Friday, 12 April 2013

It's Friday...with a special message!

Hello Everyone

As you know my mum has promised you that i would do a blog post to thank everyone for the thoughts and prayers.

The news was a big shock at first but i am not thinking about the negatives and only focusing on the positives. My family has been helping me getting through it, like going to the harry potter studios and helping me bake cakes for the classes.  My mum and I have been watching all the films to get ready to go to the studios, well i have and mum has been sleeping through them.

Also i would like to say thank you for all the comments, cards and gifts i have received with all the kind words. A special thanks to Anne (Nana Anne) for the lovely pictures and videos you have sent me of Australia and the emus.

I will be going to the hospital to meet the surgeons that will be doing the operation but i thought it would be better not knowing all the details because it would only worry me more.

Thanks again for the kind words and prayers from all of you.

Elliott x

(No Elliotts' were influenced in the writing of this blog post!)


Mrs B said...

Good thinking Elliott, always stay positive, but very occasionally let yourself have an odd bad minute or two to feel really really sorry for yourself, cry, shout, scream, moan why is this happening to me, it's not fair etc, etc....whatever you need to do to let those feelings out.... then go back to being your usual positive self. It works for me. Take care.

Chris said...

Hello Elliott,
I know you will have a great time at the Harry Potter Studios. I also fall asleep through films, I see the start and wake up at the end and have to watch them several times to see the middle part. We have The Lord of the Rings set and I have still not completely seen them all. That's Mum's for you.
Anyway wishing you all the very very best of luck, and stay positive. Hope you let us all know how your trip to the Studios goes.
Give Bella a big hug too, I love seeing the pictures of here too.
Love Chris X

Astrid Maclean said...

Christine, I will be thinking of you and praying for you all! I wish you much strength and I am sure your positive attitude is just the very best!


Ella's Design said...

Hi, Elliott!
It so reminded me of my Mum, watching films - I don't think she's managed to watch one from start to finish yet! Hope you enjoy your trip to the HP studios (that's Harry Potter, not the brown sauce!) and keep up with the baking! You are strong, staying positive, but like Mrs B said, allow yourself some slack sometimes!
Good luck with all that's ahead - you'll be in our thoughts. Hugs, Lisa x

Anonymous said...

Hi Elliott
I agree with Chris, I think it's a mum thing as well. The only way I stay awake through a film is if I'm doing something crafty! Your cake did look good, hopefully I'll get to try a piece at another of the workshops.
Take care juliat x

Astrid Maclean said...

Hi Elliot
Here is a message for you now. I think you are being incredibly brave and positive, well done you!!! Doctors are magicians, they will see you through this for sure. All the many good thoughts and prayers people are sending will help too!
Glad you enjoyed the HP studios, like your mum, I would have fallen asleep too I'm sure. Hang in there, you'll do great!

Valerie said...

Hi Elliott,
Keep up the positive vibs. We are all sending them to you and your family. Write often, it will be good to let it all out and share what you are going through. Bit like 'many hands making light work'. Many thoughts and prayers are going your way. Enjoy the Harry Potter Studios, I may need to borrow you as I have no youngsters around to be able to go with! Love all the films but have not yet had time to see the last one yet, so no telling!
Love and hugs.

jucrook said...

Hello Elliott. It really must be a Mum thing - the amount of DVDs that we have re- hired from blockbuster because I haven't "seen" them! Still at least I don't snore ( well I don't think so). Take care, enjoy the studios. They are only 20 mins from where I live and if I hear that you recommend them I may visit in the school holidays with my two teenagers. I'm so glad that you are able to be positive. Will be thinking of you and your mum. Keep us posted. Ju

Wendy L said...

Positive thoughts only. xxx

Lucycat said...

Hi Elliott, Thank you for this blog post,really pleased you are so positive,everyone is thinking of you.
So mum falls asleep watching Harry Potter,it's good she has got you to tell her what is going on. Enjoy your visit to the studio,I am sure you will, Let us know. Sending lots of love. xxx.

Buttons said...

Elliott, you are such a wonderful young man and your message is incredibly positive and mature (you've got me in tears here - it's another 'mum' thing!)
Let the doctors/nurses think about what they need to do to get you better. You concentrate on all the amazing things you are going to do and see (make sure you make it a long 'to do' list:)
We are all out here thinking of you and wishing you only the best things in life. Huge hugs, Jenny x

Anonymous said...

Well done Elliott, keep thinking positive thoughts.It's really great having such a lovely mum and family in your life.

Falling asleep half way through a film is the norm for me too.
Hope you have a wonderful time at H P studios.

Take care
Val in Spain xxx

melanie said...

Enjoy the H P Studios I have been told it`s fantastic ,Stay postive I`m sure everything will work out,poor mum falling asleep I`m sure she doesn`t mean to .Melanie XX

lydia jordan said...

Hi Elliot,
Like Jenny you have feeling very emotional this morning as she said its a 'mum' thing. Let everybody else worry for you, you keep strong, think positive and plan all of those things you will be dong once better. Keep up with the baking as well your cake looked amazing.
You will be in my thoughts and prayers every day.
Take care.

Supernan Sue said...

Hi Elliott
Have a really good time at the Harry Potter Studios (I am sure you will), and you have a good attitude to your problems, keep strong, you have a lovely family round you. Stay with those positive thoughts, I will be thinking of you, good luck
Sue x

Christine Harrop said...

Good for you Elliot, keep up the positive thinking! You know, there are so many people with you in thought and prayer that it must be getting very crowded down there!!! LOL! Enjoy the HP Studios.Good luck from another Christine xx

Elaine said...

Hi Elliot, a lovely positive post. So nice to hear such a young man be so positive and strong. Your mum must be so proud of you. Enjoy harry potter studios take care xx

barbiepinkfairy said...

HI Elliott, lovely to hear from you. Glad you can keepo strong, take a day at a time and only deal with the here and now not what might or probably will never be! I stopped paying to sleep at the cinema years ago! I only ever saw the opening credits and woke instantly at the closing ones! Saw sixth sense once thought it was a fantastic film - stayed awake?? Or rather thought I did until I saw it on DVD and realised I'd only seen half of it before!!!! My thoughts are with you all. Take Care. xxx

Cornish Emma said...

Morning Elliot & Christine, Positive thinking is the way forward but you must not bottle up your feelings, when you feel angry and sad share it with someone. I wish you all the best of luck and sending you hugs. Emma

marg said...

Hello Elliott!
So pleased to read your Blog!
Glad that you are so positive, this is so nice to hear.
Have a lovely time watching Harry Potter and being at the Studio .
Bless you Elliott!

Jean Z said...

Hi Elliot,Enjoy the HP studios when you go, we all wish you luck and our prayer are with you always all my love Jean Z xx

loftylass said...

Hi Elliott - good to hear from you and know how positive you are. Enjoy the Harry Potter trip (your mum won't be able to sleep through that will she!!!)
God Bless
Heather W

Janice said...

Hi Elliot
It's lovely to hear from you, and great that you are focusing on the positives. You seem a strong and determined young man.
I hope you enjoy the HP studios visit next week, and we look forward to seeing your Mum's photos!
As for watching the DVD's.....I only realised yesterday that there are eight of them to watch, so it sounds like you and Mum have had a huge 'viewathon' going on this week!
Carry on making the cakes too, it looked delicious!
Janice x

Disco Queen said...

Hi Elliott, Thank you for spending the time to write to us all. I hope you and your Mum have a fabulous time at the Harry Potter Studios. My thoughts will be with during your many hospital trips. Your positive attitude shows an amazing strength in character that will guide you well in the future. I wish you all the best.

nattyboots said...

Hi Elliott

Its no wonder your Mum is so proud of you, you are a strong positive and talented young man .

I agree with Mrs B you are allowed to drop your guard from time to time ,it will be good for you.

Im wishing you all good wishes and you will be in my thoughts and prayers
Lots of love coming your way

Elaine H X

Phil D said...

Hello ELliott your blog post was so good I can see a budding writer emerging in the future. Your positivity is wonderful. Enjoy Harry Potter event and I look forward to any future blog posts you write. Good wishes. Phil D

Maggieann said...

Hello Elliott, it's really good to hear from you. Your positive attitude is an inspiration to us all! Enjoy your visit to the HP Studio next week and keep making those yummy looking cakes ~ maybe one day I will get to one of your mum's classes and be able to have some.
Much love and positive vibes to you and your family xx

Cinders61 said...

Hi Elliott. I have been looking forward to your post since your mum told us you were planning one. As you can see, lots of people thinking about you and your family. You seem to have a lovely supportive family. I hope you enjoy Harry Potter. Keep positive Elliott! Gillian x

Anonymous said...

Hi Elliott, have a great time at the Harry Potter studio and keep positive, take care lots of love to you all Pam XXX

hazel young said...

Lovely words Elliott its good that you are staying positive and fighting fit. Big hugs enjoy HP xx hazel

Maggie said...

Hello Elliott. Great news about HP Studios, you'll love love love them. Clever you for keeping positive but you don't have to pretend to anyone, just be yourself. If you're scared say so then others can help reassure you it will all be fine in the end. It has to be - you've got all these prayers and good wishes coming your way from us all. Well done you! xx

Craftychris said...

Brilliant you are so positive, its a fabulous way to be. Enjoy the Harry Potter Studios, what a cool thing to be doing! I love the films and books. Take care and am sending heaps of positive vibes and big blog hugs! xx

Carol J said...

Hello Elliot, We haven't met but I know your lovely Mum. I think everyone has said all that needs to be said. So all I'm sending is a big Hug and I'm thinking of

Cazann49 said...

Hi Elliot, thanks for your lovely pic and blog.. You are very brave and I'm sure will be able to cope with your surgery with all your wonderful family by your side. It is daunting for anyone having major surgery (I had major surgery for cancer nearly 10yrs ago)let alone a young lad like yourself.BUT, You will feel so much better when all your treatment is finshed, and you never know, you may grow taller than your're in my thoughts and prayers. If you feel able, perhaps you or mum can keep us all up to date with your progress. lots of love,take care. Carole xxx

Lynn Hardy said...

Hi Elliot,

Thank you for a lovely blog post. Stay positive and I'm sure you'll be fine after your surgery and treatment. Enjoy Harry Potter's studios next week. My daughter wants to know which house you are in (she is a Hufflepuff)!
Please ask your Mum to let us all know how you are getting on.
Lynn x

Ita said...

Hi Elliott and Christine thank you Eiiiott for your lovely blog post you are a very brave young man and I wish you all the best of good luck on your surgery,and I know you will do very well.
Sending big hugs

Anonymous said...

Belinda Raven said...

Hi Christine, Elliott, and Mitchell.

Thank you for your blog post - it was great of you to do it, Elliott. You are in my prayers and I'll be praying for your Mum and Mitchell too.

Belinda x.

Sue B said...

What a lovely post Elliott. You have a wonderful positive attitude that is going to get you through this blip in your life. We will all be behind you & your mum & Mitchell every step of the way.
Best wishes xx

AnneRD said...

Lovely to read your blog post Elliott, and thank you for your kind words.
Enjoy your visit to HP. Keep your positive attitude.
The biggest of hugs, lots of love Nana Anne xxx

Anonymous said...

Hello Elliott - What a brave strong and positive young man you are I'm sure you will come through it all with flying colours. Have a magical time at the Harry Potter event (keep pinching your mum to keep her awake!). Can't wait to see the pics she'll take. My thoughts and prayers are with you Elliott, your Mum and Mitchell.
Val C xx

Unknown said...


Reaching out with big hugs of support from the U.S!

I can tell from your post and things I've heard about you over the years from your Mum that you are a young man with inner strength and great character!

When all of this is behind you, you will have an amazing story to share with all of us.

Kim Hupke

Anonymous said...

Hi Elliott
Just put all of your effort into staying strong and positive, and accept all the help and goodies offered. (I speak from experience, I also had cancer a couple of years ago.) The Doctors and nurses are excellent and will help you through this rough time.
Enjoy your trip to the Harry Potter Studios and make plans what else you want to do in the future.
Hope all goes well - Big hugs
Heather x

Janice said...

Hi Elliott and Christine. Thanks for taking the time to do a message for all us crafters. Keep positive and just let the doctors do what they must do... they do know best.. (Like Mum's do !!). Hoping all goes well when you have to go into hospital. I hope you continue to do a blog and keep us all up to date with your progress. We are all nosey as well!!! Take care. Janice xx

sheila said...

I hear the words of a very wise boy, the professionals know what they are doing and we have to put our trust in them. Your mum sounds a bit like me, I settle down to watcha movie I've been so looking forward to and before you know it I'm stiring as the credits are going up. Best wishes for your hospital vist.

ros hodgkins said...

Hi Elliott, I would just like to say I wish you all the best for the forthcoming ordeal. I am pretty sure it feels scarey but with all the love being sent to you from inside and outside your immediate family and the courage you have inside, you will come through it all a stronger young man.
Enjoy the H P trip and take loads of photo's so that you will be able to make an album of your trip.
Lots of Love X Ros

Carolyn H. said...

Lovely to read your positive blog post Elliott. You have a lovely family surrounding you with love and support.
Enjoy your HP studio experience with Mum and start planning what you would like to do special when your recovered.
Will be thinking and praying for you over the next weeks Elliott. Love and best wishes, Carolyn xx

Teresa said...

Hello Elliot,
I have heard so many amazing things about you from your from your mum and do hope that you have lots of fun at the Studios together! Sometime when you feel amazing again I am hoping my son and I can come and visit you and see London! I think it would be so fun! Take care of yourself and eat good and stay busy and have fun.. we are all saying prayers and wishing the best for you :) Lots of love and big Huge Giant Hugs,
Teresa and Matt

Cindy Alexander said...

Hello Elliott,

I am sending you a big hug from the U.S. also.. I too have heard many wonderful things about you and I am sending you much strength and positive thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Hi Elliot just read your post you are a very positive young man and I wish you all the very best for the coming weeks and months Enjoy your trip to the studios Keep smiling because you have a beautiful smile. Take care. Jean Prescott

Toni said...

Elliott, I've It's an absolute credit to you that you are having such positive thoughts and keeping yourself very busy. I think I'm very similar to your Mum re falling asleep during films. I try and bluff my way out of it but it soon becomes clear that I haven't seen much of the film in question.
Enjoy the Harry Potter museum and good luck when you next visit the hospital.
Lovely photograph by the way.
Take care,
Toni xx

Clai01 said...

Hello Elliott
Keep us all posted
we're all waiting to hear about your trip!

LoraineC said...

Great post Elliot a very grown up attitude. Have a wonderful time at the Harry Potter studios. The doctors and nurses at the Marsden are amazing you are in safe hands. Expelliarmus !!!

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Elliott, How lovely to see your Blog Post today. So glad you are keeping positive, and the piccie is brill.
How's the marathon HP film-watching going, you will have a fabby time at the studio tour, I am really jealous ha ha.
My thoughts and prayers are with you all.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Wilma Brown said...

Hi Elliot, positive thinking is a great way to get through the next few months. You seem to have a strong character which will help you through this all.

Like you mum I too fell asleep when I took my son to the cinema, he used to laugh at me, it must be a mum thing.

Take care, bug hugs, be strong.

Wilma x x x

Carolyn Bell said...

Well done Elliott,glad to read that you are being so positive, that's the medicine you can't buy! Enjoy your trip to the studios! I will be thinking of you all , love Carolyn xxx

SUE said...

Hi Elliot,

You are a lot stronger than you think, I know you will be ok next week with the strong attitude you have, it will help to see you through, you have a wonderful family beside you, I know they will all give you there strenght as all us crafters will give you ours, have the most wonderful time at the HP studio, I want to see lots of photo's I love all the HP films and would never fall asleep through them, have fun, that's what's important. Good Luck x


Thankyou so much for the lovely Dies that arrived this morning, I am going to have a play over the weekend. I think I owe Bella a Bone.

Love and hugs to you all,

Sue x

Susie Bentz said...

Lovely post Elliot. I loved watching the Potter films with my boys! So happy you get to go to the studio - I have heard it is wonderful! Wishing you all the very best. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Rose in Chester said...

Hi Elliott,
So good to hear from you in person and even better to hear that you are thinking positively - such a mindset has a lot to do with recovery and beating any illness.

I agree with you, you really don't need to know the detailled ins and outs of the op - I, too, would worry more (especially since I'm a coward of the finest caliber - something you are obviously not).

Have a great time at the studios and whatever you do with your family. You and your family are also in my prayers.

My best wishes go to you and I'm looking forward to hearing from you again.

Oh and by the way, it's Mums' jobs to sleep through films............

With love

Jenny L said...

Hi Elloitt,
my sister had an operation for a brain tumour about 4 years ago, and she is fine now. She has to take medication on a regular basis. She was 64 when she had the op. It's fabulous what the surgeons can do.
So it is lovely that you are being positive.
My well wishes are being sent your way. Today and everyday in the future I will be thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Anonymous said...

Hi Elliott
I'm so pleased that you are being/staying so positive, it really will help you over the next few difficult month's..
Sandra (craftynan)

Ann said...

Hi Elliott

So lovely to read your post. You are a very brave and positive and Handsome young man. My love and prayers are with you your dear Mum Mitchell and all your family for Monday stay positive me and my family are sending you positive healing vibes.
Enjoy the Harry Potter show and I hold my hand up I love the films but have been known to have a little nod (it may have been the little glass of vino with dinner) during one or two.

Sending you BIG hugs and lots of love Annxx

jackie sanders said...

Hi Elliot lovely to read your blog - will be thinking of you, your Mum and Mitchell over the coming weeks. Enjoy your trip, i'm sure it will be an amazing day. Take care and love to you all.
Jackie xx

Anonymous said...

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Debbie said...

What a lovely blog post you wrote Elliott.You have touched all our hearts.Have a super trip to the studios.Remember we'd love to know how you get on.Big hugs to you.Debbie x

SharonCJS said...

Hi Elliott

I am so pleased you are staying so positive - you have a very grown up head on your young shoulders!!! The surgeons will do everything they can to make you better but having a positive attitude will help them enormously.

You have the love, support and prayers of the (craft) nation at the moment - and if that doesn't help I'll eat your Alpaca hat lol!!!!!!

Stray strong, love - whenever things are a bit tough for me I have a mantra I chant over and over - that mantra is 'It'll pass, It'll pass, It'll pass' and do you know what ......... it always does!

Lots of love to you Elliot and your lovely mum and older brother, we are all thinking of you xxxx

Sandra Castle said...

A lovely post Elliott! And I must apologise for spelling your name wrong on a comment to your Mum's post today! I spelt it 'Eliot' after my beautiful marmalade cat from years ago! Please keep pestering your Mum to let you blog - it would be lovely to hear from you again. Keep those positive thoughts flowing, keep baking those yummy cakes and keep posting! Lots of love and hugs to you, your lovely Mum, big brother and little Bella! xxx

Carole Z said...

Hi Elliott, I've been away & still catching up so missed your post on have a fab attitude & I know you are surrounded by so much love from your Mum, bro & well as al your family & friends! You've written a lovely post, good on you! I hope you had a brilliant time at HP - hugs, Carole Z xx

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