Friday, 24 January 2020

Friday Chat Day

Hello friends,  

I'm pleased to be reporting back to blog duty. 
Thank you for the kind get well messages. 
It is blooming restricting having a bad back isn't it? 
I'm pretty much running around now, well 'running' might be an exaggeration. 
I don't think I've done any running since about 1975! 
I am capable of some brisk walking so Bella walking and 
back to city work is now possible - those placed in order of priority. 

In between I've been hibernating from the cold in a world of yarn.
This little pile is next to my armchair, a few works in progress.
Bottom left is my stash busting project that is growing... slowly.

This stripey blanket is Hydrangea by Attic 24 and whilst in progress 
serves as a very efficient dog warmer.
Bella loves the blankets and is amassing her own little collection.

When I did tear myself away from crochet I ventured into my cabin to ensure
this set up is how I want it to be.
My new desk, chair and PC that the boys organised a few months ago.
Shelves need some more items but I quite like the clean lines.

This is one of my 2020 plans, to sit here and do some fiction writing.
Over the years I've dabbled in writing and before I discovered the
world of die cutting I had a few items published. 
I also have a  poorly kept writing blog - Desk Adventures.
(Must address that at some point!)

I have, on quite a few occasions, attempted to write at home but I lose focus. 
It can be quite noisy with barking dogs (not Bella), cars going back and forth and
before I know it I'm jumping up to put the washing on, 
answer the phone/door etc.
The cabin is a perfect escape for what I have planned.

What am I planning??

Not a bestseller that's for sure!
This is a little venture/hobby/ambition.
Along with a Christmas story (that has been on the back burner for 10 years +),
I have in development a series of short crime stories that feature a fictional village.
There's even a map! 
Here's a little sneak peek.

The map is loosely based on where I live.
We have a rather quaint area in Gravesend that still has traditional 
shops, a tea room, sewing shop, florist, bridal shop and it is also where I 
wait for my commuter coach on city work days. 

But that is as far as the similarities go, everyone I know is safe,
you will not be in a book and bumped off! 

Elliott has secured a domain name and at some point will be creating
a little website for me - he's quite handy like that!

Although I've had this in the back of my mind for nearly a year
it has made January easier getting this underway.
Anyone else find January a tricky month?

I will still be crafting, the February charity kit is nearly finalised and
I'm already thinking about March so please continue to stop by 
 (in case I've scared you off with my writing plans!) 

In addition keep an eye on the 'boxes' tab at the top of the blog,
more will be added and many thanks to those who have ordered.

This weekend, no big plans - I'm willing the weather to improve
to get out into the garden and start tidying it up.
Bulbs are sprouting, a sign of Spring on the horizon - 
it cannot come soon enough.

Take care friends, have a great weekend
whatever you are doing - hope it is lovely.


CraftyCoffey said...

Bella looks so cute all wrapped up in your lovely blanket.
The sneak peek of the village in your book looks interesting, looking forward to hearing all about your progress.


Anonymous said...

Great to hear you are well on the mend. Bella does look really happy to be snuggled up in the blankets. Hoping your writing aspirations come to fruition. WakeyL

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Pleased to hear you are feeling better, Enjoyed the catch up.

Littlelamb said...

Glad you are feeling better. Back ache is no joke. Love your blankets. Not done any of mine at the moment as I am knitting a shawl in variegated yarn. Bella looks very cosy there. Your writing sounds interesting. I like crime stories and am reading one at the moment. Nothing gruesome in it. It’s about two elderly lady private detectives living in a small village in Dorset. Had the stitches out from my forehead this week and everything fine and healing nicely. The scar will be hid under my fringe. Enjoy your weekend.

Jackie Durrant said...

Hi Christine well you are keeping busy enough without the crafting so will look forward to your best seller when it eventually is published. As for me I am laying on a beach in Las Palmas Gran Canaria to day. Weather is lovely though it has been a.bit cloudy by the afternoon on the previous islands we have visited so I'm making the mist of it as another week and back to reality. Take care xx

Chris said...

Hi Christine,
So glad your back is better, don’t do too much running around though.
Good luck with the writing, I do like a good murder mystery.
Have a good weekend
Chris xx

karenlotty said...

All of your crochet makes are fabulous You’ve really cracked crochet Bella looks so sweet all tucked up
I’m glad you’re feeling better The cabin looks brilliant
Good luck with the writing

hazel young said...

Glad your back is better and normal dog walking has resumed. Your crochet works look amazing as ever, nice to see Bella appreciating all your hard work. Looking forward to your stories, I love a crime thriller. Nice, neat and tidy cabin. It's going to be another cold weekend like last week, I need to venture out and try to repair my greenhouse after the storm the other week. I have managed to January/spring clean the kitchen, so a happy bunny. Have a great weekend xx Hazel

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Christine, I'm so glad you are feeling much better. Your crochet work looks amazing, and what a gorgeous piccie of Bella 'adoring' your work haha.
Your new ventures into 'author' work sound brilliant, you will get lots of tips from Carole, sounds so interesting.
Enjoy your weekend.
Lots of love from Patricia xx said...

Morning Christine.
So sorry I am a day late again. So glad you are felling better.
I wish my craft room was as tidy as your cabin, some times the chaos drives me mad, then it is
major clear out the local nursery benefits.
Good luck with your book I have read your short stories and, enjoyed them very much.
Bella looks so cosy in her blankets.
It will be February next week, the days are getting a little longer.
Take care and have lots of fun Kitty.

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