Thursday, 20 August 2015

Exciting new dies and a Giveaway

Hello Everyone,

There is a new set of dies available to pre-order on the website:
The Simply Said dies!
It's a great mix of shapes, alphabets and card fronts.

This set contains the die Victorian Alphabet
and this die was featured in June's charity kit.
Oh look - that's me in the photo!

It seems like Mum is doing a giveaway on the Creativity Continues 
Facebook page if she gets 500 likes,
I was not aware of this so if she wants a war she gets a war...

Only joking but I'm thinking I will have a giveaway,
for anyone who leaves a comment on this post, they will be
entered into a hat and the winner will receive a code giving them £10 off the website!
I will announce the winner at the weekend.


Diane said...

So Elliott, that's the way you are going to play it? Fighting give away with give away? Bring it on then as it is all good news for us followers. It is fantastic to see you and your Mum going from strength to strength. Best of luck to you both.

Kitty Davies said...

Hi Elliot.
Well hear we go. just have lots of fun on your new ventures.
I love the card front Sunshine die Take care Kitty.

Patricia Youdell said...

Hi Elliott, you are doing a great job - keep it up.
I love the Victorian alphabet dies - something to add to my shopping list

mim said...

Hi Elliot,

I think your mum might be getting worried you are more popular than she is !
Margaret x

Jane Willis said...

I loved the letters that came in the June kit, glad to know the die set they came from. Funny, though, my kit didn't have a photo of you in it!

Stamping Bubbles said...

Hello Elliott
Liking the sound of this particular war.
These new die sets are great especially the alphabet dies - so useful. My wish list is growing by the minute.
Enjoy your day
PS. Great photo!

Christine Collins said...

Hi Elliott,
I've just had a little peak at the new dies on the website, they look great. I had fun playing with my new dies last night, thank you. Things are hotting up between you and your Mum, I had better hop on to FB to see what's she is up to. Keep up the good work.
Chris xx

hazel young said...

Lovely dies Elliott i was having a browse at them all late last night. Love the banter with you and your mum xx hazel

Wendy L said...

Dies look lovely, going to browse the Facebook page now, WAR. xxx

lilian said...

Hi Elliot, these new dies look great, love the alphabet ones, can hear my purse groaning again.
Best Wishes Lilian in Cornwall

sue jones said...

Ha Ha Love it! I have to admit that I have one of those craft blog counter thingies too but I hardley ever remember to check it - Good luck in the battle ;) . The dies look fab BTW ( better go visit you mum now so as not to take sides!)

nattyboots said...

Hi Elliott
The dies are lovely and the Alphabets would be so useful , { i think you Mum is getting a little worried that you have more followers than her at the moment ,but shhhh don't tell her i told you }
Thank you for the Giveaway , we are very lucky followers .
So let the Battle commence ...... Good Luck everyone.
Take Care
Elaine H X

PharmacyMichele said...

The new dies look great especially the alphabet. Let the Blog battle commence eh?!


Clai01 said...

Hi Elliott
doing a great job for your Mum so it seems-love the alphabet dies esp
keep up the good work!

Jean Z said...

Hi Elliott, Lovely dies would love them. I think your Mums getting worried ah ah . love Jean Z xxx

Lucycat said...

Hi Elliott,
The dies look great,
Love the competition with your makes me smile.
You are doing really well,your mum must be very proud of you.
Take care.

Brenda Lello said...

Hi Elliot, Love these new dies, I think the alphabet would be a great addition to any collection.
Just wanted to say you're doing a great job xxx

Janice said...

Love these dies Elliot, the letters are so useful.
Ding, ding.....round 1! Good luck to you both 👍
Janice xx

LoraineC said...

Morning, the battle is hotting up!! These dies look very useful. I received my matting basics from you yesterday, thank you very much, and look your mum has used them on her card today !! Have a great day x

Kelly S said...

You are doing a great job Elliot. Let the games begin!!!! x

lydia jordan said...

Hi Elliot,
Looks like you have found your niche, you are doing a great job. Like the competition with your Mum, bet it's keeping her on her toes.

Jackie Durrant said...

Hi Elliott some very nice shapes in your first picture and I love the alphabet. Rather fun to have a blog battle with your mum should prove interesting in the coming months. Best wishes Jackie x

Anonymous said...

Hi Elliott -so it's war! - hope your Mum knows what she's let herself in for! Like your sense of humour - plus the dies. Do you stop working? as your dispatched my order on Sunday less than an hour after I'd placed it - great service - just have to wait for the postman now. Thanks

paula Rawlinson said...

Hi Elliot
Loving the dies and your blog, You learnt off the best (mum) haha. Love your new shoes as well.
Good luck
Love Paula

Littlelamb said...

Hi Elliott

Love these new dies.

Sharon said...

Hello Elliot,
A little bit of a competition between you and your mum is great for business and keeps a bit of fun going while you are both working so hard.
You are doing a fantastic job with this blog. (well done you). I am having trouble uploading photos to mine. I need my very own Elliot. lol
Keep up the good work.
Love Sharon xx

Domino said...

Love your attitude Elliot. Family Blog wars!! You might have to start crafting to lay down the gauntlet :-)

Good luck with the new job.

Maureen Killen said...

Hello Elliott,
I hate to see a family at war, but if you want to win - play dirty!!!
You, and some of the comments this morning, have given me a laugh, which is a good thing to do on this sunny day. That's one handsome chap in the scrapbook page (a little bit of grovelling is always a good thing) ha ha.
Maureen xxx

Valerie said...

Well Elliott, like the blog, feisty this morning! Did you have much competition at your job interview?? Hope you are enjoying it. Will look in tomorrow. Valerie

Lisaerica said...

Elliott, so cute to see the nice relationship you and your mom have, she raised a nice young man. I love the lettering on this layout, I'm dying to have them, I had to sorry, lol. Love the picture with you and kitty and the color combo too, your mom is super talented! Thanks for the chance to win.

CraftyJo said...

Oooh Elliot! Should be starting wars with your Mum? Actually, it's to our benefit so maybe you should ;)

Bejay Roles said...

Hi Elliot,
I'm loving the new blog with you in charge, so far you're doing a grand job. How cool you and your mum having a giveaway war...the more the merrier is all I can say. It's a great way to keep us jumping from blog to blog to keep up with you both. I love the pre-order new dies, will have to go and have a closer look at them all. x

SusanP, Kent said...

Fighting talk indeed! I like the alphabet set very much. The June charity kit didn't stick around for long - I missed it as I was away at the time :(

Elaine said...

Great looking dies ! I loved the letters in the scrapbook page kit. The war comment made me laugh ! I did share the page on Facebook to try to get 500 likes quickly lol x

karenlotty said...

Well I've come back! I thought this blog was disappearing and that you were MD of mum's new place - doesn't take a lot to confuse me (don't answer that!) in my defence I visit blogs on my iPod so it's tiny and don't see the full page
Good luck in your new role I'm adding your blog to my reading page

Mrs B said...

Hi Elliott. I can see that it is going to be fun seeing you and your Mum competing with each other ( but we know it is all in fun) I love the Simply said dies. Take care x

Anne O said...

Hi Elliott
These are lovely dies. I admired the alphabet in the charity kit last month and they look fabulous now I can see the whole set!
Best wishes, Anne O

Anita Braddock said...

Love the new dies. I sure need to get them thanks for the chance to win.

Kathy C said...

Hi Elliott, lovely set of dies. Congratulations on your new role and looking forward to reading your blog.
Kathy x

Ann Morris said...

Tried to leave a comment but my eyes are not always up to detecting such small pics to prove I'm not a robot

Jackie Elliott said...

Hi Elliott,

Oh, I'm loving the new alphabet dies.
Congratulations on the new job.

Great name by the way!
Jackie Elliott

Ann said...

Hi Elliott

The new Alpha dies are stunning need to put them onto my Birthday wish list.

Hugs Annx

LyndA said...

I like your style Elliott. With two blogs to keep up with you and your Mum are making us work twice as hard :-) Keep up the good work :-)

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