Friday, 6 March 2020

Friday Chat Day

Hello friends

Welcome to another Friday Chat Day, a post of 
chatty randomness that hopefully is a tiny bit interesting too :) 

First - BIG thanks to all those who purchased this month's charity kit.
I love this die set and last year when Spellbinders released it as 
a kit I contacted the office and begged for it. 
(OK, begging might be an exaggeration but I was super keen!) 
I'm looking forward to using it as a Christmas card with little fir 
trees sticking out the boot - would we like that as a kit?
In case you missed it, there is still a few charity kits left,
please click here.
I deliberately made extra this month as I didn't want anyone missing out.

A lazy-ish week mainly because I can blame the weather and also
because this furry one went to the vets for her yearly vaccination and was 
tired and listless for a while.
This meant I HAD to sit down, let her hog my lap and do some crochet.

The result was two little rainbow baby blankets that are going off 
to a hospital for incubators.
If you would like to knit/crochet items please check out
Warm Baby Project on Facebook, they post frequent appeals.

Also I binged TV and got very excited to see my place of work pop up 
in the background of a few scenes in a Sky 1 series called
Temple featuring Mark Strong. 
That very modern blue building is the firm of lawyers I work for.
There was I shouting to show the boys but they ignored me so I sent them
a photo of the telly instead! 

And what else?
Oh yes - the 100 Day Project starts next month, on 7th April.
In case you haven't heard of this, it is a global free project.
The idea is simple: choose a project, do it every day for 100 days
and share your process on Instagram.
It is brilliant to follow - last year I discovered so many creative
people and the majority all working from their homes.

I chose crochet last year and well, I haven't stopped.
My challenge this year is what to choose. I've dabbled in quite a few 
new things  although this could be my impetus for 
knuckling down to writing.  It might ensure that I type so many words a day.
If you fancy taking part, to see more details please visit here.

I'm on alert at my city job regarding Covid-19 (who names these things?)
There is a possibility that they may be closing our office.
Already some city firms have closed and at Canary Wharf  - all rather scary.
Due to the fact that my home looks like a computer store 
(thanks to the boys) I'm fully set up to work from home,.
Also thanks to them, I have IT support on hand too! 

Until then I will continue to raise my eyebrows at the worldwide shortage
of hand sanitiser and hand wash - seriously, does this mean no-one 
was washing their hands before this scare? 

And finally I had a 'win' this week.
The very lovely Leah from Made by Leah ran a
competition on Instagram asking for pancake filling suggestions
and my suggestion won! 
I went for crushed Crunchie bars, chocolate sauce and fresh raspberries.
My prize was this adorable drawing 'Pancake Princess'.

Leah's drawings are very cute and I love so many of them.

And that wraps up my post this week.
I have very practical things planned for the weekend,
drilling holes in walls to make sure Elliott's new units do not fall over,
fitting a new dashcam in my car - thrilling eh! 

Until I'm back next Friday, 
have a great weekend and take care friends.


Chris said...

Oops Christine,
I don’t know have I missed ordering the Charity Kit last week, because I saw it on your blog and social media. (Senile Moment I think) It’s ordered now now though. I hope you manage to sell the rest of them.
Love Chris xx

CraftyCoffey said...

Great photos especially Bella. The building you work in looks great-do you often see tv crews filming?

I truly think people have gone crazy buying hand sanitizer & hand wash. I work for the NHS & we’re struggling to buy in face masks. But ironic really because if you were affected you would expect care by the NHS and the staff looking after you would not have any masks!
Rant over...!!

Michele said...

Morning Christine.
A lovely chat thank you.
My kit arrived safely thank, I stamped congratulations on the white card
and cut out the thanks, it will be a card if my friend passes her driving test.
I hope it is alright to do that.
Congratulations on being the pancake princess.
a lovely snugly for Bella.
Take care and have fun Kitty.

karenlotty said...

My kit arrived yesterday and hope to play tomorrow
Congratulations on becoming a pancake princess The day just passed me by as I went out for a meal
Bella looks so sweet and hope she’s recovered from her vaccinations
It’s fun to see locations we know and use There’s a comedy film - can’t remember title or who was in it (but I can see him in my head!) - That was filmed where we live We didn’t take much notice of the storyline as we were too busy pointing out all of the landmarks The crochet looks lovely and good luck with the writing

hazel young said...

Bella looks nice and snugly with the crotchet. Love the sound of your pancake filling idea and congratulations on your win. It's an awesome prize. Lol about the hand sanitizer, maybe it's the same with the toilet roll as people are buying it in trolley loads. Have a great week xx Hazel

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Christine, Congratulations on your prize from Leah's competition, it is gorgeous, have you tried that particular filling in a pancake?
I loved watching the Temple series too, and can't wait for the second series to start.
I'm loving your crochet baby blankets, they are beautiful and the pastel colours are gorgeous.
Bella looks really 'out of sorts' in the piccie, I hope she is feeling more like herself now.
I hope you all have a lovely weekend.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

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