Friday, 3 January 2020

Friday Chat Day

Hello friends

2020 - sounds strange doesn't it? 
I guarantee I'll get it wrong a few times when typing/writing.
Nonetheless, Happy New Year to you!
May it be just the way you planned with only nice surprises.

I confess I'm not a big fan of New Year's Eve,
I think there's an incredible amount of pressure to be out and partying 
when I'm very happy staying in on the sofa - with crochet - and a Bella.
This year the boys felt the same (possibly due to them both coming down 
with a horrible lurgy) so our New Year's Eve was incredibly tame and all 
of us in bed by 10pm! 

One of my New Year traditions is to open up my memory jar.
I started this a few years ago and I print off little photos of events etc
throughout the year (good and bad).
My jar is a kilner storage jar but you could use anything,
doesn't even have to be a jar.
I like to use photos and write on the back of each,
but there's also the option of writing on little sheets/cards,
so many free printables online including this one.

On New Year's Eve I open it up and remind myself of everything than has 
happened in the previous 12 months. It is good for the soul.  
It's so easy to think you haven't achieved/done anything and this is a firm reminder.

So a little of my 2019: 
I did some telly work, learned how to crochet, tried my hand at gardening,
had eye surgery, we lost our beloved Imogen cat and Bella lost a lot of teeth!
I had wonderful days out with friends, theatre trips, cinema, concert.
We decorated the lounge, got a new fence and more! 

For a brief moment, back in December I wondered if I would continue
with my jar of memories but I'm now inspired to do it all again.

Some little finds over the Christmas period:
I often stumble across things and think 'I'll pop that on my blog'.
I discovered this image and was instantly (and obviously) drawn
to the Bella look-alike dog - turns out this is Agatha Christie! 

I am a mahoosive fan of AC,
 (I bet she would never use the word 'mahoosive'!)
Especially at this time of year I cram in as many TV adaptions and novels
that I can, even though I know all the 'whodunnits'. 

And I'm probably very late to the table with this find:
The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse by 
Charlie Mackesy

I chose to buy this amazing book with my Christmas money,
beautifully illustrated and poignant.

I can now share with you a blanket I completed a few months ago.
This was for a friend's birthday so I had to keep it under wraps.
It is the Hydrangea Pattern by Lucy at Attic 24 and I've chosen
to use a combination of silver, lilac and purple.

Delighted to say the birthday girl loved it.

I'm now doing the same pattern with multi colours and I'll be sure to 
share that with you.

More listings of my Dad's gorgeous birdhouses are now on Etsy here.
We are coming into the perfect time to install birdhouses
so he has been extra busy in his workshop.
This beauty is on my cabin and has visitors each year,
I know because I can hear the babies chirping! 

The birdhouses make such a lovely gift or a treat for yourself,
and sent by courier free of charge.

Other stuff: 
In  the downtime approaching New Year 
I made all the arrangements to close down the 
Hope and Chances website. 
It was finalised by a click of a mouse button and I admit it
felt very strange and quite emotional.

But I was then instantly bouyed by the fact that I have made the 
charity kits ready to go on Sunday.

A few things about the charity kits, some details and minor changes.
I'll be mentioning this again on Sunday but thought I would give
you a heads up.

Kits will be available first Sunday of each month here on the blog.
Payment will be via a PayPal link and free UK postage and packing.
(If you wish to purchase and would prefer not to use PayPal 
then please message me:  
happy to help).
If you subscribed to the website an email reminder will be sent out 
and kits will also be advertised on Facebook.

Here's a tiny sneak peek...

Oh yes, something new with the kits: 
each month a donation will be made to a different charity,
(sharing the love).
If you have a charity that is close to your heart then please 
let me know, I would like to compile a list.
I'm looking for both human and animal charities please.

So I think that's it for chatter,
I truly hope you can stop by on Sunday for the relaunch 
of the kits, until then have a wonderful weekend.
I'll be taking down the Christmas decorations which I really 
don't want to do! 

Take care friends.


hazel young said...

Happy New Year Christine. Love your memory jar pics and blanket. Wishing you and your family a fabulous year xx Hazel

CraftyCoffey said...

Happy New Year!!!

Great to see your photos & hear all the latest news .

Can I suggest a Charity-the British Hedgehog Preservation Society. The connection is one of your previous charity kits was a hedgehog (using photo corners) plus I’m a member and extremely lucky to have Hedgehogs visiting my garden.


Hope and Chances said...

Wonderful suggestion and definitely yes. Thank you Michele.

karenlotty said...

Hello Christine Wonderful chat I lip everywhere the idea of a memory jar I used to do 4x6 photo books using a scrapbook CD-ROM package abut got out of the habit

I would love you to consider the British Heart Foundation as a charity My son died of heart disease at 29 He was born with a heart defect and ended up needing a transplant He was a huge supporter of their research Especially (being a zookeeper) their work with zebra fish that can regenerate healthy tissue to repair damage It is worth knowing that a heart attack however slight permanently damages your heart

Hope and Chances said...

Thank you Karen for your suggestion of British Heart Foundation, another definite, already on my list xx

Chris said...

Hi Christine
Happy New Year to all. Xx
I too, would suggest the British Heart Foundation, as I had a problem a few years ago that I had corrected and always like to donate to them.
Sorry the boys were unwell over New Year, hope they are fully recovered now. I always worry when the children do out to celebrate however old they are 🙄
Your Charity Kit sneak peak looks lovely, will check in on Sunday.
Have a lovely weekend,
Chris xx

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Christine, Happy New Year to you and all your Family.
Some lovely chat today and lovely pictures too.
I would recommend, British Lung Foundation (my Mum died of lung cancer in 1994), also Cats Protection and also RSPCA are all brilliant charities.
I hope that Elliott and Mitchell are now feeling much better. We were both in bed at 10pm too, although I was wakened at 12am with all the fireworks being let off, my cat Lizzie was petrified, I'm so glad that's over with now, until the next time !!
I'm really looking forward to seeing your Charity kits, your sneak peek looks lovely.
Enjoy your weekend.
Lots of love from Patricia xx said...

Hi Christine.
As usual I am a day behind,thank you for the lovely chat.
I am looking forward to the charity kits.
I too was in bed by 10pm. and like Patricia, was woken up by the fireworks.
Well I wish you all a very happy healthy ( YOUR mUM AND Boys) and prosperous 2020.
Take care and have fun Kitty.

Lynn said...

Hi Christine, can I suggest an altzheimers charity? (not sure the spelling is correct)!. Happy New Year, ordered my charity kit.... Was tidying my craft room over Christmas and found some previous ones! Lynn x

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