details with me,
some really interesting things going on - enjoy! 
Take care.


Carole Z said...

Gosh, haven't been first in a while! I bet that cake tastes fab, wish I could have a slice! Lovely photos today of both Elliott and Bella, hope you have a great class, hugs Carole Z XX

Sally said...

Hi Christine, I'm sure the cake will be lovely. It looks like Elliott is enjoying himself baking, it's not something I could convince my son to do, although he cooks a lovely meal.
Have a good class, I'm looking forward to my one in May. Enjoy the test of the weekend
Sally xx

melanie said...

Stunning pics I`m sure the cake will taste beutiful have a great class >melanie

Rose in Chester said...

Hi Christine, lovely to see Elliott enjoying himself (at least he looks as if he is). What a brilliant young lad he is.
And isn't Bella good in the bath! Couldn't do that with my cat.

Hope your day went well and you all enjoyed the cake.

Have a good weekend - we're all routing for you.


Buttons said...

Elliott looks completely in control there in the kitchen. Looking forward to seeing his finished masterpiece (if you get a piccie before it gets snaffled!) There's no way you could get our dog in the bath like that (mind you, she is 6 stone and random:) Have a great weekend, hugs Jenny x

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine. I think Elliott is a budding TV chef in the making. Bet it tastes great.

Can't believe Bella is so good in the bath. I have to put my mack on when I bath Gracie.

Have a good weekend.

Val in Spain xxx

Lacelady said...

Elliott looks thoroughly at home in the kitchen, hope the cake turned out OK.

Chris said...

Hi Christine,
What a good boy Elliott is baking for his Mum, does he do dinner too. Great pics of Bella, my dog dosn't like baths but loves a mad half hour running around after having one. It's so funny to watch it's worth giving her one.
Chris X

hazel young said...

I bet the cake is lovely my boys enjoy baking too. Have a lovely class today xx hazel

Janice said...

Hi Christine

Great photos today. I wonder if you'll feel the cake tastes even better today as it's been cooked by Elliot. I know I feel other people's cooking is often better than mine!

Hope you have a lovely day with your class of ladies.
Janice x

Clai01 said...

Hi Elliott you look like you're having fun there baking!
At least Bella looks happy enough in the bath, you should see the sulk on my dog's face at bath time.. Goodness me, talk about one of misery!

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Bet the cake taste great, lovely photos of both Elliot and Bella. Have a great day with the ladies in your class.

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine, Elliott looks like he enjoys baking ,I am sure the cake will taste great.
Bella looks so small when she is wet she looks such a good dog.
Have a great class today,wish we could all be there. Take care. x.

barbiepinkfairy said...

Well done Elliot do you want to come to my house? Why are the nicest of families always the ones that are tested most? Get started onyour blog Eliott we are all waiting...

Jean Z said...

Hi Christine, just love to see young people baking, my Grandsons do and they love it,Glad to see Elliott looking well and enjoy your cake love Jean Z xx

Elizabeth said...

Morning Christine, what a special young man Elliot is and very talented too. I am certain the cake will be scrummy - creativeness runs in your family, hehehe.
Poor little Bella in the bath, bet she looks and smells beautiful now.
Have a lovely day with your ladies today, I wish I could join you?
Looking forward to your blog Elliot.
Elizabeth x

Jenny L said...

Hi Christine,
fab photos. What a wonderful thing to do to help you out when at work. Looking forward to the finished result. Yum! Yum!
Bella looks so sweettttttttt stood in the bath having her shampoo.
Have a wonderful crafty class today.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Mrs B said...

Hi Christine. Hope the cake turned out ok Elliot. Doesn't Bella look tint when wet. Take care.

nattyboots said...

What a talented family you are, im sure Elliotts cake will hit the spot, in fact i wouldnt be surprised if he gets the job of, { The Class Cake Maker .}
Ooo Elliott what have you let yourself in for ?

Im sure Bella looks and smells so sweet after her bath .

Have a good day
Elaine H X

baconbits said...

Morning Christine,
With a big smile helping to make the cake I am sure that it will be fantastic in taste.
Enjoy the class today.
Amanda x

Maddie, Nottingham said...

Morning Christine, I can taste the cake from here! Have a good weekend, be thinking of you all.

Carolyn H said...

I'm sure everyone will enjoy the cake today at the class, welldone Elliott for offering to help Mum out.
As for darling little Bella, she doesnt look too pleased to be having a bath,but like all celebs, she knows she has got to look the part for the occassion!.
C B W Carolyn x

Sandra (craftynan) said...

Hi Christine
I bet the cake is YUM (only wish I lived a little closer) I could come along & test/sample it.
Sandra (craftynan)

Elaine said...

Hi christine , tell elliot he can send me a slice of cake if he likes ! Bet it tastes fab. Glad everyone is there for you both xx

Maggieann said...

Love the photos of Elliot (what a helpful young man!) and Bella.Bet your cake tastes delish Elliot. Enjoy the class today Christine. Big hugs to you all xx

Ita said...

Hi Christine,so nice of Elliot to offer to make the cake,I am sure it will be fab.,Bella's looking good,our Charlie is not too happy when he has to have a bath ,but does stand still,3 adults to wash one dog lol

Di x said...

Hi Christine
Good luck with Elliots challenging time to come. Bet the cake was tasty.
Kind regards Diane

Sandra said...

ooh Elliott save me a bit!!!
I bet that cake will taste delicious!
I am being dragged to Alton Towers tomorrow by my children, what a nightmare!haha
Elliott you will be able to share your fab cake recipes with us on your blog, I am loking forward to seeing your first post!
I hope you are all doing some fun stuff during the holidays!
Huge crafty hugs,
Sandra xx

Barbara Fulton said...

Hi Christine
Looks like you have a young Jamie Oliver in the making there.
And Bella, I would love to know what's she's thinking in the bottom photo, she's looking up a someone with some thought going through her mind....... could it be "I'd rather be sampling the cake that's cooking" ha ha
Hope the class today (and the cake) is a huge success
Barbara x

Sue B said...

Looking forward to seeing the finished cake bet it will taste good too. Oh Bella looks so cute. Have a good day today with your class.

Linda said...

What a lovely pictures
hugs Linda

Anita Braddock said...

what a great kid its Awesome seeing kids cook and back. thanks for sharing.

Cazann49 said...

Hi Christine and Elliot, looks like he's having fun making the cake..:)..Have a great day tomorrow..lots of

Sarah said...

Hope the cake was good!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine, We've been to Fleetwood today (on spur of moment). weather was perfect sun and blue skies all day! What a super Son Elliott is and he looks truly relaxed in the kitchen. I'm sure the taste test will be delish!
Val C xx

CraftyJo said...

Wow, lucky you to have such a handsome cake-maker at home :)

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Christine, Brilliant pics today of Elliott and Bella, I bet the cake was delicious, and I bet Bella looks more gorgeous than usual after her coiffure. I'm betting the lucky ladies had a brilliant time at your class, too, do let us know what they thought of the 'masterchef's cake'.
I'm exhausted after my craft show today, I did 4 make and takes, but still managed to spend money on Spellbinders ha ha, then when I got home, I did all the front garden and now my back is really aching, my hubby did the sweeping up for me and now we're both aching ha ha.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Anonymous said...

I'm just catching up with your blog today and hearing your news of Elliott. What a wonderful young man he is and with a wonderful attitude, it will make all the difference on his journey of healing. The doctors and hospitals can do so much these days. Myself and my family will include you all in our prayers. My older brother had a brain tumour removed 12 years ago when he was in his late 30's and he is in brilliant health today, he also has a very positive outlook on things. I wish you all well and thank you for including us.
Caroline MacH

nmty said...

what a trooper Elliott is making a cake for your class don't think my own son would have offered his serves so eagerly. bet the cake tastes
lovely. well done Elliott! lv all the photos in today's post. Hope your class went well. lv norma

nmty said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
nmty said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lynn Hardy said...

Just read back a few posts and I'm sorry to hear that Elliot is having a tough time at the moment. How kind of him to bake a cake for you - I bet it was delicious too. I hope that all goes well for you both in the next few months and that there are many more cakes to follow!

Carol J said...

Hi Christine, As they say where I come from " Bye, that's a Bonny Lad you've got there Pet"
Tell Bella we ladies have to go though these thing, that's why we're so Beautiful. xxx

sheila said...

Hi Christine, hope the lucky ladies at your class leave a piece for Elliot to taste.

ginny c said...

Have just read about Elliott I would like to wish all the very best and look forward to reading his blog, he looks a dab hand in the kitchen. Love and best wishes to you all ginnyxx

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