Friday, 13 August 2021

Friday Chat Day

 Hello friends

Happy Friday and indeed it is an extra happy Friday in this household.
I'm working a half day today, I'm treating myself to a trip to the 
hairdressers this afternoon - definitely due.

I hope you are all well and got a day or two of sunshine this week.
I know it is easily missed and you could be confused into thinking
we are plunging into Autumn.


Following on from the abundant strawberry crop last week...
the first of my cherry tomatoes - just the two which worked out one
each for Mitchell and I - good job we are not relying on my gardening
skills to feed us! 
Nonetheless, I can confirm it was delicious and I am hoping all the others
ripen (no doubt I'll have a glut then).

Hurrah - Sweet Peas!
Hazel - these are from the seeds you kindly sent to me, the only ones that have 
grown and flowered. Gorgeous colour.

And this little patch of ground by the fake gate now has squished plants.
I wondered why everything was flattened.
My camera angle neatly disguises the fact that Darcy cat only has one eye,
the closest she'll get to airbrushing.


Some progress with squares this week.
126 coastal coloured granny squares are underway for a 
Harmony Blanket.
I've made quite a few of this design now and I love the familiarity
of the squares, I pretty much know the pattern off  by heart so it is great
to pick and put down. And, of course, to watch telly.


Inside No. 9 - BBCiPlayer
An anthology of dark comic twisted tales with each one taking place 
behind a door marked 'number 9'.

Written by and starring Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith.
Oh this is so good! 
I eagerly await each new series and we are now on series 6 I believe.
Each being a standalone story, they are very clever and I often
do not see the twist coming.
It is always funny to see how they adopt different time periods,
characters and accents, pure genius. 

Other stuff:

I  had job news this week - I will be returning to the office 50% 
come mid-September.
That means working in London - 2 days one week and 3 days the next week 
and the remaining days from home.
I confess I have very mixed feelings, not so much about the office
but the commute - I travel by coach and I can't help but think that
could be a hot pot for germs.
But, on the other hand it will be nice to get back to some normality and
meet the people I actually work with in real life again. 

Mitchell's employers are delaying a return to the office until 
October as they are worried about the recent spikes,
so you never know - it could all change again.

Conservatory roof news: nothing, zilch, zero!
That's because the whole glazing company went on a company meal
and two employees proved positive so they are all isolating.
What a worry when you run a business.
From my point of view, I'm ok waiting and just hope it gets done by Christmas.

And back to nicer stuff...
Christine suggested a Pinterest board for the charity cards,
I think that's a lovely idea - what do we all think?

This weekend we are celebrating my Dad's birthday with a takeaway
which will be lovely. I have also bought a tiny tiny shed for my garden,
one to store tools etc and I am going to cajole Mitchell into making
that for me. Photos to follow.

Take care friends, thank you for stopping by and wishing 
you a happy sunny weekend.


hazel young said...

Ooo enjoy your hairdressers trip. We have had sunshine all week we seem to have missed the rain. Lovely tomatoes, patiently waiting for mine to turn red. Lovely sweet peas and Darcy looks so cute. Love the crochet squares. I may have to watch No.9 thanks for recommendation. 50% commute is better than 100%. Hopefully more people will be at home working still so the coach/bus may not be so full and it will be nice to see your work colleagues. A Pinterest board is a great idea for the charity kits, it may also boost the sales. Hope you have a lovely day and your Dad has a fabulous birthday and your mum is doing well. Ooo a tool shed lovely, look forward to the photos. Have a great week stay safe xx

CraftyCoffey said...

Great catch up on all your news. Love the photo of Darcy!

Michele said...

Morning Christine.
Another great catch up thank you.
Have a lovely weekend and Happy Birthday to your Dad.
Take care and have fun Kitty.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine, wishing your Dad a very Happy Birthday! Sad news on the conservatory. Can understand your worries regarding travel to the office; hopefully by then the numbers will have dropped. Great idea for a Pinterest board. Hope the little shed construction goes well. WakeyL

Jackie Durrant said...

Hi Christine and thank you for your news. Things always taste so much nicer hen you have grown them yourself don't they? Going back to work will be interesting I'm sure though perhaps the commute may not be too bad. A friend recently went on a coach holiday but only half the seats were available so possibly this might apply. When I go to see my mum I go on the train to London and then the tube. It is worrying but so far it has been ok. Have a lovely weekend with the family and happy birthday wishes to your dad xx

Margie said...

Hi Christine, good news round up as always. You are ahead of me on the tomato front - I have 7 green ones and loads of flowers but none ripening yet - probably because its so much cooler where we are! Loving the colours for your new blanket, lovely and rich. I'd be the same about going back onto public transport although I did venture into town on the bus recently and felt quite safe if rather chilly with all the windows open! Hope it all works out well for you. Can empathise with you on the conservatory roof - we have to wait until October to get a replacement glass panel for Mum's conservatory because of supplies issues. Never mind, I'm hopeful things will improve for us all soon. Enjoy your birthday celebrations with your Dad xxx

Littlelamb said...

Look forward to Fridays and your news. Your tomatoes look good. Hope all the rest ripen soon. I can understand you wanting to meet up with your colleagues but not looking forward to the coach trip. Hope all goes well. Love the crochet squares. My crocheted blanket is finished at last. I have enjoyed making it and will miss doing it but will be starting another one for a Christmas present. Not so big this time. Hope your dad has a lovely birthday and the weather is good. Very mixed here. Dull today. Hope to go for a walk later. Thought the nurse was going to sign me off this week but no. Sounds like another two weeks. Take care and have a good weekend. Hope your shed gets put together.

Cotswold crafter said...

Enjoy the hairdressers Christine, its so relaxing just having someone else wash and style your hair, I never manage to recreate their styling though. I am hearibg more cases of thr virus now than during the worst days of Pandemic, mostly young people, I think we will be worrying about this a good while yet. I have put three of your lovely Charity cards together this last week, having a Pinterest board is a great idea. Have fun celebrating your Dad's birthday Christine, love & hugs, Sandra xxx

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