Sunday, 12 November 2017

Remembrance Sunday

Hello friends

On this important day I thought I would share something
with you, a little bit of my family history.

This is a letter written home from my Great Uncle Walter,
also known as Sapper Walter Woodward No.14539513
He wrote this letter home to his Mum whilst on active service,
28 June 1945.  We don't know for sure where he was when he wrote this
but he does state seven thousand miles from good old England.

Impressive handwriting but for ease I have typed a transcript of the letter below.

My Dear Mother.  

Just a few lines hoping this letter will find you all in the best of health
as it leaves me the same at present.  Well Mother the weather is not too bad here 
but we keep on getting showers of rain.  
Well Mum my Dolly told me about Bill having fourteen days,
all I hope he does not come out here,it is not so good out here as people paint it.
Well I expect my brother Len is still in Holland, please remember me to him when you 
write to him.  Well Mother, my mate and I went to town on Wednesday June 27 and
we did have a good feed, what do you think we had? A leg of chicken and two 
eggs for dinner and the same for tea so we did not do so bad did we.
Well how is little Brian getting on, I bet he is just as saucy as ever.
Well Mother, I expect your little garden begins to look nice now.  
Please will you give my love to all at home.
Well Mother, I will be glad when I can come home again and see you all once
more like I used to do.  Nobody knows what it is like to be right away
from home, seven thousand miles from good old England.
All I can say is it is a shame that men like me should come out here 
while there is tens of thousands of young men in England.
Well Mother, do not worry about me as I am OK so now I must say 
good afternoon and God bless you all from your loving Son 

I've read this letter many times, it moves me how the language is fairly formal 
but also there is a true sense of sadness and genuine home sickness.
Some of the references: 
Dolly (Dorothy is his wife) they married and were both together till very old age.
He refers at one point to ' how is little Brian getting on', this is my Dad,
he's all grown up now!

A snippet of history written many years ago by a very young man,
in a strange place wishing he was at home.
Who could possibly know that one day his letter would be shared via technology 
that would be way beyond his wildest imagination.

Take care friends.


Kitty Davies said...

Morning all.
Thank you ,I just cannot find the right words.
This is a lovely momento to have.
Take care Kitty.

hazel young said...

Wonderfully moving letter, Fabulous card Christine, thank you for sharing xx hazel

Jean Dyke said...

A lovely letter to share Christine, so moving, and good to know that he lived to old age. Its reminded me that I have some letters sent to my Grandmother by my Uncle when he was away in WW2. I seem to remember the weather was also frequently mentioned. It’s a lovely sunny, but cold day, here in Sidmouth where I am for a few days. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this Christine

Teresa Doyle said...

Thank you for sharing your Uncle's letter to home Christine. It is so important to remember these young men and what it was like for them so long ago. It is because of them that we have the life & technology that we have today and they should be honored! My husband's Uncle was over seas then as well (from N.S., Canada) and we have similar letters from him to his parents. It was a very different time and they should forever be remembered by all!

Your card is beautiful and so appropriate...TFS!

Laura O' Connor said...

nice to see some real thoughts from that time ,we can only imagine what it was like and i'm sure we would be so wrong ,Laura O

Littlelamb said...

Thank you for sharing this Christine. Lovely that you have this letter.

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