Thursday, 15 June 2017


Hello friends

I got up yesterday morning with the intention of typing a blog post,
heard the news of the terrible fire in London and stopped typing.
Blogging paled into insignificance.
My heart ached for those people, family and pets caught up in such a tragedy.
Fire terrifies me (as I'm sure it does others),
I cannot and honestly do not want to imagine what those people 
went through and what they suffered and will continue to suffer 
while rebuilding their lives.

I do not want to be maudlin and I rarely stick my head above the parapet and 
voice an opinion but doesn't it throw things into perspective?
I am rich today, rich beyond words because I have a roof over my
head and my family and pets are safe.
I wanted to shout this from the rooftops yesterday
when I heard petty trivialities in the supermarket and read similar online...

So that's my words today with just a little crafty offering...

Hug those closest today.

Take care friends, it is Friday Die Day tomorrow and that boy of 
mine has been working on a video...


Kitty Davies said...

Morning Christine and Boys.
Thank you for posting today.
Yes our hearts go out to all those devastated people.
I lost my husband of 52 years 5 months ago I miss him so much.
So very big hugs to all our family's and friends.
Christine thank you so much the die came yesterday.
Take care all Kitty.

hazel young said...

It's stunned us all Christine and watching it on tv had me in tears for those families. Gorgeous card and lovely sentiment xx hazel

Jackie Durrant said...

Oh such true words Christine. Having had a father who spent his working life in the Fire Brigade and Fire Prevention and having been a Fire Insurance Underwriter I am all too aware of the aftermath of fire and am still amazed at the acceptance of tower blocks without sprinkler protection as ladders and water pressure are just not available above 12 storeys. Sorry, rant over but it just so upsetting. Your card is just beautiful. Jackie xx

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Christine, I can understand your words today, such a terrible disaster, I watched all the footage on ITV from 6am onwards, and heard all the reports, I can't possibly understand how devastated all those families are, they have lost absolutely everything, and some have lost their lives in the process and some people are still searching, such a terrible disaster, my thoughts and my prayers go out to everyone involved and I pray to God that we don't have anymore disasters.
A really beautiful card.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

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