Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Garden Crazy!

Hello friends

I've been spending more time in my tiny garden, amazing how 
much I can find to do in such a small space!
It's a little bit like having a newly decorated room, you keep having a look,
tweaking things and before you know it hours have gone by.

One thing I am hoping to achieve again is my clematis chair - this was the chair 
quite a few years ago, sadly when I changed the garden it went but ....
 I'm starting again!
The chair is more weathered but hopefully the clematis will cover that,
but it's got quite a lot of growing to do!!
One thing I'm hoping to eradicate is "furry plants"!
I adore my cats but they are horrors for newly planted pots.
It's normally Darcy!
So not much crafting just gardening but sharing a flowery project from a while back...
A card and coordinating gift box (Square Petal Top Box), 
Foliage, Jar Labels and Jewel Flowers and Flourishes.
The papers are My Mind's Eye...quite an old collection so still racking my brains!
 And you may have noticed the gift box is slightly misshaped...
thanks to another cat of mine Imogen - 
each time I staged the photo she knocked it to the ground!
Here she is stalking her 'prey'!!
Take care friends, hope your week is going well.


Lesley Thomas said...

Love your feline help you get in that garden, Christine! Super idea with the chair and clematis too, but I'd like to be able to sit in it! Not sure that chair would hold me up! LOL

Wendy L said...

Love the pics Christine, that chair looks great, xxx

PharmacyMichele said...

The garden is looking great-you need to make the most of the fine weather in this country! I love the last photo of Imogen "stalking her prey"!!!


Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Christine, Loved today's post, especially chuckling at your 'furry plants' hahaha.
A great idea with the clematis and the chair, and I'm loving your card and box, albeit a little squashed my the lovely Imogen hahaha.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

hazel young said...

Beautiful garden Christine love the clematis chair idea. Lovely card and box xx hazel

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Great post today, I'm not a cat lover myself but I can the furry side of the plants. My granddaughter has a cat which gets up to all sorts of mischief.
Have a good day.

Carole Z said...

Lovely garden photos and gorgeous card Christine! Hugs Carole Z X

Jean Z said...

Hi Christine, lovely card and like the idea for your chair . love Jean Z xxx

Christine Collins said...

I can see you are really going to enjoy your garden this year, the clematis chair is a great idea, I hope you will keep us updated on its progress. A lovely card and box today, I like the wood effect paper.
Chris xx

karenlotty said...

Hee hee It took me a while to realise what you meant by furry plants! I'm not a gardener and thought you were talking about some dreaded weed or greenfly
Love today's card and box Made me smile seeing Imogen Is she stalking her prey

marg said...

Hello Christine
Love the cats.... but my neighbours cat uses my garden a its toilet.... apparently they don't go in their own!
They seem to like my bird feeders too!
Lovely chair nice idea to grow Clematis over it ...mine has a Blackbird nesting in it at the moment. Yesterday I saw a baby Robin in the Apple tree, with its parent feeding it, never seen one before, its breast was a dull rusty colour, beautiful!
Love the card and box today Christine
Take care
Love Marg

nattyboots said...

Your Garden is looking good Christine, i bet you are looking forward to seeing your chair as the clematis grows and covers .
Lovely card and box .
Elaine H X

Ann said...

Hi Christine

oooooh you did make me smile with the pics of the naughty kitties your garden is looking lovely. what a great use for a chair I fancy giving this a try I adore Clematis and have them growing all over a miserable shed to make it pretty :-) now you have put all manner of ideas into my head.

The card and gift box are gorgeous so nice to have them matching

Luv n hugs Annxx

Stamping Bubbles said...

Hello Christine
What a great idea with the chair. It must have looked stunning when the clematis was in flower.
Cats can be pests in the garden. I know when my cats were kittens there were always "playing" with the flowers especially if there were any bees or butterflies about.
The card and box are very pretty even if the box is out of shape. Imogen was probably trying to help!
Enjoy your day

Maureen Killen said...

Hello Christine,
The garden photos are great. My husband trimmed my Elizabeth clematis (bought in remembrance of my mother) and has totally killed it. He is to gardening what Dracula was to blood donors!!!
I really love the card and squashed box.
Maureen xx

Bejay Roles said...

Hi Christine,
What a great idea with the clematis chair. It's going to look stunning once it's grown and they don't take too long to get a nice size do they. I have to say that the cats are much better than garden gnomes lol. x

Teresa said...

I am finally catching up with life and had to stop over to say hi and found these adorable photos of the kittens and your gorgeous garden. Everything looks beautiful and i love that cute chair you did ... you will have to post a photo of it in bloom.

Have a wonderful week... Teresa

Margaret corgi owner said...

Great pictures and an absolutely fabulous card and box love them
Margaret corgi owner

Pat S Witney said...

Hi Christine
I just love your Clematis chair, I also love the card and bix as well.

Bea said...

hi Christine your garden is looking lovely - I hope you get some nice weather - we are having quite a bit of rain at the moment and it is also a bit chilly so waiting for some sun :)

LyndA said...

Beautiful projects. :-) Super cat photos :-) What a naughty girl Imogen is! Cats are so funny :-)

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