Friday, 13 March 2020

Friday Chat Day

Hello friends

Happy Friday...Friday the 13th!

Well - what a week so far. 
I don't think anyone could miss the current virus news.
It is all feeling real and surreal in equal measures.

I've been wearing my sensible head, avoiding the scaremongering
although appreciating this is indeed something momentous
and indeed quite frightening.
I have not succumbed to panic buying and I'm really trying to
understand the people who are selfishly stockpiling.
I did crack a little on Wednesday whilst doing a normal food shop.
I emitted some swear words, bad ones! The reason being: no pasta! 
 We eat a lot of pasta, it's pretty much a staple in our home,
so we had a moan when there just wasn't one single bag to be had.
It's definitely not the end of the world, we will not starve,
I sensibly reassured myself but...
upon leaving the shop and witnessing someone heaving multiple
bags of it into their car, I was proper grumpy! 
Actually I needed to be restrained (sort of, I was told to 'behave Mother!')
"Don't mess with a menopausal woman"
was on the tip of my tongue! 


How is the virus impacting upon you?

Next week I am going to be trialing working from home.
My city job has put in place measures for this.  
For one day, instead of sitting on the coach for approximately 4 hours,
 I'll fall out of bed, switch on my computer and start work.
I confess I am really looking forward to it,
such a shame it has come about due to a pandemic.

Now onto nicer things.
The sun was shining gloriously this week and I popped out to my 
tiny garden and was thrilled to see new growth.
My Clematis is growing - the one that I butchered last year when I did away
with my wicker chair. 
(Little memory pic of the wicker chair before it fell to pieces).

The butchered Clematis is sprouting and I am hoping to train it
to grow over this iron bench.
Yes little fella you've got some growing to do!

A Peony bud.

And the results of Patio Magic - so much better,
no green algae in sight.
Although what is in sight is Bella - on the seat in the background.

As I've been out walking Bella this week I've noticed so many
magnolia trees, they are truly stunning as they come into bloom,
from deep purple to pale pink.
Anyone recommend having a magnolia tree?

Crochet update.
A bit of a fail this week.  I chose to use some leftover yarn
to create a striped baby blanket - still working on those
for the Warm Baby Project.
As I was about to start the border I thought I had an ingenious idea 
for dealing with the multiple ends of yarn.
Let's just say it didn't work and now I'm undoing it all! 
We learn by our mistakes - right!?

On a positive note, this could be my next project!
Only kidding - I really don't think Bella would approve of
her ears flattened.

And to finish, a few replies to your lovely comments last week - 

Kitty: great idea to substitute the sentiment in your charity kit, 
I love hearing how the kits have been adapted, 
no hard and fast rules, they are yours to do with as you wish.

Patricia: yes I have most definitely tried the pancake filling of 
fresh raspberries, crushed Crunchie Bars and chocolate sauce.  I recommend:
(a) eat it whilst warm - it melts the chocolate and 
(b) go heavy on the raspberries as the chocolate can be a little too much 
(notice I did not suggest reducing the chocolate!)

Michele: I cannot imagine how much pressure you are under right now working 
for the NHS, I salute you! 

Telly this week:

Loving ITV's The Trouble with Maggie Cole,
what stunning scenery.  All filmed around Devon and Cornwall.

On NOW TV/Sky One - I caught up with all episodes of Agatha Raisin,
based on the books by MC Beaton and situated in the Cotswolds.
Having read many of these stories I never envisaged Agatha looking like
Ashley Jensen but nonetheless enjoyable and perfect crochet viewing.

And that pretty much rounds up my week.

Keep well everyone, keep washing those hands
and wishing you a wonderful weekend.


hazel young said...

Loving the lighter morning and sunshine although it is still cold. The garden is beginning to wake up. I love magnolia trees too, I think you can get dwarf varieties, but don't quote me on that one. Love that your garden is coming to life that bench will soon start to be lush green. Panic buyers are a bit annoying, I can't get bread mix for my bread maker anywhere but at least we have the ingredients to make our own, just the boys like the packet mixes as they are easier to do. Enjoy working in your PJ's lol. Have a great week stay safe. xx Hazel said...

Morning Christine.
Thank you a lovely Friday chat.
So sorry you could not get your Pasta, the only extra I have bought is an extra loaf of
bread and put it in the freezer.
Yes the gardens are lovely, it is lovely to see the little ones out to play.
Enjoy your working at home.
I see Bella is exploring.
Take care and have fun Kitty.

CraftyCoffey said...

Great news update. Will be interested to hear how you manage working from home.

Things are starting to get “interesting “ at the hospital where I work-much being done in preparation for any positive cases of coronovirus. I manage an Aseptic Unit (where chemotherapy and IV nutrition are made) do its business as usual for us apart from we’ve been warned we could run out of face masks due to the current panic & inappropriate use of them!!


Carolyn said...

Your clematis I will soon fill your bench , they often benefit from a good cut back . Magnolias are lovely but do grow quit big and would probably take a while to get established. Camellias are nice this time of year . Stay safe . Bella looks really cute in the hat .xx

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Christine, I hope your 'working from home' goes well, just think you will be able to 'work' in your PJ's haha.
This coronavirus is certainly gaining momentum, I hope you have managed to get some pasta, I have noticed that there is a definite depletion of pasta and also toilet rolls, we managed to get some today at Sainsbury's, the shelves are empty at Asda, and when I was in M&S there was a lady with a trolley absolutely full of tins and everything else, she looked like she was 'shopping for a siege' !! It is not fair that these selfish people ruin it for everyone else. I teach a linedance class every Tuesday afternoon and all my ladies and myself are in the 'at risk' groups, so I am seriously considering postponing our classes until the risk starts to lessen, I will be having a conversation with the people who run the community centre, where we dance, and ask their advice.
Bella looks gorgeous in her pom pom hat, although she doesn't look too amused haha.
Have a lovely weekend, we are having a fencing fella coming tomorrow to give us a quote for new fencing, these terrible winds have caused havoc with our fence panels.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Jackie Durrant said...

Hi Christine,
Thank you for another chatty news. Working from home will be a real bonus for you without the commute. You probably know having had your business but feel I should mention to check your home insurance. When I left work - redundancy and early retirement - I worked for another insurer on a consultancy basis working from home to save going to London every day. It only involved a few files and sitting at my home computer but I had to have a special clause added onto my home insurance to acknowledge this.
My garden is full of daffodils and hyacinths at present but I can't help but think of the lovely camellias we had in mum's garden and wonder if the new owners have kept them. Magnolias I always think need a very big garden so may not be suitable for your garden though but you have the clematis to look forward to.
Like you I had pasta on my shopping list - because I'm nearly out - but not a packet to be had anywhere. I also thought yesterday that perhaps I should buy a thermometer as they keep talking about a fever temperature. Good idea but none of the shops in town had one!!
I went down to Kent on Thursday to see mum and now the care home has said basically they don't want folk to visit but those that do will have a temperature check before they are allowed in. My brother still hopes to go next Saturday as it is her birthday but we will have to see. We did not think mum would still be with us at this time and last year I booked a holiday to France which starts on Tuesday. Nothing has been said about cancelling it and having paid the money a while ago so.... I shall ring them on Monday and see if the situation has changed as I have to travel and stay overnight in Portsmouth before joining the mini coach on Wednesday. Part of me says just go the other part says cancel and forget the money. Difficult.
Anyway all I can say is I hope you and all the family stay well. Bye for now Jackie xx

karenlotty said...

Great chat as always
I am extremely anxious about covid-19 as I have diabetes I want to fall asleep for the next 12 months and wake up to a vaccination being a available
I would love to work from home but my bosses are not keen although my colleagues are Would be so easy for me to do as I only do part time clerical work

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