Friday, 8 October 2021

Friday Chat Day

Hello friends

Happy Friday, how are you?

From photo heavy last week to photo scant this week! 

This week has flown by in a blur of work, head down at home and
up to the city a couple of days.

Whilst waiting for my commuter coach at Tower Hill I took this 
photo of the Tower of London - no scaffolding, first time I've seen it without
renovations for years.  Also a break in the traffic to snap this.
Quite strange to imagine all the goings-on over the years inside the Tower,
a lot of bloodshed for sure!

And earlier in the week the rain came!
Waiting for my commuter coach in Gravesend huddled under my brolly.
And didn't it rain!  Garden absolutely sodden.
I was awoken by it lashing against the front of the house, felt like
all my camping holidays as a child! 


The squares for the front panel of the third cushion are done,
I'm always a little impatient at this point and think I should block these,
but then I sew them together and block them as one panel - seems to work OK.

 Blocking seems to spark off quite a debate - those who absolutely
insist upon it and have the blocking boards etc., and me...
I pin it to my bedroom carpet overnight!
(I create a little barrier so the cats and Bella do not go near it).

I was making good pattern writing progress until I realised I had forgotten 
to weigh the yarn - it would be really useful to know
how much you need of each colour wouldn't it!?
Especially as I'm recommending this as a stash busting blanket.

I will be starting cushion 4 (the commission is for 5 so I'm nearly there)
and I've placed a huge post-it on my notes saying 'weigh yarn for pattern info!'


 Now I'm back in the office and chatting to colleagues they
are sharing lots of telly recommendations.
I had been in a bit of a streaming fix (Netflix, Prime, Acorn etc)
so this week I did visit 'normal' TV channels and watched:

Manhunt - ITV
Factual based drama looking at the work of Colin Sutton, 
who was a Senior Investigating Officer on some of the 
Metropolitan Police's most high profile cases.

Martin Clunes does a fab job in this role as unpretentious Colin Sutton.
No sensational car chases, shootings just pure drama -
with some chilling thought provoking moments when 
you remember this is based on real crimes.

Other stuff:

Apart from going out to work I haven't been able to go anywhere 
due to no diesel, petrol seems to be available here in the South East but 
diesel is tricky to find.
I'm thinking it will hopefully sort itself out this weekend and I can visit
family and pop to my cabin -  I've got some ideas for November's kit.

And that is pretty much it for this week - bit boring!
Due to my lack of content...
I can recommend the Attic 24 blog - Lucy there is taking part in 
Blogtober - she is writing a blog post every day for this month.

Along with her gorgeous crochet and cute cat Tilly - she also shares 
beautiful pictures of where she lives up North (Skipton I believe),
her posts are an array of colour and a feast for the eyes.

And that was my week, I swear it was on fast forward.
Wishing you all a lovely weekend.

Take care friends.


CraftyCoffey said...

Great catch up on all your news & some lovely photos.

Michele said...

Morning Christine.
Thank you for the little chat, you could always
put up photos of Bella she always brings a smile to us.
Take care and have fun Kitty.
Oh at the moment Hollington Drive is worth alook itv.

Anonymous said...

Don't think each week has to be packed with pictures. We all have 'mundane and normal' weeks. Hoping you get your fuel. You have exciting times ahead with your conservatory/kitchen project yet to commence. WakeyL

Littlelamb said...

Thank you for this mornings blog. Always something to look forward to on a Friday. Miserable day here again. Drizzling at moment. I need to walk to M&S to pick up an order so hope it stops soon. Your crochet is going well. Look forward to see the finished cushions. Hope you have a good weekend.

hazel young said...

Lovely photos regardless of quantity. The cushion squares look fab love the colours used. Christine weigh the yarn. I loved manhunt my kind of viewing. Diesel is scarce up here too although I use petrol. Have a great week stay safe and hope you get your diesel xx

karenlotty said...

Great chat I love the crochet Have you decided on a name for the pattern yet?
I think Ridley Road on BBC1 Sundays could be a good watch and I’m interested to see what Bradley Walsh will be like in Darling Buds if May
Take care all xx

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