Friday, 30 July 2021

Friday Chat Day

Hello friends

Welcome to another Friday Chat Day, a roundup of my week.

Hasn't the weather been crazy again, we are definitely feeling
the climate change. 
I read that 2020 was the third warmest, 
fifth wettest and eighth sunniest on record and 
I fear 2021 will make similar if not, scarier reading.


But on a lighter note - here's a strawberry!
We have just this one ripe at the moment and we are trying to think
of a fitting way to share this beauty.
Personally I'm against the 'sharing' so I may just pop outside when
no-one is looking and eat it! 

My rescued Hydrangea is just showing off now.
Predominantly white with just a hint of pink, so pretty.
I believe this is a Lacecap variety as opposed to a Mophead,
just love the descriptions.

I've been buying... slug traps!
I am a woman possessed.
Every morning I go hunting slugs and snails. 
I know they are important to the eco system whotsit 
but seriously, they eat everything! 
I can absolutely confirm they are not on the endangered list,
they just seem to breed overnight.

These traps are planted with the 'entrance' above soil.
You put a layer of salt in the bottom and then fill with beer.
I am using out of date shandy so I hope my slugs are lightweights
and not expecting Special Brew!

Last week I mentioned taking a wooden pallet to the tip.
I loved all the suggestions to make it into planters, coffee tables etc
but I just do not have the room to (a) make it and (b) display it.
I've filled up the garden VT with so many plants!

But following Hazel's suggestion, I did put it on Freecyle and it was 
snapped up quickly.  In fact it was a bit of a coincidence as the lady 
who collected it said her daughter was moving into the house across the road, 
funny how these things happen sometimes.  
It has gone to be used as a planter so that's nice.

And my Sweet Peas - all the ones I planted from seed did nothing
once I planted them outside... except the seeds that Hazel sent.
They are growing but no flowers yet. 
I've been a bit unlucky with Sweet Peas.


My Sweetheart Granny Blanket is finished.
I only chose to do one round of bobbles for the border.

I'm not sure my camera has captured the pretty colours.

This one is now available in my Folksy shop.
I'm thinking it would make a lovely baby blanket.

I'm now starting another Harmony Blanket - 126 squares
in coastal colours.  I'll show you more next week 
when it looks more interesting that 126 little round ones.


Florence Foster Jenkins - Netflix

Based on a true story...
In 1940s, a New York socialite Florence Foster Jenkins  
dreams of becoming a great opera singer. 
Unfortunately, her ambition far exceeds her talent. 
The voice Florence hears in her head is beautiful, but to everyone else it is quite lousy.

Oh this is such a touching film, Meryl Streep plays the part magnificently even
though you do consider wearing ear plugs half way through.
It feels even more poignant knowing it is based on a true story.
I subsequently looked up Florence Foster Jenkins online and there 
is a YouTube video recording of her 'singing'.
Watch this film if you can - watch the YouTube video below
when you feel audibly strong!

Other Stuff:

Mum and Dad were having a sort through of items and came across
this publication, it's a little bit dated - 6d!

And we all marvelled at this feeding advice:

Charity Kit:

Yes it is that time again, goodness where do the months go?
I'll be announcing August's Charity Kit on Sunday at 7am.
The charity this month is Prostate Cancer UK.

And here's a little sneak peek of the kit.

And that's another lot of natter done and dusted.
This weekend, I'll be finalising the kits and catching up with family.
Still nothing on the conservatory roof - my lounge-diner is still a dumping 
ground (or Dell Boy's flat as I call it) - so many boxes.

Take care friends - wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

7 comments: said...

Morning Christine.
Thank you for another lovely chat.
My sweet peas are blooming brilliantly my great grandaughter
planted them on mothers day they were a gift from her and her brother.
So surprised to read the dog menu, so many foods are poisonous to dogs now.
Take care and have fun Kitty.

CraftyCoffey said...

Great catch up on all your news today. Love the photos especially the hydranga and the Dog training book!
Looking forward to seeing the next Charity kit on Sunday.


Littlelamb said...

Love the blanket and the colours Christine. Look forward to see the next one. I am waiting for a delivery at the moment 10-12 and then I will have more yarn to finish my blanket. I don’t think I would leave the strawberry too long as you might find it has been nibbled. Good you found a new home for the pallet and not going far. That was good. Been raining here all night and still raining now. Have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine, I am so envious of your hydrangea; all mine does is produce leaves. The dog training book content on diet was a bit scary but it does reflect the era it was produced, thankfully there are many other choices these days. Beautiful blanket. Don't leave the strawberry too long or it may be snaffled up by wildlife. Have a great weekend. WakeyL

karenlotty said...

Great chat I really must try and remember to login in on Sunday as this charity is close to my heart

hazel young said...

Christine I really think you need to taste test the strawberry being head of the household lol. Get it before the squirrel does. Lovely your hydrangea it's gorgeous. I know what you mean about all the slugs and snails, with all this rain there will be more, sorry. Great news about the pallet. The sweet peas seeds i sent you, mine are only just flowering and the scent is to die for. Hopefully yours will flower shortly. Gorgeous blanket, you are so good at crocheting. Love the dog book, not sure on the advice though lol. It's funny when you read old books like that and realise how much times have changed. Looking forward to the charity kit. Take care and have a great week xx

Margie said...

Lovely chat Christine. Very envious of your hydrangea but my sweet peas are doing really well even here in the North! Gorgeous blanket, your crocheting is so neat. My mum aways comments on that when she puts your blanket over her knees. She's 99 this December and hoping to reach 100. Marvellous considering the past couple of years! Enjoy the strawberry, you deserve it xxx

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