Monday 25 February 2013

Hope and Chances Creativity HQ

Hello friends
Firstly big thanks for all your comments - I know there has been quite a few die questions
over the weekend and I'm doing a detailed post tomorrow with answers.
Back to today.... a different sort of blog post.
Over the last few months I've been asked if I have extra hours in my day...oh how I wish that were true!
I certainly keep busy so I thought I would give you a little insight into my world, I would like to say a 
typical day but things are always a little changeable with taking on the new studio/shop, TV
and, of course, at the end of the week I do that London job thingy!

What is very typical is that I get up at 6am or earlier - I do not need an alarm,
I have a cat called Darcy that wakes me without fail and if I try to ignore her she will chew something,
we've replaced countless phone chargers and she's even damaged a few projects!
I make tea - it is essential!  And feed the cats ..(there are three!)

Bella does not get up, she is cosy in bed and she normally lifts her head to just watch me fly around the house, she knows the routine - her walk is later.
I then go straight to my computer and begin to check emails, blog posts and Amazon shop.
This is my 'office' a little desk in the corner - looks a bit too tidy doesn't it!?
I've scooped all the paperwork off for the photo!
Oh look...there is just one of my in-trays!
Once I'm ready, I leave the house armed with bags - handbag, post-bag 
(this is a very nice Cath Kidston bag that I place all my outgoing post and parcels into) - 
the lady in the Post Office comments on it frequently.
My 'work bag'  - it contains items that need to go down to the studio as well as my file of lists..
there are many lists!
I head to the studio which is only about a five minute drive away and park.
Breakfast time - this week slices of Malt Loaf - I go through phases! 
I put on a DVD - currently watching the box set of Boardwalk Empire (love it!) and begin work.  
At some point I take a break to walk to the Post Office, make phone calls, answer emails but
I really try to complete the projects I have listed for that day.
Occasionally I eat lunch!
I leave the studio at a time that fits in with collecting my youngest son and head home.

If my eldest son hasn't taken Bella out because normally they are doing this.... playing on computer games!
I then take her for a walk - right now her most favourite place is the woods behind my parents' home.
(Actually my Dad tends to take her for most of her walks right now...thank you Dad!)
She adores people but isn't too keen on dogs larger than herself so the woods being quiet is perfect for her.

I return home, vaguely think about dinner - dismiss that thought and begin typing!  
I type up project instructions, emails, blog posts and more.  
When the cries of 'what's for dinner?' becomes too much to bear I give in and stare into the freezer 
hoping that the shopping fairy may have visited - oh dear, something with mince again!
I cook, we eat, I clean up and head straight back to my computer - I continue to type and remind myself to order food shopping does actually happen sometimes!

At 9pm I sit in front of the TV, I go through my V+ box and select something that was 
probably recorded around last June!
I indulge in a class of wine and right now I'm secretly attempting to eat the equivalent of my own
body weight in Cadbury's Buttons Easter eggs!!
I totally switch off then, I relax and snuggle on the sofa with Bella.
By 11pm I'm exhausted and my bed is calling - I tell myself not to check emails but I normally do!
I take my Kindle to bed with me....
open it, read about one paragraph and promptly fall asleep.

It is busy, I feel like a lot of the time I'm chasing my tail but I do enjoy it.
Of course it changes on a Thursday and Friday, I have to pop my serious London working head on!

I hope you enjoyed this little blog deviation today...
Take care friends - I'm back tomorrow.


Linda said...

What a gorgeous pictures of Bella and the cat, I love the story
hugs Linda

Unknown said...

WOW there are not enough hours in a day for you, its amazing how you fit it all in. Bella looks so comfy snuggled up in bed, hw I love her.

Wilma x x x

baconbits said...

Morning Christine
Glad i am not the only one who wants more hours in the day.
Amanda x

melanie said...

what a busy life no wonder you don`t need to diet love bella`s bed .My daughter love`s her Cath Kidston bag it goes everywhere with her to . melanie

jucrook said...

OMG! How organised and disciplined you must be. Well done. I would love to be that organised but I am not - I think I have a lazy gene that prevents it! I have my moments where I plan to be more organised but I can't always be bothered to follow it through. Maybe your blog will be the inspiration that I need. Off to work today (boo) and kids back at school. Only 4 weeks and 4 days til we break up for Easter, not that I'm counting.......! Have a lovely day. Ju

Craftin Suzie (Susan Wykes) said...

You sound super organised Christine which is half the battle! Bella and your cat look just so adorable. x

Elizabeth said...

Oh Christine, thank you so much for sharing your world with us. You do fit in so much in to a day and you can see that you thrive on it. Love all the pictures, especially of Bella and Darcy.
Have a lovely Monday.
Elizabeth x

Janice said...

.....and I still don't know how you manage it all Christine!
You certainly are very organised. Thank you for sharing your photos.
Your home looks beautifully decorated, just like your studio. Have you ever thought about becoming an interior your spare time? lol!

Have a fab day.
Janice x

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine. You certainly are one busy lady. I used to wonder what I'd do when I retired and now I wonder how on earth i fitted in going to work. At least you don't have time to get bored.

Love the animal photos. Bella sure looks comfy.

Val in Spain xxx

Chris said...

Morning Christine,
The first thing I do in the morning is make a cuppa and then settle down to my computer and read your blog. I'm now exhausted! How do you manage everything? But please don't stop as you are such an inspiration.
Chris X

Lacelady said...

Wow, Christine, it was exhausting just reading about your ! I don't think you need more hours in the day, you need a live in maid.

Unknown said...

Morning Christine, I am so glad I am not the only one who NEEDS more hours in the day. Love your Blog post today, Bella and Darcy are so sweet. Thanks for sharing your day with us.

Happy crafting
Chrissie x x x

Lin W said...

Busy lady,take care

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine.
You are one very busy lady,seeing your blog today shows that things like TV and classes etc have to be fitted in too you make me feel tired thinking about it. Your photos are lovely. Thank you for sharing your day. Take care. x.

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Christine, My oh my, what a busy lady you are, you could definitely do with more hours in the day ha ha. I love the piccies of Darcy and Bella.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Sue Yorkshire said...

Christine I am so tired now after reading about your day lol....

Love the photos that you have shown


lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Made me feel tired just reading your blog. I must admit when very much younger I too fitted a lot in. Now I'm retired I take things very slowly.
Love your photos of your furry friends.
Have a good day.

barbiepinkfairy said...

Wonder Woman that should be your name! I would like to be super organised and tidy but I am genetically challenged to my mum's horror - it's from Dad's side of the family! Have a great week love Alison

Astrid Maclean said...

Oh wow Christine, you are one busy lady! But it does sound like fun and you are your own boss(well for most of the time). Bella's bed does look very comfortable! And as far as I can tell you make a brilliant job of it all!!!!

EmmaT said...

Morning Christine, yes i've often wondered how you fitted everything in. I still don't know!! I feel worn out just reading about your day. I agree tho that its easier to do it all if you enjoy your work. Isn't Darcy beautiful and sounds a bit naughty! Emma

Anonymous said...

Well Christine it is only 10.30am and after reading all you fit in to your day I'm now exhausted and ready for my bed!
Val C xx

loftylass said...

Morning Christine - by now you will be well into your routine....
Wish I was as organised -I am well aware of how much time I waste. Good to know you have a loving family who support you. Love your pics and your pets look adorable. tfs.
Take care.

Linda (Lindyloo) said...

Hi Christine I hope you're having a lovely Monday! You sound as though keeping busy keeps you happy. Before my accident and surgery I was exactly the same, always happiest while busy; cheerfully ticking off the chores knowing that completing them meant it was me time.
Time to craft, whether it be sewing, knitting, crochet or cardmaking, basically anything I fancied!
Keep up the good work. Hugs and best wishes Linda xx

hazel young said...

Lovely insight to your days Christine thanks for sharing xx hazel

Linda (Lindyloo) said...

Hi Christine I hope you're having a lovely Monday! You sound as though keeping busy keeps you happy. Before my accident and surgery I was exactly the same, always happiest while busy; cheerfully ticking off the chores knowing that completing them meant it was me time.
Time to craft, whether it be sewing, knitting, crochet or cardmaking, basically anything I fancied!
Keep up the good work. Hugs and best wishes Linda xx

Carolyn H. said...

Hi Christine, Honestly, I had to break off and get a cup of coffee inbetween reading your typical day. I must confess, I'm not an early riser, its not in my makeup ( only if I'm forced do I rise before 8am) but once up and about I keep going to 12midnight, hence my late blogging on occassions.
As long as you enjoy doing what your doing ( we certainly enjoy knowing what you do - all your blog fans prove that)that is all that matters.
Have a lovely crafty day. C B W Carolyn x

Janice said...

A good insight into your life Christine.... bit concerned with glass of wine and choccies every day... but hey ho if it makes you happy then continue. I gave up working completely at the end of last year and i'm amazed at how quickly the day goes. I do and try and do some kind of domestic chores each morning so that I can justify spending the afternoons crafting. But some days you just have to craft. Take care and have a good week. Janice xx

Eileen L. said...

Morning Christine. What a busy gal you are, you sure do cram it all into the day. At 66 Im afraid after several surgeries my get up and go has got up and went. Its exhausting listening to a schedule that I at one time kept myself. Your lovely pictures are truly a wonderful memory for later laughter, especially Bella's antics along with Darcy. Also the true value in having such a wonderful family that has pitched right in to help create your wonderful ideas. God Bless!!

Ita said...

Hi Christine what a long day where do you get the energy?It is great to have some time for you to relax,What a lovely blog post with lots of interesting thinks about your life I think there is a book in all of this.I am a list person and have the same system for my trips to the post office,love the bag, I use a basket.
Enjoy your day.

Carole Z said...

Hi Christine, I really know what you mean..that's how I feel, chasing my tail all the time! I think my day starts similar to yours..we get up at 6 for work.. and the hens! I'm often fitting in crafting up to Midnight! Wish there were more hours too,hugs Carole Z X

Debbie Seyer said...

Christine, I am so jealous you have a studio to go to.....when I am working the kids and hubby interrupt all the time! ((HUGS))

nmty said...

Hi Christine, brilliant post today, it's great to see an insight into your day. I don't know how you do it and where you get your energy from, it's lovely that you enjoy being so busy.

lv norma

Sarah said...

Hi Christine

Great blog post. Really enjoyed reading how you fit all that you do into 24 hours.

Sarah x

Anonymous said...

I am really enjoying reading your blog, although I am as my granddaughter once told me " You don't have the curiousity grandma do you"meaning i think I mind my own business but you have me curios to know what your London job is? Bye for now Ros Hodgkins said...

Hello Christine, am really enjoying your blog but as I am new to it I am curios to know what your London work is? I must tell my granddaughter that I have asked a question as she tild me once that I don't have curiosity, as I very rarely ask questions. Have a nice day.
Ros Hodgkins x said...

Bye George I think I am getting IT,sorry about the repeats but haven't used any other site than facebook. I am checking comments before I think its failed again. ha ha. X Ros

LoraineC said...

What a lovely insight to your day and Bella is so cute :)

sheila said...

All I can say is 'congratulations' Yoy've just been confirmed the real'wonder woman' Thank you for sharing your day with pictures with us.

Craftychris said...

Well, you definitely don't have time to get bored! Thank you for a lovely insight into your day. Bella looks so cute curled up in bed! xx

Craftychris said...

Forgot to say that Darcy is a cutie too! xx

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