Friday, 16 August 2019

Friday Chat Day

Hello friends

It's Friday and it's another chat day.

I knew you would all understand last week's excitement at having
new interior doors fitted, it funny what makes our lives pleasant.
(Hazel - I also appreciate the thrill of visiting the tip and
getting rid of lots of stuff!)   

Talking of things that make life pleasant, each day
I afford myself little treats, not always the edible kind,
sitting down with a coffee and viewing my favourite
YouTube videos or accounts on Facebook/Instagram.
I've decided to share the love this Friday with my go-to list: 

Dean and his rescue cat Nala on a bike exploring the world.
He has a lot of followers and I was over the moon to get a mention this week,
well it was Bella really but close enough!)

The adventures of Moss, a German Wirehaired Pointer living on Dartmoor.

New home with a Goldendoodle puppy.

It all started with Albert, a sweet little quail that hatched from an egg
bought in the supermarket.

Bit of an animal theme I know! 
So if any of these take your fancy, let me know what you think.

Calligraphy update - I've been practising.
Unfortunately I never did shorthand (Lesley asked last week),
that would have been handy for learning the thick/thin strokes.
Instead I learned to type on a manual typewriter at school with a teacher
who hit our fingers with a ruler if we dared look down - 
sounds Victorian now!

This is one of my worksheets, I keep thinking that 
changing pen colour may help!  
Exciting news...
starting 1 September is a workbook challenge - Better Brush Letters 
This is a follow up course to Better Brush Drills and takes you through
uppercase and lowercase letters.
As an Ambassador and I can offer you a 10% discount code when purchasing
this course - please click here 
It will take you the Etsy shop with 10% discount automatically applied.
You can start the workshop early or join in with everyone on 1 September.
I personally work so much better when taking part in a group ,
 it definitely prompts me and a lot more fun, hope you can join me.

Family news:
My Mum is out of hospital, still quite poorly and needs to gain weight 
but lovely that she is back home.

It was my Dad's birthday last weekend which was a day of food. 
Starting with cooked breakfast and then Chinese takeaway and birthday cake.
Here's the man himself looking very happy.

And finally a sneak peek of a Scrapbook Adhesives project that
will be on their blog on Monday. I'll be sharing it on social media
and hope you can stop by.

Oh yes...also over on the website, keep checking those pre-loved,
they are uploaded daily.
This weekend I am going to the theatre to see Hamilton.
Special friends are treating me as an early birthday present -
(very early as my birthday is in November!)
I've heard some wonderful reviews, let me know if you have seen it.

Take care friends, have a wonderful weekend and I hope you can join
me for a chat again next week.

10 comments: said...

Morning Christine.
Thank you for the blog chat.
I am so glad your mum is home, I hope she gets well soon.
Your Dad looks as though he had a great birthday.
Have fun with your writing,also have a great night out.
Take care and have fun Kitty.

hazel young said...

The quail looks so cute. So glad to hear your mum is out of the hospital. Hope she gets better soon. Nice to hear you all had a nice birthday with your dad. The writing is coming along practice makes perfect. I have fetched my crochet hooks and yarn out of storage and been having a practice. You inspired me to have a go again with all your beautiful crochet. Have a great week xx Hazel

CraftyCoffey said...

Great news about your Mum being home, hope her health improves.
Glad your Dad had a great birthday-nice photo.

Enjoy your trip to the Theatre.


margaret driscoll said...

Hello Christine
Glad Mum is improving and was home for Dads birthday!
Keep going with the writing practice makes perfect!
Take care
Love Marg

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine, great news about your Mum (hopefully her recovery will continue). Your Dad does look to have had a very happy day. A few of us went to day release classes at a local college whilst at School to learn to type but the only rulers involved were to ensure we were reading the correct line of text to touch type. Keep going with the calligraphy; it will click. WakeyL

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Enjoy your Friday chats, pleased Mum is home I wish her well.Have a great time at the theatre.


Littlelamb said...

So pleased to hear your mum is home and your dad enjoyed his birthday. Enjoy your evening out.

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Christine, Such great news that your Mum is home, and hopefully your Dad can have a belated Birthday with her too.
Enjoy your theatre visit.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

karenlotty said...

I am so pleased that your mum is home She’ll get on so much better at home eating lovely food instead of hospital food
I love your chats and didn’t know you “followed” so many animals Interesting and I will take a look later

karenlotty said...

Brain and fingers not in sync
Your dad looks really happy and glad he had a lovely birthday
Loving seeing the handwriting As others are saying- practice makes perfect
Take care x

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