Saturday, 2 May 2015


Hello friends

It's been a hectic week and goodness we are in May already,
I fear this year is just whooshing by!

Apologies on the lack of  a craft project today, I got so involved in 
preparing for the demo weekend at the Glitter Pot and then working two days in London.

But I do have a couple of  updates:

First off - Fine Tip glue applicators are now in stock here.
Thank you to Sandra for the shining endorsement of these, if you have one
you will know how invaluable they are.

Also more pre-loved dies have been added to the Pre-Loved section on the website,
always worth checking from time to time.

Now some news about my boy...

We are not having the best progress in having Elliott referred to an open sided MRI scanner.  
I located one in London and they were very helpful and happy to take Elliott
as an NHS referral. Yippee! 
BUT the Royal Marsden feel it takes funding and would prefer him 
to go back to seeing a psychologist to overcome his anxiety and claustrophobia.

Well my friends... I'm the least confrontational person on this planet 
but this is one battle I'm going to fight!
Thank you to those who have sent through MRI details,
it is has been extremely helpful. I will keep you posted on what happens next.

Right, I had better set off - Glitter Pot awaits.
I hope to post photos to Facebook and probably share some here tomorrow -
that's if I remember to take photos...I'm normally nattering!

Take care friends - have a lovely loooong weekend!


hazel young said...

Great news about the tips. Good luck with your fight Christine. Have a great demo day xx Hazel

ros hodgkins said...

Hi Christine, I have been using one of these bottles with the same tip and they are wonderful. Some dies that are very thin used to be a problem to stick down but since owning one, no problem what so ever, plus I have halved the amount of glue too.
Elliott is in a very hard place, and I understand as his mum you want to help him all you can. Let's hope the hospital will change their mind. Have you looked up the difference in costs?, that may be something to pursue !
Take care all of you. X Ros

PharmacyMichele said...

Will check out your shop for new goodies. Good luck with your "battle ", have you been in touch with your MP as they can often help -just a thought.


Janice said...

Hi Christine
I really hope you can get the RM to change their minds for Elliot, good luck!
Lovely card yesterday, I can see the envelope dies being very useful.
Wishing you a lovely crafty weekend at the Glitter Pot, wish I lived nearer 😕
Janice x

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Sorry to hear you not not been able to resolve the scan issue as yet, keep on it.
Enjoy your day at the Glitter Pot. Is that Phil Martin's shop?

nattyboots said...

Yes you are right to fight for your boy Christine, i was also going to say check it out with your MP even go public if you have to good luck....

On a happier note have a good day and a good natter my lovely enjoy! .

Take Care
Elaine H X

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine,
Sorry to hear about Elliott's MRI problem,I really hope you can get it sorted soon.
I hope you have a good weekend. Take care. x.

Mrs B said...

Hi Christine. I am sure the Fine Tips will sell out fast as they really are the best fine dispensers. I forgot to say in my comment praising them that my Dad saw them and got me to get him a couple too. My dad has very high standards about any tools that he uses so I knew they were the best when he wanted some : )
i am sorry to hear that the RM are noy being too helpful about the scanner at the moment. I was going to say to get in touch with your MP, as others have already said. You will do what you need to for your children won't you, even if it goes against your usual feelings. We are all thinking of you and wishing you a quick and positive turn around by the Marston. Go get 'em for Elliott Christine.
Have a great time at the Glitter Pot. Take care xx

marg said...

Hello Christine
I too agree with getting in touch with your MP!
Poor Elliott I don't think for one moment he is alone with his apprehension...I had a CT Scan on Thursday and that was bad enough and only took 10 mins!
Take care Christine !
Love Marg

Jean Z said...

Hi Christine, You keep fighting it always comes down to money, I know how Elliot feels about the scanner it's awful. Should be open scanners for every one. love Jean Z xxx

ElizabethS said...

Hi Christine, why does life have to be a fight. I don't see the point of Elliott having to go through all that if there is an easier alternative.
You should send all the wonderful comments above to the powers that be, that will make them think...
Hoping for a positive outcome for you both.
Elizabeth x

Ann said...

Hi Christine

Have a lovely time at the Glitter Pot enjoy you need some craft time Bless youxx

Hope things improve for Elliott he is such a lovely Boy hopefully somebody at the Hospital will look kindly on him and make it all possible re the MRI scan I really feel for you.

Enjoy the long weekend hope the sun shines for you.

Luv n hugs Annxxx

Sandra said...

Hi Christine,
I think I said all there is to say about the 'Genuine' Fine tip glue applicator last time, it is my best buy of 2015 so far!
Now on to Elliott, what on earth are they playing at, who's to say the the months that could be wasted going through treatment with a physcologist will work? And then you have wasted valuable 'treatment time' if it was needed(god forbid) but you see my point!
Elliott has been through and dealt with more than any lad his age should and getting the right solution for him shouldn't come down to money, the RM should be prepared to do what is best for Elliott!
Change the fund raising kits to Fund the MRI that's needed! I know that's not the point but I would love to see Elliott get the best treatment for him! It really sickens me when the health and well being of patients comes down to money, I get to spend the rest of my life disabled because a Health Authority wouldn't fund the follow up treatment that I needed after we had to move due my husband being in the RAF, a few months physio, that's all that was prescribed!
Stand up and fight Christine, I know it's not in your nature, but just have in mind how Elliott suffers when he has to go into that horrendous machine!
Have a good day at the Glitter. Pot,
Love hugs,
Sandra xxxx

karenlotty said...

I have to agree with everyone else See your MP I understand what you're going through My consultant wanted to refer my 9 year old daughter to one after I asked if there was any literature about diabetes in 9 year old language She was a little scared about being with me after school unti big brother came in from senior school after witnessing me having a really bad hypo I threw a gussy fit! It may be worth contacting your CCG explaining what is happening and what would be cheaper - a referral to a diff hosp for MRI or a long course of counselling that may still result in getting that MRI scan I feel so sorry for Elliot too Bless him This shouldn't be causing the problems it is obviously doing

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Christine, Great news about the glues with the fine tip.
It's like one step forward and two steps back for Elliott, lets' all hope that you manage to sort something out for him. I can sympathise with him, as I would be exactly the same.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Stamping Bubbles said...

Hello Christine
I spotted the glue tips last night and have placed my order.
I am sorry to hear that the RM are being unhelpful. I think as a parent we do fight tooth and nail to get what our children need. It seems to be instinctive. Don' t give in, only you know what is best for your own child. As others have said try contacting your MP too.
I hope you have a great day at the Glitter Pot.
Take care

Elaine said...

Sorry to hear about the MRI progress. Hope you get the open sided one ASAP ! Xxx

Margaret corgi owner said...

Hi Christine
I have just renewed my glue bottle like this one the first one I bought in 2008! They do last really well.
Delighted to know that you have found a scanner in London for your son and I whole heartedly agree you fight this one. Hospital funding is not your concern it is the hospitals problem and it is your duty as a mother to look and get the best for you son, which is what you are doing. Can your GP offer any help or after the general election your MP, I have found our MP to be most helpful about such matters. Not sure if there is an ombudsman but that may be worth looking into also.
Margaret corgi owner

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine, I think that you are right to fight for this one Elliott deserves to be as comfortable as possible during his scans and treatments. I am behind you allvthe way. I would be very happy to sign a petition for his right to have the use if the open sided scanner ifvthis helps at all. Just an idea hugs and wishes Karen from Durham.

Carole Z said...

Hi Christine, sorry I'm late commenting, for some reason this post didn't show when I did my catch up yesterday! I must try this product! Well done you on standing up for your boy, I saw one of the other suggestions about contacting your MP, well when you know who it is after the election, I would second that...when my husband had some health issues 10 years ago and the hospital just wasn't listening, ours was a great help in getting things moving, hugs Carole Z X

Bejay Roles said...

Hi Christine,
Sorry, I didn't get to comment yesterday. I'm thrilled that you are standing up for the right to have Elliot in the open MRI scanner. When my dear mum was still alive she suffered a few mini-strokes which left her with vascular dementia. She had to have some scans and was terrified about it, mostly because I wasn't allowed to be there with her but also because she didn't want to go in the 'tube'. We were really lucky as the Royal Hampshire County Hospital in Winchester was the hospital our surgery used and they had an open scanner. It turned out to be a piece of cake for her and I know that Elliot will fell so much more safe and relaxed when he can use the open one. It's about time the NHS thought more of the welfare of their patients than their purse strings. Way to go, Christine!!
Bejay xx

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