Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Making Space!

Today I've been determined to create a little bit more space in my work area.
I realised I still had so much bead stuff as well as outdated papers, embellishments and more.  
It was all all taking up valuable space (meaning it was taking the space of possible new stuff I may 'NEED' to buy!)
I've had a good sort through, given some stuff to a local school craft club, a nice man collected a side table through Freecycle and I've put some bigger items on eBay.  
Just in case anyone is interested I've just listed a Making Memories Slice Desktop Storage and 
a Clip It Up (both tiers). 
I was a little reluctant to part with this because it is brilliant but it does take up a section of my work room that is needed for other things.  
I always feel a good tidy up sets me on a positive creative path (aka shopping!!)

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