Monday, 18 March 2019

Start of a brand new week!

Hello friends

How was your weekend?
I spent mine locked away in my cabin getting ready for my
Hochanda shows.  I made a dent in what I need to do but I'm back there today.

My shows are going to be next Monday 25th and Tuesday 26th March,
it's the one day special so it will be Monday evening and throughout 
the day on the Tuesday.
The dies are Becca Feeken's Vintage Treasures and I'll be sure
to have them in stock.

Here's a YouTube video showcasing some of the designs.

I am totally in love with the new Cinch and Go Flowers V,
can't resist a daisy shape.
Now if I could just tie a 'Becca Bow' I would be happy!

Over the weekend new items were uploaded to the website,
we have the latest designs of Cut and Emboss Folders
and new Glimmer Hot Foil Plates - designs by both
Paul Antonio (gorgeous fancy lettering) and Sharyn Sowell -
such sweet birds! 

You can find them all here under our New Arrivals tab.
I am finding this website so much easier to link to - 
wish we had got around to it years ago!

Also today there's some boring 'life stuff' happening,
my car failed its MOT so it is in the repair garage - fingers crossed 
it doesn't cost the earth to fix and I'm chasing up my eye surgery appointments.
I've had to stop driving at night now as the glare from lights is pretty bad.

Which leads me to a question - any opinions on the new multifocal lenses?
Under the NHS you can have monofocal lenses popped into your eyes
 but if I rob a bank I can have multifocal which 
apparently means no glasses needed,
too good to be true?

Take care friends, have a super start to the week! 


margaret driscoll said...

Hello Christine
The Multifocal sounds good!
Hope car is not too expensive!
Have a nice day
Love Marg

Jackie Durrant said...

Hi Christine hope your car is not as expensive as mine was last year! I'm so used to it I didn't want the hassle of getting another but I will have to before long. I've never heard of these lenses. Have always worn glasses as I coukdn't get on with putting things in my eyes but lije you I avoid night driving as it is such a strain so I hope things work out well for you. Oh and by the way the new stock items are great! xx

hazel young said...

Gorgeous Becca Feeken dies, I like the flowers too. Loving the new dies on the website especially "Oh Happy Day" one. Sorry to hear your car failed MOT hope it's not too painful. Not heard of multifocal but sounds amazing let us know what you find out. Looking forward to your shows next week. Have a great day xx Hazel

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Sounds like you have decisions to make regarding your eyes, good luck.
Love the bird die so cute.

Chris said...

Hi Christine
Sorry about the quandary with your eyes, it such an important decision to have to make, I’d love to not have to wear glasses.
I’m off to your website now to have a look at all the new items.
Happy crafting
Chris xx

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Christine, Gorgeous dies by Becca and I'm loving the new Cinch flowers.
I haven't heard of those new lenses that can be implanted, I use varifocal lense glasses since my cataract ops, but I would love to have been able to have those implanted at the op, it's amazing what they can do nowadays, good luck with your decision, I know that I would choose to have the multifocal lenses if I had the choice.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

nattyboots said...

Hi Christine
Not heard of these lenses before , I honestly don't know what I would choose and a big decision to make ,as your eyes are very precious .
happy Crafting .
Elaine H X

Brenda said...

Hello Christine,
I love the new dies by Becca, and a great video to showcase them.
Hope you’re able to find someone to help you with the new lenses. Brenda xx

Clipping Path said...

Wow! Shoutout love! This is INCREDIBLY helpful, thank you guys!

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