Friday, 31 January 2020

Friday Chat Day

Hello friends

Happy Friday - Happy Friday Chat Day!

A fairly quiet week in my world but incredibly
I still have some waffle for you,
here goes...

The 'Yarn' tab at the top of my blog as been updated,
I've switched it around a little bit so that works in progress are at the top
and completed projects towards the bottom.
I thought that might make a little more sense.
And this is still one of my WIPs - the yarn busting blanket.
Ironically I'm running out of yarn in these particular colours so I'm possibly
going to have to buy more which sort of defeats the 'yarn busting' objective!

The pattern is very simple (although I managed to get it a little wrong)
rows of double and treble crochet, perfect for TV watching.

Another stash busting project and an addition to Bella's wardrobe,
I think it is a little to big so possibly some alterations needed.
Bless her she's a very willing model.

And talking of willingness...
The Emberson pets have been picked to be taste testers.
A small business Tia and Co - 
(please check them out and give them a follow 
on Instagram and Facebook here)
Their Instagram feed is absolutely beautiful - so organised,
I'm dead envious! 
They make wonderful bandanas for pets and are now venturing
into healthy, natural treats.
We received some packs of coconut hearts and they were an instant win.

If you follow me on social media you may have seen the video
of Pixel eating his, not as dainty and delicate as Lily above.
Bella loved hers and Darcy is doing her taste testing this weekend.

I do like to try and support little businesses, I appreciate how hard 
it is establish awareness, drum up custom and get established.

And in that vein I would like to share with you 
Top Its Cards ran by the lovely Lisa.
I came across this business when Bella had her teeth out
and this lady's dog Ted also had gone through the same thing.
Mutual tooth support!
She designs cards and imagine how thrilled I was 
when she announced one of her latest designs is based on Bella! 

Bella checking out the original print and here are the cards created
from that print and a couple more designs - perfect Valentine's.
They are a good size, A5 and have cute little wooden hearts too.
Click on the image below for more details and today only she is offering free postage.

This week I made a start on the 'put off' list, do you have one?
Those things that you keep meaning to get around to and 
say, I'll wait till the weather improves or I'll do it next month.
One of my things was to address all the green algae on my 
garden paving. I have, in the past, borrowed a jet wash (just the once),
my memory is way too much water for my little garden and
I was covered head to toe.

So, inspired by some online reviews I've opted for a surface cleaner
that works with the rain to clean/reduce the green.
Both Wet and Forget and Patio Magic had the best reviews.
This is it just after it was sprayed 
(all pets kept indoors until it was dry and then safe for their paws).

Hoping it works because it was effortless compared to jet washing.
You can also use it on fencing, UPVC and more so quite a bit got a spray.
I'll keep you posted - riveting stuff eh!

Today it is this one's birthday - Mitchell (not Bella).
Can't quite believe he is 26.
To celebrate I'm taking half day at my city job and we are all meeting
up in Covent Garden for a meal and a little wander.

And because I'm pretty certain  he doesn't read my blog I can confirm
that the birthday cake is a caterpillar cake - family tradition.
(Sorry Mitchell, I've spoiled the surprise if you are reading this, 
although you've pretty much had the same cake since you was 5!)

Other news - I've been in my cabin this week.
Glad to report it is still tidy, I fear I've become a little OCD with it now. 
I'm quite ruthless both at home and in the 
cabin as we are short of space in both,
lack of items definitely helps to keep things tidy.
Are you a hoarder or a chucker-outer? 

And finally, thank you for stopping by the blog.
Jackie - I was very envious of you laying on a beach and 
LittleLamb - glad you are healing well.

Please stop by again on Sunday as it is Charity Kit Day,
despite January feeling the longest month ever 
it has come around quickly.

Take care friends - have a wonderful weekend.

6 comments: said...

Morning Christine.
Thank you for the lovely chat.
Happy Birthday Mitchell.
Your pets seem to love their new treats, Bella is so cute.
I must check out the sites,
Looking forward to Sunday.
Take care and have fun Kitty.

hazel young said...

Love your wip great colours. Bella looks so cute modelling your latest doggy creation. Hoe exciting being a taste tester for pet products. Love the Top it Cards image and cards, Bella fame. I,ve seen the wet and forget on a shopping channel and the results too amazing, good luck. Happy Birthday Mitchell, the years do seem to fly by quickly. Enjoy your day out. Have a great week. Looking forward to seeing next months charity kit xx Hazel

craftyknitter1 said...

Hi Christine, the wet and forget is marvellous but I have been using Spray & Leave by Spear and Jackson for several years now and it is the best thing I've ever purchased. It makes the neighbours very envious! However, it may be several months before you actually see anything happening! Don't give up as one day you will look out and it will def be a light bulb moment but don't expect it to be straight away. Always look at your blog but been a long time since I posted just don't have the time!

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Christine, I hope you all had a great day at Covent Garden and Happy Birthday to Mitchell, your cake looks yummy.
I love your crochet blanket and Bella's bandana. The kitties are liking their treats.
I must research your flag cleaners, mine are in desperate need for cleaning, we did ours with the jet wash, but as you say we got it all over us and there is a definite knack to starting and finishing as far as the 'muck' is concerned haha.
Enjoy your weekend.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

karenlotty said...

I love your blanket and in the past I have started a stash busting project only to find I’m running out of yarn! It saves having to buy the whole lot and just buy what you need to finish
Bella looks adorable in her new make I hope the pets enjoy their treats
Happy Birthday Mitchell Enjoy the cake
I’ll be interested in seeing the results of your patio as we definitely need to do ours Craftyknitter’s sounds a good one too
Take care and enjoy your week x
See you tomorrow

Jackie Durrant said...

Hi Christine, just catching up as home again and I managed to order the notelet holder luckily before they sold out. All the crochet work you have done looks great and with such a willing model as well. And now Bella has more fame with the cards. They are rather cute though. Like others my patio is beginning to look a bit untidy so will watch out with interest how yours improves. Have a good week, Jackie xx

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