Friday, 6 August 2021

Friday Chat Day

 Hello friends

How are you?  How has your week been so far?

During the week I save photos, snippets etc ready to type my FCD
but this week I opened up Blogger and I had saved...nothing!
It has been pretty much head down working.
I still feel quite new to my job role so I'm probably
spending a little too much time checking, double checking
especially with bills - these city law firms send out HUGE bills!

But, with regards to my blog post - do not fear...
I will always find something to waffle on about!


The abundant crop of one strawberry - I took your advice...
I snaffled it before anyone else (human/bug) could get it.
Oh it tasted lovely, just as I remember strawberries as a child,
full of flavour.  And I am happy to report there's a few more ripening,
although this could mean I have to share.

I've made a note to definitely grow more strawberries next year,
so easy to pop them into hanging baskets.

My poor Hosta!
I missed a couple of days of checking for snails and they took full advantage.
I have copper tape, I have egg shells/gravel, I water it in the morning
instead of night and yet the little @*%£#$ still get to it!

I walk Bella every day and we pass a house that has stunning Hostas
without perforated leaves, I am so tempted to knock on the door and ask
how they've managed that.

On a happier note...
my Honeysuckle is going a mad and entwined within it is a Clematis.
It is very happy using the Honeysuckle for support.
I did a lot of reading last year about combining plants.

The Agapanthus is flowering but for some reason a lot of the stems 
have grown low and outwards - any ideas why?


Not a very exciting crochet photo this week, there is 126 squares here
sitting in my crochet trolley.  I've just completed round 3.
This is going to be a Harmony blanket in coastal shades.
I need to sew in the ends before I embark on round 4,
I normally do it as I go but I felt rebellious this week!


 Ballykissangel - BritBox
A young British priest adjusts to life in a rural Irish community where life 
revolves around the church and the local pub.

 I've gone back in time with my viewing this week courtesy of
Britbox releasing this gem.
I never watched it first time around in the 1990s and it is 
such easy viewing, also spot the celebrity - apparently
Colin Farrell pops up at some point.
It has been absolute comfort watching, taking in the beautiful
Irish scenery, the accent and rural life.

Charity Kit:

Thank you for the lovely response to this month's kit,
I think it is safe to say we all like a layered card.
Michele bought two kits and has kindly sent photos of her makes.
I love the addition of the foliage and die cut sentiment.

And by using the reverse of the patterned card it takes on a whole new look.

After all these years I still get a buzz when I see how someone else
uses the kits - thank you.

There is just two kits left this month, if you missed out or fancy another
please click here.
And thank you to those who purchased past kits, June is now completely gone
and just a few left of the others - all the details on the same post link.

And that has been my week so far.
This weekend catching up with stuff indoors, catching up with family,
definitely catching up with crochet!

Take care friends, wishing you all a lovely weekend.


CraftyCoffey said...

Great catch up on all your news. Thank you for showing the photos of my 2 cards, I loved this kit and such a great charity to support.


hazel young said...

Hi Christine, homegrown always taste best the shop brought ones never seems to have any flavour. Oh your poor Hosta, any consolation mine looks worst :(. Gorgeous Agapanthus no idea about it's growing problem. Gorgeous blanket colours. Lovely cards Michelle. Have a great week stay safe xx said...

Morning Christine.
A great chat thank you.
The charity kit is lovely.
I have just warched Jeremy Clarkson's farm on amazon prime
it is very funny in parts I enjoyed every bit of it.
Take care and have fun Kitty.

Christine said...

Lucky you with the strawberries, I've none this year ...
Knock the door and ask about the hosta, the owners would be thrilled and you may make a new friend.
Maybe we should make a pinterest board for your cards.....hhmmm

Anonymous said...

You deserve the fruit of your labour (lol). I have an ongoing battle with ants! the non pesticide way to get rid of them is to spray them with diluted washing up liquid as it coats them and stops them breathing (still quite harsh) but they seem be taking over parts of my garden and plants and boy do they bite if you disturb them. They are still winning this battle. I'm sure you're being over cautious regarding work as you always come across as being thorough and conscious of paying attention to detail, don't forget to enjoy the work as being unhappy is not good for your mental health. Have a great weekend with family. WakeyL

Littlelamb said...

Glad you had the strawberry before it was snaffled. Love the colours of the crocheting. Enjoy your weekend with family.

karenlotty said...

Great chat I bet that strawberry was extra delicious
I would definitely knock on that door They will probably love to share their tips and will be proud that you took the time to admire the hostas
We’ve had a busy week New carpets - so furniture was stacked in my craft room and a new bed! Not a lot of crafting or tele
Thank you MICHELE for showing CHRISTINE your charity makes
Take care everyone x

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