Friday, 9 July 2021

Friday Chat Day

 Hello friends

Happy Friday to you all and thank you for stopping by.
I know it is very typical and British to talk about the weather but seriously,
shall we just assume Spring was our Summer?
There's been a few glimpses of sunshine but mainly cloud and rain.


The plants are thriving, the titchy garden is bordering on a titchy jungle.
It is truly nice to see all the plants growing but I would rather see them
basking in sunshine right now.

On the upside I've barely had to water anything.

Flowers have given me joy this week.
It is Clematis Florida Sieboldiana.
Bought as a very small sickly plant, I nursed it over last Winter.
Even though it hasn't got a great deal of foilage it has rewarded me
with two of these flowers.


Drum roll please....I have finished all my WIPs!
This was the final one that needed ends sewing in and a border -
Coastal Crochet - Seaside Stashbusting Blanket.

I went with some eyelash yarn for the border as the pattern suggests,
I wasn't sure at first but yes, I like it and it is so useful for covering up wobbly edges.
This blanket feels significant to me as I started it in the first lockdown 
to keep my mind focused on other things.

I am now starting a new project which I guess means it will be a WIP...


What's that saying? 
Things get worse before they get better.
So removing the tiles from the conservatory wall wasn't plain sailing.
I was wondering at one point if they used superglue!
Thankfully this badly damaged wall is being replaced - new plasterboard and plaster,
so all this hideousness will be out of sight.

Two trips to the tip (via booked appointments) and my old cupboards have gone.
The solid wood worktop is going to my Dad to use for his projects -
that's a lot of bird boxes.

I'm fighting a losing battle with pawprints!
My plan eventually is to have the fridge freezer, washing machine etc
behind cupboards/built in and then the remaining space can be used
as a little dining area and perhaps a chair to sit and look out on
the titchy garden.  It will be so nice to be able to use the 
conservatory as an actual room and not a walk-in fridge.


 The Mauritanian - Amazon Prime Video
A defence attorney uncovers a far-reaching conspiracy while investigating 
the case of a suspected 9/11 terrorist imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. 

This film throws a punch and even more so when you realise it is
a true story.  Some uncomfortable scenes at times but goodness, it is
worth every viewing minute.
Tahir Rahim portrays Mohamedou Ould Slahi.
(You may recognise him if you watched The Serpent as he 
played the main character in that - Charles Sobhraj).
 The Mauritanian also has the acting delights of  
Jodie Foster and  Benedict Cumberbatch.

Charity Kit:

This month's kit was a quick-make mini card,
one of those handy to have in the drawer at home.

There's just a few left, if you missed it please visit the
blog post here.

And talking of Charity Kits, this memory popped up on my 
Facebook...6 years ago!

Some of you may remember it was a kit that started with making
book covers and subsequent kits were pages and pockets to go inside.
It got me thinking - what do you prefer?
An ongoing project or separate projects (predominantly cards) each month?
Please let me know.

And that wraps up my week again.
This weekend celebrating my Mum's birthday.
It's sandwiches and lots of cake.

Take care friends, have a lovely weekend.


Anonymous said...

Your garden is thriving but it would be nice to see a bit of sun; which would allow us to get on with our garden project which is massive. Beautiful colours for your last WIP. Wishing your Mum the happiest of birthdays at the weekend. WakeyL said...

Hi Christine.
I am rather late today thank you for the little chat.
I hope your Mum has a great birthday.
Take care and have fun Kitty.

Littlelamb said...

Love Friday chat day. Your plants are looking lovely. The blanket is gorgeous. I have one ball of yarn left and then it will be finished. Hope your mum has a lovely birthday and the weather is good.take care.

karenlotty said...

Wowser Your garden looks amazing I love that clematis
Good luck with the building work Just think how amazing it will be when it’s finished
The only tele I have really looked forward to is The Handmaids Tale It is very brutal The girl that plays June is amazing How she portrays fear wearing a mask is incredible
I love your blanket All those different stitches would keep me occupied! I just don’t have the need for blankets
Take care x

Christine said...

What a superb hostage! Your beautiful clematis brought back a wonderful memory. I went to a gardener's world show and the person I was with had seen this plant on the tv show and just kept repeating its name until she managed to buy one!!! It took over an hour to find and she never said anything else but its name.
I love your blanket and the border is like sea waves spraying onto the shore ....perfect.

Christine said...

Oh! I like your cards for charity kits. I keep them for when I need an 'instant' card.

Carol Cel said...

Your blanket is beautiful!

hazel young said...

Well I completely forgot about your blog last Friday and only realised today due to yesterdays blog I had missed something. Loving your Hosta it looks great despite the slugs and snails. Gorgeous clematis. Yay well done to you on your WIP and now on to new things. Love the eyelash yarn. Your conservatory will be great once done. Hopefully they will make a start on it sooner rather than later. The film sounds good I may watch that, love a true story. Happy belated birthday to your mum, hope she is doing well. Yes I refer card or tags separate projects. Take care xx

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