Friday, 19 April 2013


Hello friends
I always like to bring you something on a Friday and while I'm not quite back to 
Friday Die Days, how about a giveaway?

I have TWO pre-loved sets of these, both perfectly usable.
I went through my images and discovered I had used them on this scrapbook page as a base
for Spiral Blossoms Four and also to create a fancy lace border at the base.
Grand Decorative Circles One is also featured - love those too!
Just leave me a comment and Bella (who is the scruffiest dog on the planet right now -
her stylist is still not back to work!) will make the double draw next week.

Also, just a mention various items from the Media Mixage line were featured on Ideal World and
Create and Craft this week - I do have bezels, dies, blanks and texture plates for sale.
As always, feel free to email if you are interested or need further information.
Have a brilliant weekend - I actually put my washing out yesterday, first time this year!
Take care.


Bea said...

Hi Christine
Looks like you all had a lot of fun at the Harry potter experience. Hope your weekend is restful and crafty.

Anonymous said...

I just love that page Christine and hope you and the family are well.

baconbits said...

Morning Christine,
With all that's going on you still think of others, I love these dies and think the scrapbook page is amazing. I am in awe of Scrapbookers the very thought sends shivers right through me.
As I already possess these dies - please do not include me in the draw - they need to go to a home of there own.
Amanda x

Rosie said...

I would love to win the dies. More importantly I am pleased you are blogging and staying positive.

Lacelady said...

I must have missed those C&C shows about the bezels etc., but I'd love it if Bella chose me to have the dies. I hope Elliott isn't too worn out with his Potter exploits.

Wilma Brown said...

Hi Christine, beautiful scrapbook page, gorgeous boys, I love the Grand Decorative Circle dies too. Have a great weekend .

Wilma x x x

Chris said...

Good Morning Christine,
Glad you and Elliott enjoyed Harry Potter, loved seeing the photo's. Perhaps Elliott could do another post and let us know a bit more about it.
Scruffy or not Bella is beautiful, as are your two featured projects.
Take care and try to have a good weekend.
Love Chris X

Diane said...

I would love to have these in my limited collection, they are beautiful. Hope you are all doing well.

mags said...

A lovely scrapbook layout and shows the dies off wonderfully. Thanks for the chance to win.

Mary Gallivan said...

Hi Christine, what a beautiful page. I'd love to be able to make something this good. This is my first time commenting on your blog although I have been looking at it every morning for the past few months. Best wishes to you, Elliott and your family. Mary x

Craftin Suzie (Susan Flynn) said...

Hi Christine your layout is beautiful what a lovely picture of your boys and Bella! It is so kind of you to do this with all that you have going on in your life at the moment! Hope you have a lovely family weekend! Hugs Susan x

Ella's Design said...

Beautiful scrapbook page, Christine! Thank you so much for the chance to win such a fabby prize! Hugs, Lisa x

barbiepinkfairy said...

love these days. Hope you are keeping going ok. HP looked great for any fan!

Janice said...

Morning Christine

It's lovely to hear from you and so kind of you to be sharing out your dies.
Such a lovely page, and a great photo of your boys and Bella,
Thank you for the chance of winning.
Have a lovely day.
Janice x

Cinders61 said...

Good Morning Christine. Lovely to wake up to a Friday blog. Even though your family time is precious at the moment you still find time for your friends. Your scrapbook layout is gorgeous. Take care. Gillian x

Oksana said...

Beautiful scrapbook page Christine, and wonderful dies! Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!xx

sue jones said...

LOVE the Harry potter photos - What a wonderful day!! I NEED to go now.
Thank you for the chance to win some of your dies - as others have said - so kind to think of other when you have so much on your plate right now.
I am trying to resits those gorgeous mixed media dies etc but i doubt I will hold out much longer.

Anonymous said...

Good morning. I think after the wind yesterday bella and I must be looking very similar! Beautiful scrapbook page which frames a lovely photo. Juliat x

Christine Harrop said...

Glad you enjoyed Harry Potter. Thank you for still being so thoughtful, even when you have so much going on in your life at the moment. Christine x

Carole Z said...

I absolutely love this page Christine, it's quite stunning! Thank you for the give-a-way opportunity. I saw Hels brilliant shows and got some bezels at Ally Pally ast weekend, now I have to play with them and then I will be checking out your shop,as I am sure I am going to love playing with them! Hugs for a happy weekend, Carole Z XX

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Wow! a chance to win again, you are too generous.
I have just got the grand decorative circles they are lovely, I have not used them very much as yet.
Love your page a great photo of your boys.
Thank you for the time you give to your blog, it must be difficult at the moment with so much going on.
Take care.

Clai01 said...

Hello Christine
What a gorgeous scrapbook page of the two boys together with Bella.
Thanks so much for the chance to win. I saw the bezels on Create and Craft and was very interested in all the techniques and products.

hazel young said...

Morning Christine beautiful scrapbook page and thank you for doing a giveaway ive not got these dies so fingers crossed i might win them. Have a great weekend xx hazel

Supernan Sue said...

Hi Christine
Thank you for the chance to win these lovely dies.
Hope you and all your family are all OK, I am thinking of you all at this stressful time.
Have a good weekend
Sue xx

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine, Your scrapbook page is really lovely.
Thank you for a chance of winning the dies and thank you for thinking of us at this time.
I hope your weekend goes well, Take care. x.

Elaine said...

Morning Christine hope you and the family are doing ok. Well what a beautiful scrapbook page really love it. Of course it would be wonderful to win one. Very generous candy again. Have a good day xx

Rita said...

Good Morning Christine. I thought I was seeing things when I saw your Giveaway. I have them on my wish list and love them. What a delightful scrapbook page. Have a Good Day. Hugs Rita xx

Sandra said...

Good morning Christine,
It isn't quite as gusty here today so may chance getting the washing on the line, I considered it yesterday but the thought of chasing my 'rather ample' knickers down the road rather put me off! We are at an Raf station here Nd I could picture the news of aircraft being confused by 'oversized wind sock' haha
Lovely scrapbook layout of Elliott and Mitchell x
Love those pretty dies too xx
Have a relaxing. weekend dear friend x
Big squidgy hugs,
Sandra xx

nattyboots said...

A lovely Scrapbook page Christine and of course the butterflies are always pretty and perfectly placed .

Thank you for giving us the chance to win these dies you are so kind.

Hope you have a nice crafty weekend with a little me time as an added extra .

Take Care
Elaine H

Valerie said...

Hi Christine, after your experience at Harry Potter we have decided to take our son and daughter in law there for a visit. So glad you had a great day. Would love to win your dies and make a page as good as yours. Keep smiling, Valerie

val jones said...

Hi Christine. Loving the page with your boys and Bella. The border looks divine and of course the butterflies have to be there!

Little Gracie was clipped yesterday. She looks like a shorn sheep and very puppyish but it's better in this weather.

Thanks for the chance to win the dies.

Love Val in Spain xxx

SUE said...

Hi Christine,

Another beautiful giveaway, I love the scrapbook page, I hope you and the family are doing ok,

Take care

Love Sue x

Linda said...

What a lovely creation
hugs Linda

Wendy L said...

Wow these are gorgeous, everytime I see a SPellbinder I want it. That charm on your creation is so beautiful too. xxx

marg said...

Hello Christine!
Lovely day, and lovely pictures!
The weather is improving, so must everything else..Yes!
I had washing on the line too.... the whole country must have been blowing in the wind LOL!
My problem is the Blackbirds nesting in the hedge, they get worried when the sheets clap in the wind.
Take care

Sue Yorkshire said...

H Christine. Love the dis but never got rounds to adding them my collection

Love the scrapbook page you have done. I think scruffy dogs are sweet and look so adorable. When we had our dog, who looks like a shaggy rug on legs at times I loved the shaggy look when he had been clipped he looked so miserable, think its. The long hair flying behind when he ran made him look so full of zest

I didn't get my laundry out yesterday mind if I had hung it out I don't think I would have had anything to iron, we had winds of 60 miles an hour!

Hope you have a good weekend


Maggieann said...

Good morning Christine,
What a beautiful scrapbook page featuring the boys and Bella~I love it. Hope you have a super weekend. Big hugs to you all xx

Cornish Emma said...

Mornig Christine, Gorgeous scrap page and layout, love the colours. Emma

Alma Howarth said...

What a lovely scrapbook page, thanks for the chance to win these lovely dies. Stay strong with the support of your family and papercrafting friends, have a great week end xx

Nelita Mickeviciene said...

Beautiful scrapbook page! I would love to have these dies, they are gorgeous. Thank you for the chance to win.

SusieB said...

Hello Christine, Thank you so much for the chance of winning the dies. I hope that everything is progressing well with Elliott and you are getting all the help and support that you all need. Dont forget though, that YOU need looking after too and we would all understand if you couldnt blog every day.

Stay positive, we are all thinking about you and your family

Sue X

Janice said...

Hi Christine, What a treat you are giving us this time. I wondered if you could roll the long strip up on the die and create a flower? - like you do with spiral blossoms?.
Have a good weekend, you might have to put Bella's hair up in a ponytail if it gets too long !! If you do take a photo of her. Janice xx
P.s Don't forget we're doing "gelli plate" technique at Sally's on Wed. She is going to be teacher !! Do come and join us if you can. xx

Rose in Chester said...

Ditto SusieB.
Those dies are really lovely, I've already got them so IF BY ANY SMALL MIRACLE MY NAME IS DRAWN, please redraw again for some other lucky person to get them.
I also hung my washing out a couple of days ago, for the first time this year - LOVE the smell of washing dried outside.
Have a good weekend with you family.

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Christine, WOW your layout is amazing, love it, and amazing how Mitchell and Elliott are sooooo similar, facially, they are like 'two peas in a pod'.
Lovely giveaway, thank you so much for the chance to win, I already own these dies, so please don't put me in the draw.
I absolutely adore those bezels, I saw Hels shows and was fascinated with all the gorgeous samples, they look divine.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

ros hodgkins said...

Hi Christine,I really like the charm made with the new mixage, so will look further at this new idea. have a good weekend, weather permitting we are off to the holiday home for crafting (me) and fishing ( hubby ) and walking ( our dog Dizzee ). X Ros

Tilly Talksalot said...

Love the Media Mixage, it looks amazing and am hoping to try it out at some point soon. Have a lovely weekend. Janette

Adele Karabadji said...

Your positive attitude and your generosity are amazing.
Thanks for the chance to win.
Have a great weekend

Sally said...

Hi Christine, I love the scrapbook page, a lovely family photo. I must admit, I do keep looking at scrapbooking as I have so many photos but I don't think I can plan a page as good as this one or others that I have seen.

Have a good weekend, hope it's a restful one.

Hope to see you soon, take care
Sally xx

Maggie said...

Washing? What's that? Far too busy having a play with all the new stuff around. I will start scrapbooking really soon, but it's quite daunting when you see lovely pages like yours. Have a great weekend. xx Margaret

Anonymous said...

Belinda Raven said...

Hi Christine, glad you both had great fun at the HP studios.
Beautiful scrapbook page of the boys. You all remain in my thoughts and prayers.

Hugs, Belinda. X

Jean Z said...

Hi Christine,Hope you are all well, love the dies so good of you to give them away and thank you for sharing your adventures at Hary Potter experience sounds great Love Jean Z xx

rlovew said...

You have had quite a week. Sending continued prayers for your family. It is so kind of you to think of your readers at this time.

Susan Tonbridge said...

Hi Christine,
This is a beautiful scrapbook page.
Who says that flowers and butterflies don't mix with boys? Not me! Lovely muted colours too.
Take care.

Sue B said...

A beautiful scrapbook page Christine. Although I don't scrapbook I think pages people do to share their memories are great. Hope all is going well with Elliott & don't forget to look after yourself also. Good luck to all in with a chance of your giveaway.

Maddie, Nottingham said...

Hi Christine, Glad you had a lovely time at the Harry Potter studios and think of you all each and every day. Lovely scrap book page. I had to have my cat put to sleep also two weeks ago and have been very sad since but when I read your blog it lifts my spirits so much. Enjoy your weekend and make time for yourself too.

Ita said...

Hi Christine ,hope you are staying strong,thank you for putting up this prize,and I love the scrapbook page ,keeping all of your family in my thoughts and prayers.

foxyg said...

What a fab giveaway. The scrapbook page is stunning.
Have a great weekend.

Joy said...

Hiya, read your blog regularly love the photos of your work and the Harry Potter studios. Think our dog must be the scruffiest in the world though! Best wishes to you and your family Joy x

Craftychris said...

I think Bella looks so cute when she is scruffy! Thank you so much for the chance to win these gorgeous dies! xx

Cazann49 said...

Hi Christine, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family still. I'm glad you and Elliot had a nice time this week. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win these dies. It is so kind of you, especially as you have enough to contend with at the mo. Enjoy your weekend with your precious

darcydaydream said...

Would love those dies...your scrapbook page is lovely. Best wishes to you and all your family.
Christine in DArcy....xx

melanie said...

Stunning scrapboard page one to treasure ,don`t forget to have some rest .Melanie

Sharka said...

Lovely page and I love butterflies too! It would be great to win another die set and thank you for the opportunity. All the best to you and your family... sending hugs! PS: Bella is so cute when she's all scruffy :)

Anita Braddock said...

what a Beautiful layout. love the dies used thanks for the chance to win.

CraftyJo said...

Great layout shown, I always forget to use my grand dies on scrapbook pages! Doh. Anyhow, thanks for the inspiration and the chance to win :)

Jenny L said...

Hi Christine,
not been around much lately. Trying to catch up on my gardening jobs that got delayed with the awful winter.
Your creations are superb as usual.
Love the paper used on the last one.
Thank you for the chance of the giveaway. You are soooooo kind.
I hope Bella's hairdresser will soon be about again to give your lovely little dog his haircut.
Have a wonderful crafty day.
Lots of love to all of your family.
Jenny L.

Jacqui said...

Truly inspiring.........the scrapbook page and the family!!!!!

AnneRD said...

A lovely scrapbook page Christine. Great picture of Elliott and Mitchell with Bella.
Thinking of you all. Anne xxx

Toni G said...

A lovely scrap book page with your lovely boys! Thank you so much for the chance to win the dies. Kind regards, Toni. :0)

Anonymous said...

What a super give away Christine and the scrapbook page is beautiful with Mitchell & Elliott, not forgetting Bella. You certainly have a flair for using all the Dies. Keep up the good work!
Val C xx

Anonymous said...

The dies are so pretty and the page is adorable. Craftyhugs to you and yours. AnnieS.

Di x said...

Hi Christine
What a great give away this week. Fantastic dies. Hope you all have a lovely weekend
Kind regards Diane

Carolyn H said...

Hi Christine, lovely scrapbook page of your boys with Bella, I know we have seen it before but it is a lovely page.
If its any consolation Bella, my Border Collie, Lewie needs a good shampoo and a groom too!
I too have these dies so please do not include me in the draw.
Take care, Carolyn x.

Lovestampin said...

Love the border in this collection. Great scrapbook page. Thanks for offering these dies. Thinking of you all.

purplepengi said...

Just been catching up on your Harry Potter day it looked like you both had great fun, and the scrapbook page is terrific too!
Have a great weekend.

Andrene said...

What a beautiful die set. Thanks for the giveaway chance! You and Elliott have a great weekend.

Deirdremf said...

Thanx for the chance to win!Really love the butterflys and roses on that layout.

jucrook said...

Hi Christine. Lovely scrapbook page. Lovely dies. I booked tickets for HP for the kids inset day next Friday but can't get in until 4.30. Still it's only 25 mins down the road. I think I'll be cutting hearts and circles this weekend in preparation for a "workshop" next weekend making my niece's wedding invitations. Have a great weekend. Ju

Sandra Castle said...

Beautiful page with your beautiful boys!! Love it!

Sandra Castle said...

Looking forward to tomorrows class!

Candida said...

Oh, you are so kind to offer this gift! I'll dream of making something as beautiful as your page. Best, best wishes to you, Elliot and your family. Oh, and I loved seeing the pictures of your Harry Potter tour. Elliot's smile warms my heart.

Mrs B said...

Hi Christine. Love the page. Glad you both enjoyed HP. Take cae.

Ladock girl said...

Love these dies they have been a favourite of mine for along time now, just never seemed to get enough cash together to purchase them. Thank you for the chance to win these pre-loved dies (great expression) Fingers crossed. Linda xxx

Toni said...

What a lovely scrapbook page Christine. The photo of the boys is lovely. I've not tried scrap booking because I don't think I could decide which of my photo's to feature. So many to choose from since the digital age came on the scene.
I love the bezels too. I think they might be really useful for jewellery making as well.
Thank you again for the giveaway chance, it's very kind of you.
Toni xx

Toni said...

What a lovely scrapbook page Christine. The photo of the boys is lovely. I've not tried scrap booking because I don't think I could decide which of my photo's to feature. So many to choose from since the digital age came on the scene.
I love the bezels too. I think they might be really useful for jewellery making as well.
Thank you again for the giveaway chance, it's very kind of you.
Toni xx

Jen Brown said...

I love these dies, thanks so much for the chance to win them. Hope you are having a good weekend, with some more lovely family time. Take care Jen xxx

Ann said...

What a gorgeous scrapbook page those beautiful dies just finish the edge off. Love the bitty blossom flowers so nice.

Luv n hugs Annxx

Callie said...

The family page with the butterflies is gorgeous! Hope you're holding up ok.


Callie said...

The family page with the butterflies is gorgeous! Hope you're holding up ok.


Nicola Crowe said...

Hi Christine I am a brand new follower, I have just found your blog and I am loving all your amazing projects, I would love the chance to win these dies thanks Nicola x

Pat S Witney said...

Hi Christine

Loved the scrapbooker page. Not really my scene, although I haven't tried. Hope you have a restful weekend. Hope your family are all well.

Alex King said...

Great page and love reading your blog.

Alex King said...

Great page and love reading your blog.

Lori said...

I love the page..and I have had my eye on these dies for a long time but haven't been able to get them yet. Thank-you kindly for sharing.

my craft cupboard said...

Hi Christine,
Such a beautiful scrapbook page.
Thank-you for giving us all a chance to win a set of these beautiful dies.
sharon :)

Robyn Lynn said...

Oh my, I've been drooling over this set & it's on my wish list. Thank you for your generous give-aways. Hugs & blessings to your entire family.

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