Friday, 16 July 2021

Friday Chat Day

 Hello friends

Welcome to Friday and another chat day.
I hope all my waffle finds you well.
The sun is here, I think we are in for a scorcher of a weekend.
Thank you for the lovely birthday wishes for my Mum,
we had a nice afternoon last Saturday and certainly indulged in a lot of cake.

Things here continue as normal - I awoke to this view...

Pet wars- there is serious jealousy going on.
Bella can normally chase away any of the cats except Pixel -
not only does he stand (lay) his ground but manages to look very conceited about it! 


I've started something new and it is very rythmic and easy,
well apart from the heart in the middle, I had to concentrate on that bit.

The pattern is from Sue at Sweet Pea Family Crochet - 
it is called the Sweetheart Granny - Rose Garden Blanket.
Pattern is available from Lovecrafts here
It lists two colourways, I went with the pinks, silver and green combo.
It has a nice border which I hope to start at the weekend.


 When I'm not moaning about slugs and snails (I do that a lot!)
I am in awe of nature and how plants grow.  
I acquired this hydrangea last year through Freecycle, 
a lady was having her driveway paved and the builders had wrenched
it out of the ground. I retrieved it and it was a bit sorry for itself for some
time but amazingly it has grown and flowered.

And the Clematis I mentioned last week - Florida Sieboldiana
has developed into such colour contrasting blooms.

And...not the best photo as taken in haste.
This is my tomato plant growing area at the front of my home
among the wheelie bins!
Can you spot the Marigolds??
(Monty said to grow them with tomatoes as perfect companion plants).
No - neither can I!  
Pesky slugs and snails, they demolished the Marigolds in one night.
I did take note of YouTube tip that if your grow bags are not particularly thick,
keep the tomato plants in their pots but cut out the pot bottoms so 
the roots can spread. Seems to be working...

OK returning to more impressive plants - Agapanthus, again a rescue plant
 from the same lady as the Hydrangea.

And this Clematis beauty is flowering for the second time this year.

I manage to maintain my garden by dashing out in my lunch hour
and doing a little bit each day - there are some perks for having
a titchy garden.


Clarkson's Farm - Amazon Prime
Follow Jeremy Clarkson as he attempts to run a farm in the countryside. 
With no previous farming experience, Jeremy contends with the worst 
farming weather in decades, disobedient animals, 
unresponsive crops, and an unexpected pandemic.

I confess I'm not a huge fan of Jeremy Clarkson but you see him in a 
whole new light in this series.  With his very funny and brutally honest sidekick - 
Kaleb, the series is a mix of  humour, harsh farming realities, informative
and occasionally a little bit sad.  I'm hooked and so is Elliott -
it is one of our joint watching programmes right now.

Charity Kit:

I love it when this happens...
Michele has used two of this month's charity kits and adapted them 
to her choice/style and...even better - sent me the photos.

Version 1.

Version 2.

So pretty and thank you Michele for sharing them.
I still have a few remaining kits available - please click here.

And talking of the kits, I did receive a few messages and the 
preference going forward seems to be to remain with cards, fine with me.

This weekend: hopefully catching up with family,
catching up with housework, washing etc.
The conservatory ... still the same, work hasn't started,
when they first quoted they said 6-8 weeks start to finish.
I sense they are a little ambitious as it is now 10 weeks and nothing has happened.
I'm not overly concerned, I didn't really want the work done in all that rain
and as long as it is done by Christmas! 

Take care friends, wishing you a lovely weekend,
pop those sun hats on.

6 comments: said...

Morning Christine.
Thank you for the lovely chat and animals fix.
Wow your garden is so pretty as is your crochet.
So nice to read your family are all doing well.
Take care and have fun Kitty.

CraftyCoffey said...

Great catch up on all your news. Live the photos of the plants & Bella!
Thank you for sharing my charity cards-I loved this months kit.


karenlotty said...

Thank you for the chat I love to know what’s going on
Your garden look amazing All those cheerful colours
Both Bella and Pixel look very cheeky!
Again the only tele I am really watching is Handmaids Tale
I have treated myself to a CAL kit from Deramores OK I’ve relented - it’s a blanket! I am looking forward to doing something a little different and never done a CAL before You should feel very guilty about encouraging mešŸ¤£ It has two brightly coloured macaws on and it will go in the summer house Deramores are offering 20% discount to NHS workers and so I thought I would take advantage while I could
Take care x

Margie said...

Morning Christine. Lovely crochet project, really liking those colours. Your plants look so pretty, I'm still waiting for my agapanthus to flower here in the North everything seems much later. I fancied watching Jeremy Clarkson in this too. Not a big fan of his but I keep hearing its a good watch so nice to have another recommendation. Hope the job is still going well and not too challenging. xxx

hazel young said...

Lol, love the photo Christine. Love the crochet colours. Gorgeous flowers. The slugs and snails have been eating all our marigolds, we keep on growing more and replanting but they just keep going. What is strange we grew loads last year and they didn't touch them. Have a great week stay safe xx

Littlelamb said...

Sorry to be late commenting but was having trouble sending my comment. Love the blanket. Mine is at a standstill at the moment as have run out of yarn. Hope to get more soon. Love the colours you have chosen. That is a beautiful clematis. I shall have a look for that one as my friend loves Clematis and would be a good present for her. I like Agapanthus but don’t seem to have much success with them. You see a lot,of,them in Jersey but unfortunately my holiday there was cancelled again. Hope the rest of the week goes well for you.

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