Monday, 31 August 2015

Design Team Call!

Hi everyone

Yes, this is my big news, Hope and Chances Creativity is
 having a Design Team Call!

A lot of planning and ideas has gone into this - the most important item being
what should the design team be called!

Remember this (mum does!)

And then I came up with this.

What do you think?
If you approve I may call it Elliott's Angels but perhaps with a more subtle logo!

Seriously, are you a crafter who loves die cutting?
If so, read on for all the details.

Why should you apply?

Each month you will receive a new Spellbinders die set.
Each quarter you will receive a bonus box full of papers, cardstock, stamps, ribbon and adhesive.
Your projects will be featured on the Hope and Chances Creativity website,
blog and appear on social media sites. 

What you will need to do? 

Create one project per month using the die set sent to you.
Project can be your choice - card, scrapbook page, mixed media or home decor.
Submit at least two photographs of the project - high res images with a list of supplies used.

Will this team suit me?

Yes if you love die cutting!
Confident in taking photographs.
Ideal (but not essential) if you have an active blog, Facebook, Twitter accounts.

How to apply:

Please email the following information to

Photos of 3 recent projects featuring Spellbinders dies.
A paragraph about you - your crafting history (although newbies welcome too!)
Details of any other design teams you may currently be working with.

Small print/ t and c's/legal stuff!

This design team call is not affiliated with Spellbinders®.
Open to the UK only.
Design team term will be 1 year, each team member will receive in that time period,
a total of 12 sets of dies and 4 bonus boxes.

The Design Team call is open until 7 September, chosen candidates will be notified
by email and an announcement here on the blog will be made shortly thereafter.

I'm very much looking forward to receiving your emails - happy crafting!


Kitty Davies said...

Hi Elliot.
I think that is a very good name for your team.
Good luck with your new venture.
I do not own a mobile phone or camera.
Have fun Kitty.

Val Jones said...

Good luck with you new project Elliot, I'm sure you'll have mounds of crafters applying. Sadly I don't have a blog or a camera come to think of it.
Love Val in Spain x

Mrs B said...

Hi Elliott. What a great name, I love it : ). You will get loads of wonderful crafter's to choose from, I bet. I am off to tell my friend Sandra, she makes fabulous cards, as your Mum already knows. Take care x

Elaine said...

Wow fabulous, love that logo ! I know what I'm doing on my day off tomorrow now lol. Xx

Wendy L said...

Exciting until I read UK only, such a shame i would love to have applied. Good luck to everyone. xxxx

PharmacyMichele said...

Exciting times! I'm sure you'll be inundated with applications so good luck sorting through them.


lydia jordan said...

Hi Elliot,
How exciting, bet you get lots of applications.

Inky Kitty said...

Hi Elliot

Really love the name and the logo. I'm sure you will be bombarded with submissions x

nattyboots said...

Elliott's Angels...... i love it !

I am sure you will do well Elliott, i am going to ask my friend if he can help me to get my Photo's up on my lappy and show me how to get them across to you , { i am not very good with WWW dot thingys .} but would love to apply to your New Venture.

Well i must away and get ready, i am being wined and dined this lunchtime ,it is our 52nd wedding Anniversary .
Have a good day
Elaine H X

Stamping Bubbles said...

Hello Elliott
Brilliant name for your design team. It sounds a great opportunity and I look forward to applying.
Take care

Jean Z said...

Hi Elliott, Sounds good hope you do well, love the logo . love Jean Z xxx

ginny c said...

Love it Elliott wish I was more confident good luck to all who apply

hazel young said...

Lovely idea Elliott, shame Im still looking for my mojo which is lost xx hazel

Lesley Thomas said...

I would have loved to join your design team, but sadly live in Ireland. Good luck to all the other 'candidates'

Bejay Roles said...

Hi Elliott,
What a cool idea and I love the logo :). I'm not very good and as yet don't have too many Spellbinders dies...but I'm going to give it a go :) x

Judith said...

Exciting! Love how far mum and you have come with this.
Sadly I can't get my head round Twitter would have loved a go at this.
I may have to go try again xxx

Janice said...

What a great idea Elliot, I think you'll have plenty of applications to keep you busy!
Excellent name too 👍 I think I might like to have a go too 😊
Janice x

Jeanette Butler said...

Hi Elliot. What a brilliant name for a design team. I'm seriously thinking of applying so I'd best go and look for some photos. Wishing you all the best. Jeanette x

Jane Willis said...

What an exciting opportunity - I'm sure you are going to be swamped with applications but I'm going to have to try - apart from anything else I'd love to be able to display that fab badge on my blog!

utilitygirl said...

What a great idea Elliott - I'm sure it will be a success and wish you all the best.
For myself, it's not somethings I could do I'm afraid but it sounds very exciting and good luck to all who apply.

Jean Dyke said...

Hi Elliott, what an amazing idea. I'm tempted to apply, not sure if I'm good enough really, but I love making cards. I'm in the U.S. on holiday at the moment and not home until 22 September, but I have some photos on my ipad that I can send you. Will think about it and get back to you if I decide to apply. Jean x

Maureen Killen said...

Good luck Elliott with the call. I think you'll get lots of entries.
Maureen xx

Carole Z said...

Good luck with the call Eliott! Hugs Carole Z X

lilian said...

Hi Elliot, great name , are you hoping for lots of glamorous crafters to apply!!!!!!!! joking aside I am sure you will be inundated with crafters.Would love to be one of them but as my hands are a bit shaky my pics are not good
Best Wishes Lilian in Cornwall

Littlelamb said...

Brilliant idea Elliott. Like the name. At the moment I do not have a blog so won't be applying.

LoraineC said...

What a great idea Elliot, I'm sure you will be inundated with applicants. I can manage some of the criteria but not all, so will have a think. X

karenlotty said...

It's a brilliant name I even like the logo I would love to apply

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