Sunday, 25 June 2017

Craft, Congrats and Climbing Fences

Hello friends

Today's blog post is a little later due to escapades last night! 
Ridiculously I managed to lock myself out (yes again!)
In my is a new front door (still getting used to it!)
I forgot that a top window was open and a gust of wind blew down and I heard 
a tiny click (not even a satisfying door slam)
and that was me stuck outside in shorts, shirt and flip flops.

At this point I reassured myself that the back door is wide open,
I can just reach over and unlock the back gate.
I live in a mid-terraced property so to gain access to the 
back of my home you walk down an alleyway - a very
overgrown alleyway!  At my gate I realise there was probably a good reason
why I fitted turnbuckles and extra bolts that are unreachable but 
it isn't helping me now!

I look at the fence and wonder if I can climb that (in flip flops!?)
Ten years ago I probably could have I ponder...
Then I remember I'm up against a time limit here -
I'm due to pick Elliott up in thirty minutes and I have no phone to
contact him.  I then hit upon the idea of my neighbour, Micky.
Then real hilarity ensues - she has a ladder, yes I can climb a 
ladder to the top of my fence and yes I can balance on a wall opposite 
the alleyway, but then lowering the ladder on the other side of the 
gate and me having to leap across to climb way! 
While this is happening Bella is totally confused, barking at me
and then stopping thinking 'I know that person trying to break into our garden!'

We revert to modern technology, through the medium of Facebook.
We eventually get a message to Elliott who in turn manages to contact my 
Mum on her mobile and then my lovely Dad drives round with the spare key.

I'm actually only an hour late picking him up, Bella is still looking 
perplexed and I look like I've been pulled through a hedge backwards.. because
I pretty much have been!

So lessons learned and surprisingly I'm not aching too much today from
running up and down ladders! 

Finally a crafty deserve it for getting this far!

Today's card features Congrats a sentiment die designed by Marisa Job
for Spellbinders.
It is actually a Pop-Up die so has two sides but I've adapted it 
to place on the front of a card.
I found some pretty patterned paper, distressed it a little and inked the edges.

Created lots of flowers and also added curly foliage from Sprigs.

Congrats is available on the website here.

Take care friends, enjoy your day.
I'm hoping for an uneventful one! 


Michelle S said...

Lovely blog. Never a dull moment eh. Glad all was well in the end. Lovely congrats card too, I guess I'm going to NEED that die too! Very pretty. xxx

hazel young said...

Omd's I needed that to cheer me up today although it wasnt funny for you at the time, I know. glad the family rallied round and dad came to the rescue. Gorgeous card x xhazel

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Christine, What an eventful time you have had, I bet panic stations came into play in your brain too, I would have been beside myself with hysteria hahaha. So glad your Dad was able to be your 'Knight in shining armour', poor Bella wouldn't know why her Mummy was doing what she was doing hahaha.
Your card is gorgeous, shabby chic and gorgeous.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

karenlotty said...

You did make me smile I always panic that my front door is going to slam shut when I put rubbish in the dustbin Who takes their front door key out to put the rubbish in the bin - not me!
Lovely card by the way

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