Sunday, 15 October 2017

Check those kit bags and what's it like now?

Hello friends

If you purchased this month's Charity Kit it is time to check
your kit bags!
This month's kit proved very popular and sold out the same day,
a box kit featuring the lovely Gossamer Knot and 

The lucky number is....

If you have number 417 please email me:
with your address details and I'll send out your goody bag to you.

Thank you for the lovely response to my blog post yesterday,
it is hard to believe I've had my cabin for three years.
I wish it was as empty as photographed yesterday, I may stand a chance
of getting organised!  Instead it is packed full.
Patricia commented that she would like to see inside and out 
so here's a few pics.

Taken on a tidy day!

Also some time ago I posted a video on Facebook,
it does a little tour of the cabin and I waffle on for a bit! 
Click here and hopefully you can view it.

Take care friends, today Mitchell and I are supposed to be cleaning
the conservatory roof and cleaning gutters - glamorous!
Apple picking may have to wait.


hazel young said...

Congrats to the winner. Fabulous photos, I am guessing you two got the short straw on the Sunday jobs front. Have a great day xx hazel

Laura O' Connor said...

Fab pictures looks lovely and neat it is surprising what space you have in there. Love seeing other people craft spaces. Laura O

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