Friday, 15 October 2021

Friday Chat Day

 Hello friends

It's Friday...again! Hope you are all well.

Pixel has decided he's had enough of me working from home and chooses
to sit on my mouse mat to gain attention - look at that face, Mr Grumpy! 

I've had to have many Teams meetings with a cat/dog on my lap 
and once was asked "What is that strange noise?" - it was Bella snoring!
I am still grateful to be working from home some of the week
(despite the pets) but also pleased to go into the office to see humans.


Autumn has definitely arrived in the tiny garden. 
Wonderful reds and oranges.

This climber (no idea what it is but I love it) is very invasive during the 
Summer months, it manages to weave its way into the shed and into the 
neighbour's outbuilding! I know because one minute it is covering that ugly
wall and roofing felt and the next he has pulled it all down.
 It changes to deep burgundy before shaking off its leaves everywhere.

And in the midst of all this... my Snow Queen Clematis is flowering.
Oh what a beauty.

Before the builders arrive next month to sort the conservatory 
I'll be having a garden clear up.
I have a mix of sadness and relief at this time of year - 
sad because the wonderful Summer colours have gone but 
relief that it is a break from gardening during the Winter months.
Goodness knows how I would cope in a large garden!


All the squares for this cushion have been sewed together.
Yes, my least favourite job but I think I'm getting quicker.
I am about to start cushion number 5 so definitely making progress.

The pattern writing is progressing too, I am pleased with how the photos
have come out.  I've also discovered a nice bit of software when it comes
to offering printed copies of the pattern (I thought some may prefer printed
and I could offer that for a small charge for the printing and postage)
stay tuned...


Managed to have a little watching binge this week.

Time - BBCiPlayer

Prison drama `Time' follows Mark Cobden, a husband, teacher and father 
who is sentenced to four years in prison after accidentally killing a man. 
Consumed by guilt, Mark openly accepts his sentence but is quickly 
confronted with the harsh realities of life inside. 

Written by Jimmy McGovern - who can't really put a foot wrong in British drama. 
I personally think they should show this at schools, it would certainly
put students off from breaking the law.
Starring Sean Bean and Stephen Graham.
Interestingly Stephen Graham's wife in real life plays his character
wife and I didn't think they looked compatible at all! 
Excellent if you don't mind ducking behind a cushion
for the nasty bits.

The Larkins - ITV/Brit Box

This popular British show follows the raucous adventures of the Larkin clan 
and the local tax collector. Ma (Joanna Scanlan) and Pop Larkin (Bradley Walsh)
 have a large brood, living in 1950s rural England.

In stark contrast to the previous drama!

If I said I was eagerly awaiting this I would be lying,
I was actually cringing when I first read about a remake of Darling Buds of May
because I have massive fondness for the original with David Jason and Pam Ferris.
So perhaps I began to view this in the wrong frame of mind.
The scenery is beautiful, the wardrobe lady is spot on but...
(yes you knew there would be a but)
Bradley Walsh didn't quite cut it for me - great but not as Pop Larkin.
Ma Larkin was a little better.
I'm going to persevere because it is beautiful TV to watch 
and tell myself it is a new drama and not to compare.
I'm certainly not against new adaptations - Channel 5 have done
a marvellous job with All Creatures Great and Small - love it! 

Other news:

My sister is celebrating a very special birthday soon so we made the 
decision to go away for a few nights.
Can you guess where?
Not too far, big white cliffs..
Yes - we are returning to St Margaret's at Cliffe near Dover.
I am thinking we should get frequent visitor points soon.

We are heading off this afternoon and Elliott and my nephew are also joining us.
My parents are going to drive down on Saturday - it is going to be lovely!
I've got a little more time off work next week so definitely some crochet time! 

And that is my week. 
Thank you as always for stopping by and 
wishing you a wonderful weekend.


CraftyCoffey said...

Great catch up on all your news, hope you have a lovely weekend away.


pinksparkle said...

I'm sitting here nodding my head about your views on Darling Buds of May and All Creatures Great and Small! I would like to buy a printed copy of the crochet pattern when available, your sewing up is very neat. Have a lovely weekend with family!

Betty McAlister said...

Morning Christine. Good as always to catch up with your news.
Your beautiful autumn foliage is probably a Virginia Creeper, which takes over everything. I have it creeping over my house and it needs severe pruning all summer long. It does pay back though with its autumn colour.
I won’t watch Darling Buds of May as I know it won’t compare to the original but also think All Creatures Great and Small isn’t as good as the first series. I do watch it though.
Enjoy your weekend away and I hope the weather holds out for you.
Xx said...

Morning Christine.
A lovely chat thank you.
I agree with you on the tv remakes, and the prison programe.
Have a lovely weekend and Happy Birthday to your sister.
Take care and have fun Kitty.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy yourself with your family, celebrating a special milestone birthday. WakeyL

karenlotty said...

Great chat and yes I’d prefer a printed pattern I may be old fashioned but I prefer something tangible to read and I can mark things off with a pencil
I thoroughly enjoyed watching Time when it was on BBC
I have recorded The Larkins I might get to watch it when OH is at work tomorrow
Take care and enjoy your trip xx

Littlelamb said...

Lovely chat again. Thank you. Yes I would prefer a printed pattern. Love the colour of the Virginia Creeper. Enjoy your weekend away and Happy Birthday to your sister. It will be good having all the family together. It’s raining here so hope you will have better weather. Was hoping to have a walk today but will have to see. Done a lot of knitting and crocheting this week. Take care and stay safe.

hazel young said...

Your garden and crochet look great. Enjoy your break away for your sister's birthday with your family. I tried to watch Time but ended up turning it off, maybe I was in the wrong mood to watch it. I have seen clips of the Larkins but have it recorded to watch. Have a great week stay safe xx

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