Sunday, 3 May 2015

Doing what I love...

Hello friends

First off...thank you thank you thank you!
Your comments yesterday have bolstered me that I'm definitely doing the 
right thing and standing my ground for what is right for my boy.
Hoping to have more news next week but in between enjoying
the Bank Holiday weekend and putting all the nasty stuff to one side.

Yesterday was my demo day at the Glitter Pot (returning today).
The lovely people there had made me a name plaque.
I had a great time - I really love this demoing lark!
As I suspected I did a lot of chatting and not a great deal of photography,
I truly hope to put that right today!

I caught up with John Lockwood who was also demoing, 
he's so talented and I love his vision with dies. 
Friends from home visited, wonderful to see Janice, Wendy and Jenny :)
Special thanks to my blog follower friends too - wonderful to meet you.

If you are ever Burgess Hill way the Glitter Pot is a big shop with extremely
knowledgeable staff and they also make a good cup of tea!
I can confirm that the most popular demo dies yesterday were
Today I'm focusing on lots more but with special attention to Out On A Limb.
The odd chocolate wrapper may be created too :)

While I was out yesterday I left instructions that Bella would need a walk.
The boys did not fail me and took her to the park.
She looks like she had a great time and didn't miss me at all!

Take care friends and hope you are having a good weekend.


John Lockwood said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kitty Davies said...

Morning Christine.
That's it you go girl stand up for your rights. Have a good day take care Kitty.

Ann said...

Hi Christine

So glad you had such a great day yesterday and met up with lots of nice people.

Love the card and the choccie wrapper I love doing these make a plain bar look so pretty.

Have a really good day

Luv n hugs Annxx

Stamping Bubbles said...

Good morning Christine
Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself yesterday. It is great doing a job you love, makes it feels less like work!
I love this out on a limb die set. I have used mine to make a new home card but I like the idea of using different sentiments in the little sign.
Great picture of Bella. She really is a very photogenic little dog. I wonder if there is such a thing as doggy modelling. She would definitely be a star.
Enjoy your day at the Glitter Pot.

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Lovely card, really like this little die set.
The Glitter Pot looks like a heaven for crafters.
Bella looks pleased to be out in the park.

PharmacyMichele said...

Love how you have used the Out on a Limb die-two great projects. The GlitterPot looks like crafting heaven to me!

Bella looks just like model dog, posing for the camera.


Lucycat said...

Hi Christine,
Really pleased you had a good day yesterday.
I love your chocolate wrapper today, the die is so useful.
Have another great day today at Glitter Pot and take care. x.

nattyboots said...

Wow ! would love to be let loose in the Glitter Pot with a lottery win Christine haha would keep me good for a week.

Lovely dies and projects made Christine , i am so pleased you are loving your work .

Stay strong and keep fighting for your boy....

Enjoy your day
Elaine H X

Jean Z said...

Hi Christine, Love the card and wrapper so pretty. So glad you enjoy what your doing it's the main thing in a job, love Bella such a cutie. I too like Johns demo. love Jean Z xx

Christine Collins said...

Hi Christine,
Glad you are enjoying your demo-ing, I have been so busy this week I haven't had time to sit and enjoy reading my favourite blogs. So I'm sitting here with my morning coffee and having a leisurely catch up. I do wish you luck with your fight for Elliott's MRI scan. Perhaps we should start a petition and get the whole crafting community involved on mass.
Bella looks beautiful as usual and enjoying her walk.
Take care.
Chris xx

karenlotty said...

WOW! Glitter Pot looks enormous! Enjoy yourself today This out on a limb die set looks beautiful

marg said...

Hello Christine
Stay Happy!
Love Marg

Carole Z said...

Glad you enjoyed yourself, love the sign they made for you! Love your card and wrapper, one of my favourite things to make, Bella looks so cute in her photo..of course she does! Hugs Carole Z X

hazel young said...

Lovely to here you had a great day. Lovely dies set, card and chocolate wrapper. Is it possible for Elliott to add a pin it button below you creation so that i can pin them on pinterest. Thanks Christine xx hazel

Janice Wallace said...

This is such a lovely card.
The Glitter pot looks huge, That is some craft shop, no wonder they have demos.
I like the idea that we could all sign a petition for Elliot's scan. Do you think it would help if you have to contact your MP? Hopefully it will be solved soon.
Janice W

Lesley Thomas said...

Great looking shop Christine, and nice to know you met up with our John.

Good for you, holding out for that MRI for Elliott.

I have a granddaughter with needle phobia, who contracted Rheumatoid Arthritis last year, and she has battled with all the needles they want to use on her for tests and drugs etc.

She has managed to overcome her phobia to the extent she is injecting herself nowadays. I am so proud of her, coping with more pain than you can imagine for a first year Uni student.

Mrs B said...

Hi Christine. I'm glad that our words of encouregment helped you yesterday. You know we are always here for you : )
I love the cards, so sweet. I hope you have another great day at The Glitter Pot. Wow, it looks like a wonderful shop. I wish we lived nearer or had something similar around here!
Bella looks like she had a great walk, but I'm sure she missed you. Have a great time today. Take care xx

Fiona said...

Hi Christine
Lovely to meet you yesterday and to chat, your cards are beautiful. Hope you have another good day today.

Janice said...

Sounds like you're having a good time at the Glitter Pot Christine. I'm seeing the photos they're posting on FB, so expecting to see one of you soon! 😊
Have another fun day.
Janice x

Sandra said...

Hi Christine,
I love that out on a limb die set, your card is gorgeous today!
I am glad you had a fab day yesterday, that shop looks amazing, maybe if I use my 'oh please' face Paul will bring me along, but unlikely as it is so far!
Have a great day again today!

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Christine, So glad you had a great time demo'ing. The piccie of the shop looks really big and lots of lovely crafting goodies.
Bella looks to have enjoyed her walk, but she 'will' have missed her Mummy, and you will know that when you get home.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Anne O said...

Hi Christine
Lovely to catch up today. You had some beautiful cards on show along with some very tempting new dies... I managed an hour in the garden - goodness, so much to clear up and cut back. Lol! Best wishes, Anne O

Janice said...

Hi Christine, it was great seeing you and John again. A great demo day, with good cakes too ! Janice xxx

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